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10/19/13 Momma needs computer help

October 19th 2013 7:15 pm
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Hi pals,

I need some computer advice; well actually momma needs the help. We use the IMIKIMI site to make our memorial picture frames for our pals but all of a sudden, when we go there we can not download our pictures onto their frames. We get a transparent box stating we need to upgrade to the free plug in that they offer. Momma did this today but it didn’t help anything.

As of right now, we can not make any memorial picture frames so we hope everyone stays healthy until someone can help us resolve this matter. Momma did contact the help person at the site and they stated it was most likely the result of the browser that we are using.

Have any of our pals experienced this problem and if so, what did you do to fix it? Momma was going to ask daddy to look into this but he is cranky today so she is trying not to bother him – BOL.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


10/18/13 Organice treats

October 18th 2013 8:19 pm
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Hi pals,

Daddy has gotten ½ of the courtyard fenced off and I do not like the results. I can no longer go and forage for deer, elk, and bunny dropping in the front of the property. If I get desperate for these lovely organic treats, I can always crawl under the fence as there are several places where this is an option, but really, should a Princess be required to crawl under a fence? I think not!. Big mouth momma pointed this discrepancy out to daddy but he says Puffy and I are too lazy to crawl under a fence unless there is someone on the other side and Puffy decides to go bite their ankles – BOL. Anyhow, momma and daddy are trying to come up with ways to make it impossible for us to go under the gate. What a bunch of spoil sports! Maybe since I am no longer allowed to go get my own organic treats the humans will be kind enough to go get them for me: it’s the least they can do, don’t you think?

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


10/17/13 Holiday cards

October 17th 2013 8:45 am
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Yes pals, momma is getting out the envelopes and addressing them so that they will be ready for mailings come the day after Thanksgiving. What you ask is momma addressing…why our holiday cards of course.

For those of you, who have been receiving these yearly cards from us, if you would prefer NOT to have them or have moved, please paw mail momma and she will make the necessary changes otherwise you will be getting one as you are already on the list.

Now for new pals or pals who have not given us your mailing address, we would really love to send you one of our holiday cards so if you would like to receive one, please paw mail momma with your full name (last name included) and address so momma can pick out a holiday card just for you.

We promise not to give out your personal information to anyone and should you desire NOT to receive cards from us at any time, a simple paw mail to momma asking her to remove you from our card list will stop further mailings.

And what do you have to do in return to get a card? Well Puffy would love a truck load of new stuffies and of course I would be more than happy with different cookies, but momma says the cards are sent with love and we do NOT expect or require anything from you so forget about the stuffies and cookies. All we want is to put a smile on your face and let you know that we are very happy to have you as a pal.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose and Puffy


10/14/13 Momma did a bad thing

October 14th 2013 8:31 pm
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Hi pups,

Momma has been enjoying feeding all the different birds that have been coming around so tonight after dinner there were several left over corn muffins that she took and tossed on the ground by the trees that are outside our bedroom window.

So what’s bad about that? I’ll tell you, it attracted one or more local skunks. Yupper, ole stinky came around and left its perfume right outside our French door. Puffy and I wanted to go and say hello but momma won’t let us. She said something about not wanting us to get sprayed.

Daddy worked on the fence for the court yard today and got some of the posts up. He is moving very slow so we suspect it won’t get finished until maybe late next week so Puffy and I still have time to go find the skunk and see if it wants to be pals with us.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


10/11/13 The BIG storm

October 11th 2013 12:02 pm
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Hi pals,

We had a big storm blow through yesterday morning. The sky had very black clouds forming and were coming our way when we woke up. Puffy and I hurried outside and did our business and then went back inside for a morning snack. Around 7AM mother nature started blowing strong wind and then decide that wasn’t enough and added rain, hail, sleet and cold temperatures. We were all waiting to see if there was going to be some snow but it didn’t.

Something happened to cause the electricity to go away so we had no TV, internet, lights, water and any of the other modern conveniences that we are used to. In late afternoon daddy got in the truck and drove down to the cluster mailboxes and someone there told him that the windstorm took out the electricity in Zuni, Ramah and some other areas. We were all left in the dark. It finally was restored around 1AM this morning.

Today it is nice and sunny but there is ice all over the place. This is a bad situation because somehow Puffy found some and again threw out his knee cap. He is in pain so momma put him back on the human grade pain medication. The vet told momma this is going to be a chronic condition because surgery can’t be performed on Puffy so each time the knee cap gets popped out, the only thing we can do is medicate him. He had been doing so well, running and playing and it looked like he had recovered. Momma once again wrapped his leg to stabilize the knee and he has been sleeping. I wanted too play with him but momma said “NO” and put Puffy in a crate so I couldn’t jump on him. His leg isn’t all twisted this time so hopefully he will recover quickly with his pain medication and some rest.

I would also like to say THANK YOU for the support and loving words you sent me with the passing of Arleenton, my bunny sister. Puffy and I have enjoyed sharing Arleenton with you but now it is time for her to hop free at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


10/09/13 Arleenton became an Angel today

October 9th 2013 6:42 pm
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Pups, today, Arleenton my bunny sister passed away. She was 12 years old and most bunnies don’t live that long. What happened remains unknown as she appeared to be just fine right before we left for California but when we returned and picked her up from boarding at the vet, she was very lethargic. The people at the vet’s office loved her and gave her lots of attention but momma noticed that Arleenton had become nothing but skin and bones and didn’t even want to come out of her cage to play with me.

