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I greeted my grandson

September 29th 2011 7:17 am
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Last night I greeted my grand son, Wooly. Ihad my son Angel Thumper, and Blackie Angel with me. I was happy to see him but sad to. I could see and hear Mom crying. But we are all free to run and play now and Mom know that. She also knows that there are others of her furfamily her. Rascal,Tiger, Mouse and many other. We will all be here to greet Mom at her time to. Mom says she will need a huge house for all her babies. I know that she will need time.


I have Crossed

June 15th 2010 11:19 am
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I just want to tell everyone that I crossed Rainbow Bridge on June 9. I had just don't feel good far a couple of days. Then on that Wed. I was just laying on my big bed. I cried just once for Mom and she came running. Mom was holding me and talking so softly to me. I passed with her holding me. I was not that old just a young 11 yrs.

I gues what made it so hard on MOm was I was her first Schnauzer. But I did leave her in good hands. Mom is being looked after by my daughter, grandson and a granddaughter. There is also my great grandkids for her. The other thing that made it hard on Mom was that a year ago Mom lost her baby Blackie on that day.

Mom say that day will alway be in her mind. 2 hours after I passed she got a call that the youngest grandson had been biten by a copperhead snake. But Mom made it through that day with love and prayers from all of you.

I just want to let all know that we The Stone Family thank everyone. You are some of the best pals we can ever have.

Love to all Callye( The Grand Dame)


That Granddaughter Bitty

October 14th 2009 4:52 pm
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That granddaughter of mine is spoiled big time. She just have to look at one of the humans and she is picked up and carried. Or she will pick a fight and they carry her with them. Now I ask is the fair. after all I'm the grand lady of this house.

I cann't ever go for a ride with Mom. Bitty has to run out the door and jump and bark at the gate. But she had to ride in the back seat with me. HAHA that will show her. Well I'm going to check out and see if I can get out the door with out her running me over.


One Short

October 6th 2009 7:13 am
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We are one short here at home. Bitty is at the Hospital. She was very sick and Mom get her there yesterday. Bitty have whipworms. We are just now finding out that most Dog wormer will not treat whipworms. We are having to be treated to.

Bitty is still very sick and has to stay a couple more days. Will we will keep everyone uptodate.


It Happened Again

September 24th 2009 10:41 am
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What you may ask. I'll tell you I was left outside AGAIN. I sure told Mom off this morning. But I must say it was nice. I had the whole bench to myself. and the temp was just right . And I didn't have any other pup brothering me. Quite to.

Now there is a big stir now see Little is home from the Vet. We all had to check him out and smell him over there was different smells on him I think I even smelled a CAT on him.
I think I'm going to take a nap and check in later.


I just Don't Know

September 2nd 2009 8:12 am
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It happened again I was left out side last night Mom and Mr Pat where tring to get all of us in to go to bed and they where counting and just miscounted AGAIN. But what can you do when there is 10 of us.

And what doesn't help is that some are going in and a couple of them that have gone in try to go back out. I will not say who but they are the ones that stay in trouble (twins). Well Mom had got in bed and there where several of us in the bed with her,(not me) and Bitty and Dixie heard me bark out in the yard. that told Mom to go check again. There I was just sitting in the yard. Mom just told me to get in the house it was cold. OK but I just had to take my time after all they left me out.

Oh well I have to go check for mice in Mom's Office now more later.
The Grand Dame


What is happening

August 25th 2009 7:54 pm
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Ok I wish someone would tell me what is happening in this house. I have twins getting in trouble everytime you turn around. And then Bitty starts grubbing and eating horseflies.

Bitty was the Princess in the house an now she is turning in to a Redneck Woman. I just don't know what to make of it. Then I have to listen to Coco having it out with the twins. boy she has a Mexican temper. Poor Wooly just sits and watches it all. I just have to leave the house and go for a ride. I want some quiet time just Mom and me.

Well I'm off to bed. I think I have a head ache caming on.


Life In The Stone House

August 3rd 2009 7:16 pm
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What do you get when you have 10 Schnauzers,1 Chi,1 cat and 4 birds. Trouble big times. There is also some one getting trouble, left out side, fights and lots of treats.

Today I almost got in trouble for knocking Mom tomatoe plants off the ledge. Then I was left outside for a bit. Little and Wooly are giving each other the evil eye. Mom is talking about fixing Little.

Then to night the "TWINS" Shadow and Billy got in the toilet paper and emptied the roll and tore it up all over Mom bedroom. Boy was Mom and Mr Barney's Dad upset. Then they pulled the keybroad off Mom's desk. Those boys are a pain. Well more later.


Mr Barney Is Here

June 24th 2009 4:26 am
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I try to talk to that Mr Barney and he just goes to sleep. Now Coco is ok just all wrapped up in Wooly. Now same for their humans I like them both I can talk all day to them and they will talk to me. Both we sure have a house full. I have not meet Onyx or the birds. I don't know about Onyx, I have never meet a cat before. Will everyone is going out trying to beat the heat an get to play a little I just know that Wooly will be walking around after Coco and Barney will just sit down and go to sleep again


Thinking Back

June 17th 2009 1:57 am
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As I sit here watching the new pups in the family I think back over my life so far. I have been in my furever home 10 yrs . I will start with my full name, Calypso Callye Connor Stone, boy that is a mouth full. Guess that is why I'm just called Callye or grandma now, but like most kids at one time or another I'm called by my full name. That means I'm in trouble. In my 10 yrs. I have seen new members born to the family and seen members pass. Both human and fur.

The new members that have been born are: my litter of pups, Thumper and Chloe plus 4 more. I like to think that I was a good mom I love babies. Then after a bit the first human grand was born to the family. That is Cassidy. Then the first to pass was my human grandmother. That was a sad time, but we know that she is free of pain and waiting for us. Next to pass was my old friend T.T. she was the first fur to take care of me in my home. I was her baby that she never had.

Then Chloe had pups, I want to take care of them but Chloe would not let me. That is how Wooly and Bitty joined the family. After Grandmother pass, Grandpa want a pup for himself. Yes you guessed it, Snowball Joined the pack. WE also had a new human grand born, Drake.

Then in Apr of 06, Snowball had a Litter of pups. Well you guess it more stayied. Blackie and Dixie Chick. Snowball was a good mom and she would let Bitty, Chloe and me watch over the babies. Mom has pictures of us all washing the new members. Then in Apr of 07, we lost Thumper. He broke his neck and had to be helped to cross. In Nov of 07 Grandpa passed. Dixie had her first litter of pups. Yes a new member of the pack, Little Man. And one more human grand Bo. All was going good then in Jan Blackie started having seizures and just last week Mom had to make the choice of helping to have Blackie crossed. We are all taking it hard with out him. But we are strong and will make it. one day at a time.

Well I have to go check the yard, make sure no kitties or squirrals are running around it. And I'm teaching the newest pups to be talker like me. Alot has happen in 10 years>

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