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01/04/14 That can't be right

January 4th 2014 8:32 am
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I was on the internet on EBAY looking at the pretty dresses and trying to pick out one to order for the Valentines Party when suddenly I found a pretty dress that was screaming for me to buy. I ran and got momma and asked her to bring her plastic money so she could get it for me. Momma looked at it and said it was one of the most beautiful dresses she had ever seen but when she saw the price she said "Do you think I'm rolling in cash Coco? I'm not paying 80 dollars for a dress for you that you will only wear maybe once."

How about we continue to look and find something else for you - okay?

So with a heavy heart, I sat down and looked at all the dresses and even found a few that I was sorta interested in. We clicked on the size chart and discovered that somehow they have altered the sizing chart and now I require a size large. Momma said maybe nothing has changed with the sizing chart but perhaps I needed to cut back on the cookies. I pointed out that I have my winter hair thus increasing my chest size plus many of the dresses were coming from China so sizing was always questionable.

Momma just laughed and said we better start ordering the larger size...

I'M NOT FAT, I'M FLUFFY!!!!!!! Now pass me a cookie and lets go find a pretty party dress for the Valentines party...It has to look good with my new crown and glass slippers - BOL, BOL


12/19/13 Santa is coming - really!

December 19th 2013 6:57 pm
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Hi pals,

We had another nice sunny day here in New Mexico. The birds, squirrels and chipmunks were gorging out on the seeds that momma put out for them. In fact, today marked the second time one of the "guests" knocked down the larger bird feeder and helped themselves to the bounty within. The humans didn't see who has been doing this so when it was discovered momma righted it back up and this time tied it to a tree - LOL. And speaking of feeding the outside critters, momma discovered it is cheaper to buy a huge bag of whole or cracked corn instead of seeds as it lasts longer. The blue jays really like the corn as does the squirrel. The woodpeckers and smaller birds continue to eat the regular bird seeds so everyone is happy.

The weather forecast is for snow come Saturday and possibly even Sunday but then more sunny skies.

We have been begging momma to let us open some of our presents that secret Santa's sent us so she let us open one. It was filled with lots of really yummy stuff for the humans. There was three kinds of cookies (daddy grabbed the chocolate chip ones and said they were the best cookies he has ever eaten!) and he wouldn't even give me a tiny sample - can you believe that? Momma, who loves peanut butter, tried the peanut butter candies and then couldn't stop. Yup, she really enjoyed them, but at least she shared a tiny piece with me because I too like peanut butter. These candies were super soft and melted in ones mouth. I can't seem to stop thinking about them because they were that good.

Also in the package were three types of breads, fudges even wrapped pressies for Puffy and me (we have to wait until Christmas until we get to open those).

We received another package for a different Secret Santa but momma is making us wait until Christmas to open it. I just love getting pressies.

I would also like to thank everyone who has sent us a Christmas card. This year momma taped them up on the French doors in our bedroom. She choose this place because it's easier to clean the tape residue off glass than walls - BOL. All the pretty cards hanging on the French doors make our bedroom very cheerful. I tried to convince momma to hang so Christmas lights on the same doors but she refused - what a spoil sport.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


12/12/13 Wild turkeys and computer

December 12th 2013 6:13 pm
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Today as the humans were coming back from the mailbox, daddy drove down the road that is behind our house. Momma was riding shotgun in the passenger seat and off to the left she spotted something moving about. It was a flock of wild turkeys crossing the road.

Quick, look to your right, there is something over there...

Daddy stopped the truck and sure enough there was another flock of wild turkeys headed for the trees. Momma did have her camera with her and tried to take a picture but they were too fast for her. Daddy put the truck in park, and tried to follow them on foot, but they crossed onto someone's property so he had to turn back.

It looks like there are still plenty of turkeys for the taking if anyone wants to come hunt them down.

