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Local Dog Show

June 14th 2008 4:54 pm
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I went to a local charity dog show today with mum and some family members it was for Harris Hospis care, iv never been to a doggie show before and wonder'd what it was all about,well when i arrived there was loads of doggies everywhere! i over heard the humans saying they was gonna enter me in a couple things and one of them was.....The Dog that looks most like its owner,BOL! what a cheek! as if i look like a human!BOL! i have often had comments that me and mum look alike......well we would would'nt we......she is my mum after all! ha ha! anyway the first thing i done when i arrived there was a massive poop! i couldnt understand why mum gave that look....the look she gives me when i done something wrong......i mean when you got go you just got to go havent you! BOL! a little later i was snooping around and heard this realy loud awful noise.....OMD!i looked up and there was a scottsman playing the bagpipes wearing a kilt! and what looked like white wellington boots,well mum decides to take a pic of him,she was holding me on the lead in one hand and camara in the other,unknown to mum i decided to lift my leg and pee up the scotsman....i thought it might make him stop that awful noise! but i didnt get a chance as mum jumped in and stopped me and gave me that look again and i got told off! BOL! then me ,mum and the other owners and doggies got called for The dog that looks like its owner and me and mum won!! yippee! i won a snuggle dog blanket,a doggie place mat,some treats and some PIGS EARS! OOo! yum! i thought il have one off them later....but mum said no! coz they dont agree with my tum even tho i love them,so she gave my pigs ears away to another doggie But she got me some tripe sticks,im ok with them,I got a certificate too,will add pics of the event on my page soon.:)




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