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another trip to the vet

December 21st 2009 7:59 am
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dad is sad as am i because i have to take another trip to the vet this morning. what started out as a small infection from flea bites (which is strange to have fleas in december right?) has bloomed into a full blown skin infection. i've been cleaning it a lot and maybe too much dad thinks. the fur around the one spot is all gone and i have quite a bit of swelling around the area and dad says might be a lymph node is quite swollen ( i don't know what those things are). anyway, it means more antibiotics to combat this and dad and i both don't like that because it hurts when they give me the shot. :( well i'll write more later. i do hope everyone is doing well and having a better time so far than i am.

i'll keep up-to-date with this.

love from mexico.


daddy is better and...

December 14th 2009 8:01 am
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well dad is much better now that his 'head' cold has cleared and so has the rain so we got to take our regular walk today and visit with the friendly people along the way. it is cold (burrr), but not nearly as cold as other places. i hope all you guys are doing well and keeping warm. burrrr.

greetings from mexico.


now it's dad's turn

December 6th 2009 2:52 pm
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dad's been sick all week and so i get one walk at best in the evening. :( he is still feeling bad today, but....i don't like when he is sick he puts on this stinky stuff and i can't sleep with him to comfort him because it stinks too much. last night, like the last three nights, he's been up off and on all night. he makes these horrible sounds. yuck. i hope he gets better soon.


bad day for ebony

November 25th 2009 4:34 pm
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dad took me up to the farm with him today and before it was a lot of fun and i got to meet the other dog there and this time we went back and dad's friend told him there was another dog there but that it was real shy and so we didn't think much of it all and so when we all got out of the car the nice dog came up to me and greeted me and the other dog, a male mix, attacked me. dad got us apart and didn't think it was too much other than some snapping to show this was his place and no other dogs other than the one there was allowed so i stayed in the car and waited for dad and our friend to finish shopping. well tonight on our walk dad found a patch on my panties and so he touched it and it was bloody. i have two puncture wounds from the dog on on my thigh and one on in my pantie area. dad treated me with some stuff he had leftover and he is going to track down the owner of the farm tomorrow. overall i am okay, but still. dad isn't blaming anyone because it is his responsibility to handle me, but he does need to let the lady know that the dog bite me. i am just getting over my other infection and now this. not a good day for ebony mae.


i got a boo boo

November 15th 2009 7:44 am
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a week or so ago i hurt myself ( we don't know how because i am not saying) and dad was trying to keep it clean, but it ended up getting infected so he took me to a vet yesterday and got me all cleaned up and i got some medicine for the infection. the vet was real nice and let me kiss him while he shaved my chest. i am feeling better today for sure and the diarrhea i had yesterday is better.

well that's all from down south. hope you are all well.

hugs and sloppy dog kisses from mexico.


girl's got a new bed

October 24th 2009 8:37 am
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dad finally caved in and lets me in that big bed of his. it was a long time coming, but what the heck. i don't stay in bed all night i just like to get up and cuddle and sleep for a little bit and once dad falls asleep i get up and go to watch the house. i hope all of you guys are doing well and also have fun with your human's big beds.

hugs from mexico.


not meaning to be neglectful

October 17th 2009 9:10 am
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just want to pop off a note that i am not meaning to be so neglectful of my furiends here it was just that we took some down time from computer stuff. gets too much for dad sometimes and he likes to take breaks. we took one today also and didn't go for our morning routine walk. :( that kind of break i don't like. i do get to lay in the yard though and greet people who pass by and bark at mean people. BOL.

i hope you guys are enjoying this lovely fall so far. it switches from fall to summer here in a matter of days so we can't make heads or tails of what to wear. oh well life can be like that.

well i'll sign off for now and i send lots of love to all my furiends. hugs from mexico.



September 19th 2009 7:51 am
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thanks once again dogster for the wonderful honor of daily pick. i'll be doing interviews and acceptance speeches throughout the day so please be patient with me as my schedule is hectic today.


dad doesn't know what to think of you?

September 10th 2009 8:23 am
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dad is wondering what we've become when we do this to our beloved pets, but then as he always says, 'to each their own' it is a different world for all of us and that is what makes everything so rich (that said, can you see the humiliation on some of those poor dogs). BOL


another sad day

September 3rd 2009 8:00 am
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yesterday one of dad's friends lost his companion of 10 years. poncho had been sick for the past several months and no one knew just what was wrong. some days he'd bounce back and other days were just horrible. dad got the email yesterday that poncho had waited for his owner to wake up and then seeing his furiend laying in a pool of vomit he rushed to him and within minutes poncho took his final breath in the arms of his dad. it was the most heart wrenching story dad had heard in a long time. i never met poncho, but i could smell him whenever dad came home from uncle rich's house. uncle rich is a very nice man and now he is very alone. they had suspected for some time that poncho had cancer of some sort, but it was never confirmed. poncho was a 10 year old shar pei mix and will be greatly missed. dad says he is up in the sky somewhere and waiting to be reunited with uncle rich one day.

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