Now, on to the computer. As you know, momma has been having lots of problems with her computer. She was going to buy a keyboard to plug into her laptop but couldn't find any that she liked at Wal Mart so instead, she bought a new computer. This one is a DELL and it came with Windows 8 loaded into it. Too bad momma doesn't know how to use Windows 8 - BOL, BOL.

She has been on the internet all day long trying to learn how to do stuff - BOL, BOL. Maybe by next year she will have it all figured out.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


12/10/13 We're back

December 10th 2013 11:54 am
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Hi pals,

We hope that we are back now...Daddy tried to disable the touch pad but in doing so, it also disabled the keyboard – BOL. The only alternative was to upgrade he windows program in hopes that installing it into the computer it would resolve the issues it had, or to leave the keyboard and touch pad disabled but add a plug in or wireless keyboard to momma's labtop. The cheapest fix was to leave the keyboard and touch pad disable and use a wireless add on keyboard that also has a touch pad. Daddy “loaned” momma his wireless keyboard with touch pad to use until they get to town and momma can pick out the kind she wants.

Anyhow, the curser issue appears to be resolved for now but daddy warned that he wrote a program that disabled the touch pad on momma's computer and he isn't sure if the computer will signal out this program as a virus and disable it.

Enough about the computer issue, this morning I begged momma to let me outside to do my business out front because it has the nice sidewalk Puffy and I can walk on without getting our feetsies muddy. We we allowed out for a brief time until we started barking our heads off. Momma wasn't happy about having to come outside and get us because the temps got down into the negative readings so it was pretty cold outside. She called and called but only Puffy went back into the house, I stayed outside barking, so momma had to come out and physically pick me up and take me back inside. About 10 minutes later, momma was in the kitchen and she happened to look out the nice picture window and not more than 25 feet from the house was a huge coyote sniffing around the yard looking for something for it's breakfast. Yes pals, it was making it's self right at home and even ate some of the crackers momma had put out for the birds earlier in the morning.

Momma got some pictures of the coyote stalking one of the Ravens that was also eating the crackers but hasn't downloaded them yet. She said she would post the pictures on my page if they come out.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


12/09/13 Continuing saga of the computer issues

December 9th 2013 5:19 pm
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Hi pals,

Daddy is unable to fix our computers so we are going off-line until momma either hears from the manufacturer or she buys another computer. We're hoping to get everything fixed soon...


12/06/13 And the tree came tumbling down

December 6th 2013 10:04 pm
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Hi pups,

Just a quick diary entry because momma is still having lots of computer problems - this time the curser is jumping all over the place and when momma tries to type the curser goes someplace other than where it should be and the sentence gets messed up...

So tonight there was a loud crash in the kitchen - yup, the Christmas tree fell over and broke a lot of the decorations (see the two pictures momma posted). What a mess but the worse thing was many of the older ornaments were broken along with one new ornament that we received this year. The new ornament is fixable but the older ones are broken beyond repair :-(

It's a good thing Puffy, Simba and I were in the bedroom when the tree fell of we probably would have been blamed.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


12/02/13 Another day in jail

December 2nd 2013 5:14 pm
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Hi pals,

Today there was a whole herd of deer walking around our community. Not being a pup that can actually count, I'm guessing there were about 20 or more young deer out looking for Santa. I think they wanted to volunteer to pull Santa's sled. Then too, maybe they were just out taking in the scenery – BOL.

The humans went to town today so of course Puffy and I were forced to stay in the bedroom while they were gone. Momma was really glad to see we didn't piddle anyplace or leave a number 2 down load for her to find.

Weather wise we are expecting high winds tomorrow followed by rain. Right after that we are supposed to have two days of snow and then it is going to be sunny again: I'll believe it when I see it!

