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08/05/13 House update

August 5th 2013 6:39 pm
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Daddy has finished doing all the flooring in the house. Momma thought that she would help him by working on the laundry room ceiling patch. It should have been a simple job: all momma had to do was take the can of texture and spray it where the patch was.

But we are talking about my momma and even the simplest jobs become bigger. With that being said, momma aimed and the spray texture went squirting out of the can and all over the laundry room. The brown door was splattered with white texture, as was the black water heater, cabinets, washing machine and tiles on the floor. Yup, ole momma made a big, big mess and to make matters worse daddy just happened to come into the laundry room right afterwards BOL,BOL. He looked at the door that he painted and then asked momma "what happened in here"? Momma told him that she had a "little disagreement with the spray texture". Daddy told momma she better get busy and clean it all up.

The simple five minute job took momma hours to clean up. She had to take a scrub brush to the door because the texturing stuff wouldn't come off. If that wasn't bad enough, she couldn't get the texture out of the grouting on the floors. The scrub brush didn't remove it so she got out the Demeral sander and sanded it out - BOL, BOL

Momma was sitting on the floor saying some words that I can't repeat here but I'm sure you can figure out whet she was saying.

Then today, momma was going to do some touch-up with that same spray can of texture stuff but apparently daddy has taken it and hid it someplace - BOL, BOL.


08/01/13 Is that my dinner on the road?

August 1st 2013 6:36 pm
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Hi pals,

We have not had a cattle problem since the cows were taken on a road trip and didn’t return right before the snows last winter, but now different cows have invaded our area. Yesterday when we were driving to the cluster mailboxes there were a gazillion cattle out in the road. Really, there was a whole herd of them slowly walking along like they owned the place and they didn’t even want to move their butts when daddy was trying to get by. Momma saw several baby cows and wondered if daddy could put one in the back of the truck and take it home with us (we do have an extra freezer). Too bad daddy didn’t want to go along with the idea as fresh steak sure sounded good to me.

The humans are thinking about getting a pygmy goat to help control the weeds and stuff here on our property. I think that would be pretty neat but momma is concerned about not knowing how to take care of a goat. Since it would be housed outside would we need more than one so it would have company? Maybe momma should stick with a couple of chickens first to see how things go.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


07/31/13 House up-date

July 31st 2013 10:26 pm
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Hi pals,

The humans have been making progress on the house. The sidewalk was completed yesterday just in time for the rains that came tonight. The “handyman” also put in a concrete pad at the back door of the garage so now all doors to the house and garage/workshop have concrete pads. This will be really nice during the rainy and snowy season.

Momma spent all day yesterday painting the guest bedroom and daddy finished painting all of the doors. Today daddy mopped the guest bedroom concrete floor so that he can put down the laminate flooring in there tomorrow.

Momma worked on patching the wall boarding in the laundry room. In case I forgot to tell you the “handyman” neglected to leave a crawl space opening in the laundry room ceiling so when daddy went to put in the attic furnace he had to cut some holes in the ceiling to find the crawl space. He misjudged where the crawl space was by about 12” so that area had to be patched. One more coat of mud on the patched ceiling and then the laundry room will be ready for painting.

Daddy will have to install all of the remaining base boards and the final project will be doing the kitchen counters.

The humans are almost done, can you believe it?

My advice to those of you who have humans who are considering building their own home is to RUN FOR THE HILLS. It isn’t fun, there will be lots of harsh words said, problems encountered that weren’t expected, budgets that are ignored, noise, dust, frustration, stress, missed naps, etc.

Daddy has been working on this house for over one year and he is tired and worn out. Momma can’t stand having all of the equipment laying around on the floors and not being able to find anything. We would all like to walk through the house without obstacles on the floor (except for daddy: he doesn’t seem to mind any of it because he’s the one who created them).

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


07/30/13 I NEED one of these!

July 30th 2013 8:44 am
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Hi pals,

Puffy and I haven’t been on too many pupmobile rides here in on New Mexico place because the main roads are covered in gravel thus making for a very bumpy ride. Sometimes this causes Puffy to knock into me while we are in the stroller, and being the Princess that I am, I have been known to get nasty towards him when that occurs.

Anyhoodle, reading the internet news this morning I came across the following article regarding a stroller. All I can say is:


I GOT to get me one of these!!

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


07/28/13 Send me no pressies

July 28th 2013 9:01 am
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Hi Pals;

Please do not send me any pressies for being one of Dogster’s Diary picks of the day as I have a very special favor to ask of you.

Normally all I care about is getting lots of cookies but when momma checked out the other diary picks of the day, she noticed one of them crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. His name is Milo and his human family could use some comfort. Could you please stop by his page and leave a few words of comfort and maybe a pressie or two?

I love you all!

Coco Rose

Angel Milo


07/26/13 Monsoonal rains

July 26th 2013 4:44 pm
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Hi pals,

Today along with the thumderboomies and lightning flashes we had some monsoonal rains. For those of you who have never experienced monsoonal rains they are really impressive but can do some real damage in a short period of time.

