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March 9th 2011 12:53 pm
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I'm Dog of the Day!!! I'm Dog of the Day!!! I'm Dog of the Day!!!

So cool. Thank you Dogster.

Thanks for the Rosies and hi to the visitors! :)


Mystery Dog or I'm really a...well I won't say just yet! BOL

May 5th 2010 12:08 pm
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As you know, we have been getting involved with breed rescue, specifically S'Wheat Rescues. Mom and I even have foster brother right now (you should go check him out!).

Well, one of our members lives in Austrailia and can not be involved in the day to day stuff here in the us, but she has figured out a way to be involved and bring much joy and laughter to the group.

She writes stories!!! About us!! Me in fact!! Now, I don't show up until the Sequel to the MEDITERRANEAN cruise, but still I'm there! BOL!!

Start of the Cruise

PSST-- I'm the Mystery Dog!!!!

***I'm not asking for donations, just wanted to share the stores with others. Audrey puts a lot of work into these, please enjoy.


Merry Christmas (or A Holiday Card)

December 14th 2009 8:16 am
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Just wanted to wish you all a very nice holiday....

Click Here


Skipper (or sometimes People are a bit....)

June 15th 2009 8:27 pm
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I just wanted to talk to you about this sweet little guy in rescue. His name is Skipper.

He is a rescue from a Puppy Mill. He was rescued with 3 other dogs. He was the only one that came in shaved. He is totally nekkid, bol.

Well, his cell mates were all adopted quickly, but poor nekkid Skipper waits for someone to see past the spindly legs, and big nose and see the truly beautiful, shy guy he is....

Here is his page.

Here is their page on Puppy Mill rescues.

So Skipper is looking for that special person that sees the special in him. That will be patient and will help him grow into a confident dog.



April 30th 2009 7:59 pm
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I'm reprinting from a plus forum that I started....

April 28th 2009
I have been watching some pups online.

The Mom (Kate) was rescued from a BYB situation. When the rescue got her and 2 other dogs, they shaved them down, and discovered that Kate was pregnant.

The rescue prepared for puppies and tried to get Kate to gain some weight, and waited. A week and a half ago 5 sweet puppies were born.

Right away, we all noticed one puppy was having problems. The vet confirmed that the puppy was born with a severe cleft palate, and he was put to sleep as he was slowly starving.

After that heartbreak, we were all grateful that the remaining pups seemed to be gaining weight, and were becoming these little rolly pollies.

Last night, one of the little girls, Abbie started to cry. She passed away last night. The foster Mom rushed to the vet, but it was too late.

Apparently, they have hookworms. Mom passed it to the pups.

Wilson passed this afternoon. Two remain, Callie and Paddington.

The next 24 hours will be critical.

If you could send just a little thought or prayer...

these ladies (and all you) who help the helpless give so much of yourselves, to loose these new innocents is just heartbreaking.

And today's-

April 30th

The 2 remaining pups (Calliope and Paddington) are holding on. Foster Mom had a bad day, but all of the well wishes and prayers helped.

~~Thank You, thank you~~

They are both home, and with Momma Kate.

In honor of the 2 pups that died, the rescue is asking all who read this to pass the word to 2 people about Puppy Mills. Through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Dogster, wherever you can think of...

Here are the two pups and Momma Kate. There is usually someone on that can tell you about the rescues.

Here is their webpage

Here is their page aboutPuppy Mill survivors.


Hi All (or Mom is really bad about updating my diary...)

April 9th 2009 11:45 pm
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The Wheaten Meetin'. We had a blast! We enjoyed the parade much more this year. The day was actually nice, so there was a lot more people than last year. As long as I get to walk and enjoy the day I'm happy.

We have been working really hard with the help of some great trainers and some awesome Dogsters. It has been a year since Mom started to get help for us. She really could see the difference at the Meetin'.

The first night was a little stressful, but we kept it calm and we went outside for some short walks if I was feeling to freaked. I was wearing my wrap, and even was able to lay down a bit. We did some clicking in the dinning room and I was able to stay focused. It wasn't all good, there was this Beardie (Mom says she was sooo cute, whatever) and I really didn't like her coming too close. So it seems the bigger dogs are still pushing my buttons. Something to work on.

