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I have Meet Mr Barney

June 24th 2009 4:30 am
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I have at last meet Mr Barney. WE are getting along fine I'm not a talker and just goabout my business. I check on him and just let Barney sleep remember he is old (16yrs) I'm half his age. So we get all just great. I do my thing he does his (sleep). I just wish that Callye would be quite for just a bit. But she just have to talk and tell everything. Will off I go got to check the yard.



February 8th 2008 7:42 am
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Will mom did it. She got me grooming Callye on video. I just like to take care of my family. See I lick everyone. Mom says we are the lickings dogs. We lick eachother,the floor(food), the grandkids. mom's new couchand love seat. Dad's pillow. You name it and we would try to lick it.
Well I have to go mom is letting the other go out. got to see what has been in the yard.


I'm a Princess

February 4th 2008 7:58 am
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I was named Princess of Royal Canine Group for the month of Feb. I'm in a cloud. There is two of us named to RCG Blackie is the Prince. Mom is so happy. This is just great. Mom says that I act like a Princess all the time. Bitty is mad. She is the princess at home, but now I'm the Princess. I love it.


Birthday Treats

December 15th 2007 4:46 pm
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Today is my barkday. Mom Was sad for it is also my brother's barkday. Thumper crossed over Rainbow Brifge in April this year. But Mom made it a great day for me and the family.

To start she made a speciel Treat Belly Rub Brownies. Then she made Beefy Doggie Treats. While they where cooling, Mom drove to the store and got me a new collar and a blanket.

After she got back mom put the new collar on and got everyone in the kitchen. Mom put brownie and treats in everyones bowl . Then she sat on the next to me and rubed me and said how glad she was to have me here. and that Thumper was having a party at the bridge. I just had to kiss her face. that made her laugh. So it was a great Barkday.


Been Tagged

October 17th 2007 9:54 am
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I've been tagged. Winston tagged me. He is cute. Here are the rules for tagged. When you are tagged,you post 7 random facts about yourself. Compose a new diary enteryalong with the rules and put them in your diary, then you pick 7 furs to tag. But make sure you tell them, a simple p-mail will do fine or a rosette to tell them, but you must let them know . post teir names also in your diary.
I'm the quiet one at home.
I love to be patted by everyone
I have 2 of my puppies living with me
I will bark outside
i don't like to share my toys
I love to have a routine
I'm shy of new people

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