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03/29/13 What we have been up too...

March 29th 2013 5:42 pm
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Hi Pals,

The snows have melted and the sun has been out so I thought the humans might like to do something fun with Puffy and me, like take a stroll around the neighborhood. Instead, momma was outside putting tile around the door frame to hide the hole that was created when the French door in her bedroom was installed incorrectly. She chose really pretty Mexican tile and liked it so much she wanted to tile the concrete door stoop also but luckily daddy said that there was still much more work that needed to be done on the inside of the house so he didn’t want her doing the outside door stoop.

The good news is that momma’s bedroom, sewing room and walk in closet will be completed by next week. Daddy says he will bring the big bed and furniture over maybe this coming weekend. Momma is wondering how he is going to manage moving everything since she can’t help him.

Simba Blue, my kitty brother, made another dash out the house in the dark of the night and once again, momma had to hobble after him. He sits by the door wanting to go outside and if we lived in an area where there weren’t bears or mountain lions around he would probably be allowed to explore, but momma doesn’t want him to become something’s dinner.

Momma has decided that Arleenton’s cage will be put in the sewing room so that she is not isolated from the family. It gets too cold here at night so she can’t be put back outside like she was in California, besides, I like playing tag with her because she gives out tasty bunny droppings. There’s nothing like having a pal that gives you treats all the time – BOL, BOL.

The humans will next get daddy’s bedroom done so the Queen Sized bed that we have all been sleeping on in the Living room can be moved back there for him. Building your own home takes a lot of time and work to get everything finished. Sometimes the humans can’t work on it because of the weather and other times it is because they are just tired of doing work – BOL. It will be nice when it is all completed and we can go back to being LAZY!!!!!!

Happy Easter to all.

Coco Rose

Barked by: ✨ Whitley ✨ (Dogster Member)

March 30th 2013 at 1:19 am

Hope you have a pawsome Easter!
Barked by: Wendy G

March 30th 2013 at 9:43 am

Wow. Da werk neber ends at da stuffie wanch, Coco Wose! I r gwad spwing r here so mabbe ALL our peeples will be motibated tu du stuff 'wound da howse :D
Barked by: Hershey (Dogster Member)

March 30th 2013 at 10:37 pm

It's been a hard winter fur your fambly, and that will make spring even more bootifur!! Your pawrents should be furry proud of themselves!


Coco Rose


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