Momma gave Arleenton her favorite baby food and she did eat a tiny bit but she refused all other foods including fresh greens and fruits. She even refused the salted crackers that she always loved.

Bunnies being prey animals tend to hide their illness so that they don’t appear to be weak. We had a lot of mosquitoes here the last couple of months and they carry a nasty viral disease called Myxomatosis that is always fatal in rabbits. Once the rabbit is bitten, death comes quickly.

Puffy and I got to pay our last respects to her and then Daddy dug a hole right next to where Bay-Ling is buried after which we had a nice grave side service for her.

May she rest in peace and I look forward to being reunited with her someday to resume our feisty tag games. I’m really going to miss my little bunny sister as I loved her a whole lot.

Coco Rose


10/08/13 Ooops, I barked too sone

October 8th 2013 7:23 pm
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No sooner did I bark today about loosing my Dogster plus subscription when like magic it re-appeared. Yippee!!!! All my pretty pictures are once again back.

Thank you Techno Dog for fixing everything. If I wasn't so greedy I'd send you some bones, but you know me, I don't like to share. Oh, I know, let me go see if Puffy has any I can take to send to you...

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


10/08/13 Still no Dogster Plus

October 8th 2013 7:15 pm
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Hi pals,

What a mess someone made of all of our diary pages. PayPal couldn't process momma's credit card because she had cancel it earlier in the year. Momma knew our subscription was up for renewal so she sent a check to Dogster with a note stating it was for our subscription. On the check she include our account numbers. Dogster cashed the check but Pay Pal canceled our subscription so currently we do not have Dogster Plus.



10/04/13 You won’t believe what happened – really

October 4th 2013 3:55 pm
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Hi pals,

How could the humans put me in jail? I’m royalty you know. It all started early Tuesday morning when they got up before the roosters and loaded up the truck. Simba was put in a medium size carrier and Arleenton was in a tiny one. Puffy and I were forced to ride on a tiny section of the floor behind the front seats. The ride to the vet’s office takes about 75 minutes and before I even had a chance to sniff around, I was taken back behind the doors that no one ever sees what happens. I’ll tell you there were lots of crying dogs and cats begging and pleading to be let go.

Puffy and I were shoved into one jail cell together, while Simba and Arleenton occupied a jail cell of their own. Momma had packed lots of food and treats for each of us along with two stuffies for Puffy and me.

Puffy cried and cried because he thought he was being re-homed again. Me, I just sat there and asked “okay, where are my cookies?” All wouldn’t have been that bad except for I had to have a pedicure and the hair removed from my ears. I don’t like either procedure but after wards, I once again asked “WHERE ARE MY COOKIES?”

Things were a little rougher for Puffy. He is still having problems with the thyroid medication getting it adjusted right so he had to have his blood tested, he was due for a booster shot and he too got a pedicure.

Today the humans came and bailed us out of jail and boy were we happy to see them. In fact, Puffy was so happy to see daddy that he went running towards him (he was on a leash), and right as he came out of the door to the exam room, he was attacked by a huge brown dog. Yes, the dog tried to kill my furbrother. The vet technician who was bringing Puffy out pulled him back by the leash and Puffy scrunched down so the big dog just barely missed grabbing him by the neck. Puffy was so frightened that he peed. The technician took Puffy back into the back and had the vet check Puffy over to make sure he wasn’t hurt. The man who had the two huge brown dogs was elderly and was having issues controlling the dogs because they were too much for him to handle. Momma missed the whole thing because she was putting our stuff in the truck while daddy was collecting us. Puffy was now covered in dirt and pee and had to ride in the truck that way, but at least he wasn’t covered in blood and had no injuries.

Everything was actually pretty good and the people at the vet office really like Arleenton because they hardly ever have a rabbit to look after, especially one who eats baby food - BOL. Simba Blue was unhappy the whole time but it was nice having him there with us.

I heard the humans drove to California for the wedding, then came back through Arizona and daddy decided he wanted to go see Durango Colorado. They drove by the Four Corners monument but due to the Government shut down it was closed. Daddy did a lot of driving this week.

And when I logged onto Dogster I discovered our Dogster Plus membership has gone away. Momma sent a check to Dogster before it was due to expire, but since the old membership was done by Pay Pal when they (Pay Pal) went to automatically renew the membership they discovered that momma had canceled her credit cards so they canceled her subscription. Needless to say momma sent the Dogster team an email asking them to fix everything and to please restore the photos.

It’s good to be home: I need a much needed nap and several cookies now.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


09/30/13 The wedding

September 30th 2013 5:38 pm
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Hi pals,

I got a haircut today along with a bath, ears cleaned and flea stuff put on me. Early tomorrow morning Puffy, Simba and Arleenton will be dropped off at the vet's office for boarding. Momma is NOT happy with this but decided it was the best solution plus we get a "group" discount - BOL, BOL. Their prices are more than reasonable as it is 15 dollars per dog, per night, and 10 dollars per cat. We are guessing it will be 10 dollars for Arleenton also.

I'll bark at you when we get back at the end of the week.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose

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