This morning started out with sunny skies without a cloud in sight. However by this afternoon the blue skies had turned black and one could smell rain in the air. Sure enough, about 2 PM we had thunder, lightning, hail and monsoonal rains. Mother Nature must have dropped over five inches of rain in about 30 minutes. Having this much rain fall at once caused flooding in our yard and even in the house.

That’s right pups; we had muddy water coming into the house in daddy’s media room and his bedroom. The humans had to mop up the mud and use a hose to divert the pudding water away from the house. Momma went outside and braved the weather conditions to route the big puddle of water between the two buildings down the driveway.

The “handyman” is supposed to come over tomorrow to finish the concrete work but we are betting that he won’t show up. He’s probably busy scurrying around trying to fix all the leaks in the nasty trailer – BOL, BOL.

I have my Thundershirt on and am actually doing better with the thunder storms but I still don’t like them at all. I don’t understand why Mother Nature needs to throw things around and yell. Maybe she has anger management issues. I’m just saying…

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


07/21/13 So, just when will the thunderboomies stop?

July 21st 2013 7:52 pm
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Hi pals,

The mornings start out nice and sunny but come afternoon, clouds move in bringing thunderboomies, lightning and sometimes rain. Can't complain about the rain because we are having a drought, but Mother Nature either teases us with a few sprinkles that evaporate quickly or torrential down pours that flood the area briefly before the thirsty lands consume it all quickly.

When Puffy and I went outside this morning the mud was again dry so we took ourselves for a brief walk to do our business. As I was heading down the driveway, we smelled some fresh poop that didn't belong to either of us. It looked like ours but it was full of berries and we don't have any berries on our property nor do we eat them. Puffy was all set to roll around in it when he was stopped by momma - BOL. I personally don't understand his fascination with doing that, but to each his own. Had he succeeded in getting all stinked up, he would have gotten a bath so how can any of it be fun? Maybe it's just because he gets extra attention and that boy craves attention and apparently will do anything to get it.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


07/19/13 A little poem

July 19th 2013 7:55 pm
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Hi pals,

Roses are red;
Violets are blue.

I hate thunder storms;
Because they go boom, Boom, BOOM!

Hugs and kisses - I have to go hide in the closet...

Coco Rose


07/17/13 A double Dogster honor

July 17th 2013 2:25 pm
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Hi pals,

Today was a day to mark on your calendars: both Puffy and I are featured diaries of the day. Yup, I had to share this wonderful honor with ole Puffy (Coco stomping her little feet because she is not happy). Now don’t get me wrong because I really do love the little tyke, but how much more am I expected to share with him? I was on Dogster first and I allowed him to move into MY home when he was homeless so why should I be expected to share this wonderful Dogster honor with him?

Momma – Coco, you should be ashamed of yourself.

But momma, he stole my Busy Bone and now he is trying to steal the spotlight away from me.

Momma – Coco Rose, it was Dogster that decided to honor both of you today so Puffy had nothing to do with it. Beside, isn’t it YOU who is in the new pictures chomping down on the Fig Newton cookie that you took from Arleenton?

You mean in the pictures where I am modeling the three pretty dresses I got from Angel Buttercup?

Momma – Yes.

I’m pretty sure I heard Arleenton tell me to take the cookie with me….Now where’s my cookie?

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


07/15/13 I'm shocked

July 15th 2013 7:35 am
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Hi pals,

Yesterday my diary was one of the featured diaries of the day but due to my shock at what Puffy did, I neglected to thank my pals for the wonderful pressies on my page and to Dogster for the honor. As those of you who read both Puffy’s and my diaries know, I am severely food challenged. What’s mine is MINE and if you just happen to have something that I want then it is MINE also.

However, at NO TIME IS ANYONE allowed to take any of my cookies away from me. I am very protective of my cookies and just because sometimes I choose to not eat them immediately doesn’t mean I do not want them. I like to age my cookies age before I actually chomp into them.

So yesterday when the afternoon thunderboomies rolled in and as I was shaking and panting like a crazy dog, Puffy took advantage of my terrified state and stole, yes, STOLE my wonderful Busy Bone.

He licked it all over and if that wasn’t insult enough, he actually ate some of it. I thought I was going to die of shock. The nerve of him stealing from ME: after all the concern and love I have given him with his hurt knee.

After the thunderboomies stopped momma put Puffy and I down onto the floor (we had been on the big bed with momma and my Busy Bone), she gave me back my Busy Bone but I no longer wanted it. I refused to take it in my mouth, heck, it had Puffy germs all over it, but I did sleep on top of it hoping my smell would penetrate it thus making it MY Busy Bone again. Alas, that didn’t happen and as of now, I am not claiming that Busy Bone any longer. I’m holding out in hopes that momma will give me a new one that I can start the aging process all over with.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose

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