Hugs and kisses

Coco Rose


11/28/13 Thanksgiving day with my pals - a short fiction by Coco Rose

November 28th 2013 12:50 pm
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The roar of the Lear jet was deafening as it came in for a landing at the back portion of our property. Puffy and I had been sound asleep on the big bed dreaming about ole HO-HO coming for a visit next month. Of course I was dreaming about all the new treats I would be getting and I’m pretty certain Puffy was counting new stuffies he is expecting.

Anyhow, since we were now awaken, we sat up on the bed and watched as the jet landed perfectly and then shortly afterwards, the propellers stopped. The door opened and out came Zaidie in his captain’s uniform strutting down the stairs looking very handsome I must say. He was followed by Demon Flash Bandit, Angel Zoom Smokey, Frizzy, Buddy, Doo, Austin, Zane, Zoe, Tux, Lacey, Finn, Biscuit, Freckles, Mick, Redford, Nina, Alexandria, Walker, Mazy, Anya, Jelly, Buddha (who was lifted down the stairs by Frank and Joey), Halo, Stella Marie, Van Winkle, Hershey, Cleo, Toto, Quincy, Beanie, Ali, Annie, Riley, Crystal, Jethro, Barney, Harvey, Misty, Pepper, Scooter, Cutter, Finley, Whitley, Ceeley, Ebby, Riley, and so many other pups one had to wonder how they all fit into the Lear jet, but it is the holiday season so anything is possible.

Puffy and I scurried outside to greet our surprise guests and were thrilled to be able to show they around the homestead.

“Hi pals! This is a wonderful surprise. What brings you all out to New Mexico on this Thanksgiving morning?” I asked no one in general.

“Oh we were out joy riding and decided to stop by and see if we could catch some of those wild turkeys that you and Puffy had seen” replied Zaidie.

“Well we only saw the flock once and it was right down the road. Why don’t I take you to where that was and then you can wander about and try to find them?”

“This is going to be so much fun! Let’s go” said Demon in his haste to taste some fresh birds. You know he has a motto that the only good bird is the one that is being eaten – BOL.

“Hold on there big guy” I said to Demon and the rest of the pups, we have to do this carefully because the humans around here tend to own guns and aren’t shy about using them, if you know what I mean. Let’s form groups of six or so and scout out areas surrounding where they were last seen and maybe we can surround them thus capturing several for our lunch.” I also warned them about staying out of the cattle range because we had observed a pack of coyotes several days ago so it’s probable that the rancher was watching that area carefully and would take a dim view on having another pack of canines visiting his cattle.

Right before I left with our visitors, I whispered in Puffy’s ear that maybe he and Buddha might be better off staying home and getting the BBQ ready for our feast. I know Buddha would be disappointed but rural unpaved roads, plus, tramping around in the wooded areas just isn’t the place for a pup and his wheelchair. “What about Halo?” Puffy asked Coco. “You know she is deaf so maybe she too should stay here with me.” “No, let her come with us and I will be careful to always keep an eye on her so she doesn’t get separated from the rest of the group. If our momma can be out here and she can’t hear, then I think Halo will be okay.” “Buddha’s humans paid a lot of money for his wheelchair and I would hate for it to get messed up so let make sure he is kept busy but in areas where he can easily move about in his wheelchair.”

Coco then went to Buddha and told him that Puffy wasn’t coming on the hunt with us and wondered if Buddha would like to help him get the BBQ set up and ready for the upcoming feast. Buddha, being the easy going pup that he is, readily agreed to stay behind and help his pal with the task of getting everything ready for lunch. With that being settled, Coco got the rest of the pups into various groups and headed off to where the flock of wild turkeys had last been seen.

“Come on Buddha, let me show you where the BBQ grill is and then we will go get some wood and coals and fire it up so it is nice and hot for roasting turkeys on.” Puffy said.

“But Puffy, what are we going to do if the hunting parties fail to find any turkeys? Buddha asked.