The next morning, we went down to the parade route. Saw some Newfies! Did some barking (yeah, but I didn't start it). And even was able to get close to a couple of dogs to do some sniffing!!! Mom was very happy about that, who knew butt sniffing could be so reinforcing, bol.

Saturday night, another dinner. This night was a little longer, because they had a couple of seminars, the dinner, silent auction, and raffle. I kept my cool most of the time. I did sneak in a nap while Mom and Grandma were eating. I even let some of the nice ladies give me some pats. Heck, I even let a famous person (to our group anyway) HOLD me in her arms for our group photo!! Mom says there is now physical proof, via photo, bol.

Sunday morning, Mom had a headache so we just decided to drive home. All in all it was a really great weekend. Our hard work has really started to pay off. Here's looking forward to next year.....


If anyone is looking for a new companion S'Wheat Rescues have some lovely dogs and puppies looking for their own furever home.

S'Wheat Rescue Adoption Page

FYI, my secret crush Corney finally got his new furever home!! Hope to see him on Dogster....


Wheaten Meetin' 2009 (or is it that time again, already?)

March 13th 2009 9:52 am
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We are on our way to KC. Give full report when we get home.


I've Been Tagged....(or Zoey Got Me)

January 19th 2009 12:59 pm
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I was tagged by Zoey to tell seven things you may not know about me, and then to sniff out 7 victims...err friends

1. I have the funniest bark, Mom says it's like I try to say words.

2. Sometimes when I wrestle Zion I'm quiet, and sometimes I make bunches of noise, go figure.

2. People always think I'm a boy dog, so I always have really girlie collars and leashes.

4. I'm scared of BIG dogs.

5. I prefer to lay at Mom's feet.

6. I'm getting excited for the Wheatin' Greetin' in March.

7. Rabbits are my arch-nemesis.

I am tagging: Bailey, Tink, Delilah, Zion, Zoe, LJ, and Charlie Girl.


It's Almost THAT time of Year (or if you are thinking of- adding to your Pack...)

November 6th 2008 8:14 am
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Hi Furriends,

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am TOTALLY in LOVE with my Wheaten mix Emma. So what is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier like? First off they tend not to shed alot as they only have a single coat. They have wonderfully soft coats, like a big stuffed animal (one of Emma's nicknames is Bear). Wheatens have lots of energy and are incredibly smart. They are sweet and playful, staying puppy-like til senior years.

I am a member of Wheaten Rescue and currently there are many dogs in need of homes. Now until Spring is usually the slow time in dog adoptions, so I am trying to spread the word in order to hopefully find homes for these furbabies. Although most of them are located in Kansas City, Missouri, they have transport available for Puppy Mill surviors if you have a fenced yard. They need a place called Home and people to call Family. You would be giving them someting they very much deserve. There are also other dogs located in different parts of the country.

Could you be looking to add a dog to your family? If so, might I suggest you go to and see if any of those sweet faces speak to your heart. And if you are not, could you please spread the word to anyone who might be? It is really easy to submit an application and one of our coordinators with the rescue will call you in a timely manner.

Thank you Kindly,
Emma's Mom

ps- you have to check out Corny- if Mom and I were allowed he would be coming home with us! Please check him out, he's been there over a year already, and he so wants his own Furrever Family.


It's Fall, Poor Mom (or Sniff, Snort, Achoo!!)

September 29th 2008 9:21 pm
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Well, the Fall has arrived, poor Mom, her allergies are kicking in. We still are going on our walks, she just carries a wad of Kleenex. We go to the park everyday.

We are working really hard at our training. It has been so fun!! I'm working off leash, if you can believe it. I now have "stop" down, my recall just rocks, oh yeah, AND I walk really nice right beside Mom until she releases me!

Since we have been doing so well, Mom even brought the rope toy, and we played fetch at the soccer field! So now, instead of just working for my kibble, I now work for some fetch, and hello- chasing the squirrels.

Luckily, we go to a small community park, and the soccer fields are not being used, because I am still having trouble when I come across dogs on our walks. Mom is ever vigilant, and she will either turn around before I see them or she will get far away off the path, step on my leash, and play this new game called- "Look at THAT." So now, I get rewarded anytime I look at the doggies. So hopefully seeing doggies will start to be a good thing in my mind. ;)

Everyone enjoy your fall. And if you see a crazy lady with Kleenex stuffed up her nose, just say hi, that's my Mom. :D

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