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Playing with my bunnie sisters

November 16th 2008 2:51 pm
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What a day I had, momma and daddy bought a bale of hay for the bunnies but one bale is HUGE. They had to break it up and store some of the hay in the smaller bunny hutch that is never used and put some in a clean trash can with a lid. Even doing that, there was much more hay than two little bunnies could eat, so they were spreading it around in their yard and forgot to close the gate. Of course I couldn't let this pass unnoticed so I went in to say hello to Arleneton and Grayson. Grayson took off and ran out of the yard but good ole Arleneton stayed and played with me for a while. She jumped over me a couple of times and charged me but it was all in fun. I guess Grayson got lonely because she came back in and started playing with me also. We had a real nice game of tag going until momma noticed. Yup, I got banned from the bunny’s yard again. You know if it wasn't for me, those two bunnies would need a membership to Family Fitness because they would never exercise. Maybe I can make some spending money so I can buy some more of those delicious Lamb Fillets - YES!

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