“That’s a very good question Buddha, but I think we will be okay because I have a plan” replied Puffy. Let’s go into the kitchen and take the turkey out of the refrigerator along with the prime rib roast and some other goodies that momma has in there, she will never even miss them.” “Besides, momma is always saying Coco and I have to learn how to share so that’s what we are doing” Puffy said, and with that, they cleaned out the refrigerator of all the MEATZ™ and other goodies they found and headed back to the BBQ.

What seemed to be hours later, all the other pups came back to the house but none had any turkeys or other MEATZ™ with them. Hot, sweaty, and tired but quite content with their adventure, they lined up for drinks of water in the many bowls that had been put down for them. Suddenly, Ebby stopped drinking and started sniffing the air. “I smell MEATZ™ she said as she took off in a hurry towards the smell that was drifting in the air. Of course the very mention of MEATZ™ caught the attention of the rest of the pack and they too followed Ebby to where Puffy and Buddha were busy cooking all types of yummy MEATZ™ for their Thanksgiving meal. You should have seen Ebby’s beady eyes; they were budging out of her head as she took in the prepared feast. Not being one to be shy, she jumped up on a bench and then clambered onto the table holding a plate full of sausages, snagged one for herself and then jumped off the table with her treat and ran off to enjoy it without having to share with anyone – that’s so like her – BOL.

By now there was quite a crowd hanging around the BBQ and drooling uncontrollably as they eyed all of the food that had been prepared for them. Everyone was invited to take anything that they wanted and without further encouragement, they dived into the food. Professor Chester barked several times to get everyone’s attention and then said grace before he grabbed a turkey leg for himself. Zaidie was holding court with all the lovely female dogs as they all thought he looked really dapper in his Captains uniform and by the look of things; Zaidie was really enjoying all the attention – BOL.

Finley and Whitley wanted to know where the swimming pool was and were disappointed when we told them that we didn’t have one; however they forgot all about the pool when the prime rib was served – BOL.

Buddy one of our Canadian pals was very determined to catch his own dinner and was busy chasing the squirrels with Mazy as his helper. They made a awesome team chasing and barking after the squirrels. And speaking of barking, Jelly, Zoe and Fizzy were having a contest to see who could bark the loudest. I’m still having trouble hearing from all their barking and can’t for the life of me determine who barked the loudest.

Our pal Doo hasn’t been feeling well lately so she got to lie on a nice soft mattress and had yummy potatoes, gravy and shredded turkey for dinner. We made sure there was no skin on her turkey and that she had lots of water to drink. We were so happy that she was able to come to our house for Thanksgiving!

Soon, all the food was eaten and the pumpkin pies were served. The sun was going down on the horizon and it was time for Zaidie and the other pups to say good-bye and head home. Coco took Zaidie aside and asked him why Hobo, Luna and Milo weren’t with him and he said that he had texted Hobo but didn’t get a response so he didn’t make the trip to San Diego. This saddened Coco but she knows Hobo’s human has started a new job and has been busy with things that only humans do, so she was understanding. Hopefully he will find a way to come visit during Christmas.

Zaidie slowly boarded his Lear jet and the stairs were maneuvered back into the bowels of the plane. The propellers were started and soon the jet lifted up into the darkening sky. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving that we had with all of our pals until momma discovered all the food in the refrigerator was missing but you don’t want to hear about all the screaming and adult words she used upon this discovery, now do you as it would ruin a perfect day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our pals! We love you all!!!

Coco Rose

PS – Last chance for a Holiday card – If you haven’t sent us your home address please do so now so you can be added onto our card list. We would really love to send you a card with our picture on it.


11/21/13 Rain, snow and Thanksgiving

November 21st 2013 8:26 am
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We have been having some rain down our way, just a nice, gentle rain that turned all our dirt into mud. The mud is perfect for ole Puffy because he doesn’t seem to mind getting muddy paws, but not so nice for my feetsies. We both had to have our feetsies washed several times yesterday and afterwards we lay up on the big bed and watched momma climb up and down the latter as she continued to work on the cracks appearing at the seams of the wall boarding.

