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Picture taking

November 1st 2008 6:07 pm
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My momma told one of our pup pals this true event and since she brought up the subject I don't see any reason why I can't tell it also, so here goes....

Momma normally takes me to the groomer to have me bathed and combed out, but for some reason, she decided to give me a bath in the bathtub with her. Now y'all know people take off all of their clothes while bathing. So into the tube momma goes and she takes little ole me with her. I fought and carried on but it did no good. She shampooed me and then rinsed me off. When she was done, she got out of the bathtub and put me on the bathroom counter. Needless to say, I was not a happy little doggie. Momma says the look on my face was worth a picture so she went and grabbed the camera that had film in it and started snapping away. She was very careful not to stand directly in front of me so her naked image would not appear in the long mirror that was behind me. However, on each side of the long mirror are mirrored medicine cabinets and because she was busy snapping away she forgot to check for her naked image in these. When she was finished with her picture taking, she dried me off and got dressed then took the film to the one hour photo place. A day or two later, momma went and picked up the film and was looking at all of the pictures of me. Mom really liked one of them of me looking angry and wet until daddy noticed that naked momma was showing in the medicine cabinet mirror. Yup, there she was in her full naked glory. The only thing not showing was her face because the camera was hiding it - BOL!!! BOL!!! Momma now has a nice digital camera - BOL!!!! BOL!!!!


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