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Little Rex's short Life

Miss you Mommy and Daddy

January 7th 2008 11:17 am
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Well it is almost a year since I crossed the bridge and Mommy is just getting around to telling all the dogsters about me.
I was a pretty sick little pup at the end . I was totally blind. Mom and Dad used to take me every where if we went grocery shopping one of them would sit in the car til the other came back so I wouldn't get stressed. One night after coming home from grocery shopping. they let me out of the car to pee and Mom heard the splash "Oh my God Rex fell in the pond". Dad came to my rescue ,he through off his jacket and shoes and jumped in after me. This was in Dec. so it was pretty darn cold. Mom run in and got us both towels and stoaked the fire to get us both warmed up. Being almost blind I couldn't see where I was and wakled right in to the pond.

It used to be noiser here cause there were 4 of us dogs Brandynn my bud
Sandy the pandy bear and my niece Patches or watchie as Mom and Dad called her. When Mom or Dad opened the door to let us out it was on big ball of woofers going incircles barking our fool heads off.
Brandynn was cocker and retreiver
Sandy was shitzu and collie
Patches shitzu terrier the same as me but taller
Mom will get thier picures on soon
thats about it for the first day I'd say she did pretty good and she didn't cry yet.

Bye for now Rex


Watching you

January 8th 2008 8:25 am
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hey Mom your getting the hang of things.
I see she added pics of the others.
My brofur Brandynn nick name boo bear cause he looks like a teddy bear and is scared of his own shadow.
My neice Patches she is so sweet and missing Mom and Dad she goes and sees them lots thats the cold feeling mom gets on her feet.
Sandy the Pandy Bear was my aunties dog but they were building a new house and living with other relatives so she came to our house to live and stay til her death She and Brandynn crossed the bridge the same day to gether. It was the hardest thing Mom and Dad ever had to do. They were soo Sick with cancer and were best friends so Mom and Dad decided they had togo together.
Patches had to be put down she was the youngest but had the oldest heart she was choking on her body fluids nothing more they could do for her.
Mom and Dad had a hard three years 4 dogs in those three years had to be put down.

They got Paddy cat when they knew I was going to be left alone. Then when my cancer came back they got Mikey to keep him company. Spot just showed up one day.
must go play with my buds
talk to you later


A new car!

February 29th 2008 3:05 am
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Well us pups are upset Mom got a new car and we cannot ride in it.
Daddy used to go pick Mom up every night and would take me. I was like a clock at 8:45 I would go tot he door it was time to go get Mom.
I am certainly jealous of those cats they got to ride in it before me. I see the first thing Mom put in it was my car blanket. and my seat belt . She still thinks of me. I have crossed the bridge almost a year now March 16th is the day Mom and Dad walked me to it. Loves you mommy kiss , kiss. loves youDAddy kiss, kiss.

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