The humans rearranged the sewing room so that Simba Blue, our kitty brother, could have easier access to the window. He likes to sit in the window and sun himself and now that Arleenton has passed on, momma was able to remove the bunny cage and make better use of the space.

The flock of wild turkeys seen several weeks ago down the road from our house has not been spotted again. Hunting and shooting is not allowed in our community but as one of the native Americans told daddy, people from his tribe come up here often and hunt using bow and arrows, so who would know. I wonder if momma could lure the turkeys onto our property using cracked corn. You know Thanksgiving is next week and I imagine fresh turkey would be really tasty.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, I want to say that I am very grateful to have each one of you as my pal. We are still gathering addresses to send out our yearly HOLIDAY card and would like to send each one of you beautiful card with Puffy and my picture on it. If you so desire a card, please paw mail momma with your address and we will add you to our card list. Your information will be kept confidential.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


11/18/13 No more memorial pictures frames or downloading- stuff from the internet

November 18th 2013 7:43 am
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Hi pals,

I have a lot to bark about right now so before I start, why don’t you run outside and do your business and then stop by the kitchen and grab you and me a snack?

Now get comfortable and I’ll get started right after I eat this delish cookie that Halo and Stella Marie brought for me…

Okay, here goes: As some of you know, momma has been having a lot of computer problems lately and each time something goes wrong she has to have daddy try to fix it. and have both been hanging up and sending out a message stating that they were not responding and for momma to click on the message button to try to recover the page. Sometimes the page was recovered and other times it would disappear and no recovery could be made. This was very annoying to say the least but worse yet was that momma had to once again take the computer to daddy and tell him that she was still having problems with the computer even after he had just worked on it last week.

Momma thought she was in the clear because she had not downloaded any “FREE” upgrades but daddy immediately found a photo that she had copied off of Dogster and had been using it as her icon on the Windows files. The picture copied was the beautiful art deco picture that Jack Freckles had sent to our wonderful Angel pal Wrinkles on her Bridge Day anniversary. It was a beautiful picture and momma loved to look at it as she booted up her computer. So, when daddy saw this picture he was upset because he has been telling and telling momma NOT TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING OFF THE INTERNET AND ONTO HER COMPUTER!

He claims that spam and other nasty virus are often times hidden in photos and program so allowing them onto our computers is inviting trouble, and since both of momma’s computers are not working right something has invaded them.

Daddy worked and worked on momma’s faster computer but could not get it to restore back to what it had been. He is going to have to reload all the programs into the computer and then run all the millions of updates that the programs has done. It is time consuming and causes daddy to be very cranky which is not a good thing. Momma is currently using the older and much slower computer to write my diary entry for me.

With all this said, momma is no longer going to be able to make memorial picture frames for any of our pals who cross over to the Rainbow Bridge, nor will we be able to copy and paste any wonderful picture frames that our pals make for us over to our computer in order to post them onto our Dogster pages. Daddy has made it very clear that momma is NOT TO COPY ANYTHING from the internet!!!!

Another thing momma is no longer allowed to copy and save are recipes off the internet. Yes, momma has been busy with that ole copy and saves stuff – BOL, BOL. She was under the impression when daddy told her not to download files it was for running programs not for things like pictures or recipes.

If problems continue to invade our computers then the next step will be to stop visiting Dogster to see if they stop. Momma doesn’t want this to happen so she is going to be extra careful not to save or download anything that she does not create herself. I’m not sure if momma is going to have to delete any of the photos that she made for Logan, Puffy and me using IMIKIMI pictures are going to have to be deleted. After momma gives daddy breakfast she will ask him about them.

Anyhow, computers are wonderful until they start having problems then they are trouble. Oh, and before anyone asks, we do have virus and malware progrmas on the computers but with all the new stuff out there, it's hard for them to catch everything.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose

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