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Maddie's Journal

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July 2015-- Update on Maddie

July 22nd 2015 12:29 pm
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Maddie is still as precious as always. She doesn't seem to have any medical problems, thank the Lord for that. She stills sits in the chair with me whenever I'm sitting down. She still has issues about being scared of a lot of things which stems from the way she was treated before we took her. She loves to go out front where there isn't a fence instead of( the fenced in backyard). We take her out there whenever we have time since she loves to be there. I guess it's just a fenced in feeling she There isn't a day goes by that I'm not thankful to have her and to protect her..


It's my birthday!!!

September 1st 2009 8:36 am
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Guess what, today is my 7th birthday! Mommie said she will make sure its a very special day. I think I may get something special to eat and go somewhere special. I know I have 2 new dresses and mommie will be taking pictures of me. I just wanted to let all my pals know that it's a special day. Love Maddie


Happy summer!

June 27th 2009 12:41 pm
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I just wanted to say happy summer to all my pals. Please stay cool. We have had temps in high 90's and heat index 105, so we stay inside alot. Mommie puts ice cubes in our water bowls now and it sure is cold and good. I got a new haircut last week and I am a lot cooler. When mommie came to pick me up my groomer told her she had nicked my ear. She was so sorry about it because I'm always such a good girl, but I moved my head and and she couldn't help it. Mommie hated that it happened but it was just a small nick, so all is well. I'm sure glad that is over, I hate when mommie has to leave me. My pawrents said when cooler weather gets here we will be able to go for long drives again. I sure like that. Happy summer!


Spring please hurry!

February 1st 2009 9:53 am
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This week it snowed at our house. I had to go potty one morning and out I ran and what a surprise! There was white stuff everywhere. I would try to walk but I couldn't move. Mommie and daddy thought it was funny watching us. My sis Mollie runs around like crazy in it, not me I did my job and went back in to warm up. I think I will just stay in for the winter, no potty breaks for me. Mommie does make me go out but the last 2 days it's been easy to walk, the white stuff is still there but it's hard so I just walk on top of it. Spring is just around the corner, yeah I bet!!


Haircuts Are Yucky

October 12th 2008 2:40 pm
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Mommie and daddy made us all get haircuts this past week. I sure didn't enjoy it, although I do like Crystal our groomer. She works out of her home so we don't have to be there a long time. We go two at a time, that way it only takes about an hour or two. Mommie wants our hair to grow out this winter so we can be warmer. We've been watching the leaves fall and it sure is fun. Sometimes they look like little birdies falling to the ground. We get to stay outside longer now that's it's not so hot. I don't know if mommie is going to dress us for halloween this year or not. She's really been busy trying to get things ready for their trip and working around the house and the yard so she hasn't had time to go buy us a costume yet. Enjoy the cool weather my little friends and have a fun halloween. Your pal Maddie


I have new pictures

September 5th 2008 4:52 pm
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Hi little friends, mommie finally let me go first this time. I have new pictures that I would like to share. Mommie use to have a time trying to take pictures of me but I pose for her now. It helps that she gives us treats after the picture taking is over. I still try to hide my face sometimes, especially when I'm tired. I got some new dresses for my birthday and some treats. I don't really play with toys so mommie didn't buy any. I sure had a good birthday even though I got a little tired of all the picture taking.


My Birthday!

September 1st 2008 10:45 am
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Mommie wanted all my friends to know that I am 6 years old today. When she got me the lady didn't tell her anything about when I was born (no papers). She just told her what age she thought I might be. These have been the best 2+ years of my life. I have plenty to eat, a warm bed with mommie and all the love any pup could want. I am one lucky pup. Mommie has been so busy because of Labor Day, that she forgot to post about my big day. She will post some new pictures of me later. Sending lots of love to my friends.


Snow Day!

February 1st 2008 6:53 pm
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Wow it really did snow yesterday. When I first went out to pottie this morning (I didn't go! ) I turned around and came right back in. Mommie laughed and said I needed to go anyway. Mommie picked me up and sat me out with the others . I didn't know what in the world was going on. My little tootsies were cold! Mommie let me come right back in and wiped my feet off with a warm cloth. That sure did feel good. The next time we went out we played a little while. It didn't seem to be so bad that time. I got snow all over me but I shook it off. We sure did have fun! There are new pictures of me in the snow.


A day with the family

January 30th 2008 4:57 pm
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We all went on a little trip today. Daddy and mommie put our sweaters on and daddy warmed the car up so we wouldn't get too chilled. I haven't been feeling very well for a few days. My toothers have been hurting some and I have stitches in my mouth. Mommy said she thought I felt better this morning so I could go to. We went to the river and mommie walked us around the campground. It did warm up and we even ran a little bit. Mommie tried to keep up, heehee. I laid on mommie's lap most of the way, that was fun. My brother was acting really crazy this morning, but so was Mollie and Meg they were barking and running around . I'm not quite sure how to act like that yet. We did have a fun day with daddy and mommie. It's suppose to snow tonight so maybe we can play in the snow tomorrow. I'll let you know if we do.


A trip to see Doc!

January 26th 2008 4:06 pm
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My mommie took me yesterday to get my toothers cleaned. I had to stay at Docs all day, mommie couldn't stay with me. I was so scared when she handed me over to the nurse. I thought maybe she wouldn't come back for me. I think I saw a little tear in mommies eye. She kept kissing me and telling me she loved me and would be back, but I still wasn't sure. When mommie came back that evening to pick me up I was sure happy to see her. I was still kind of groggy , but I saw the nurse smile when I laid my head on mommies shoulder. When we got home I heard her tell daddy that I lost six toothers. She said Doc said they were in bad shape from neglect in my earlier years. He told her to give me pain meds and antibiotics and that would help. I have to go back in two weeks and Doc will give mommie some kind of new tooth gel thats suppose to keep my toothers in good shape. . I sure hope so. I don't want to do this again. I have been in some pain, but mommie and daddy keep loving on me and telling me in a few days I would feel like a new puppy. I sure hope so.

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