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Friday night drama

September 12th 2008 10:44 pm
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How do I put this - let's see, I do not do the come command, nope, not me. Momma and I went to obedience class when I was a puppy and I passed and did well on everything except for the COME command. Didn't care who was calling me, I just choose not to obey. Tonight, when daddy heard momma's car pull up to the house, he opened the front door and out I ran to go greet her. What daddy didn't know was that two of the neighbor hood dogs were in the street and when I saw them, I forgot all about momma and ran after the dogs. Don't know if I had bad breath or something but both dogs ran away from me and wouldn't play. They went running down the street and I was right after them, running as fast as my little legs would go. Momma stood there calling me but I ignored her. Daddy called me also and I ignored him too. Momma told daddy he had to go get me before I got hurt. You should have seen daddy running down the street after me, it was a real Kodak moment. As soon as daddy got in front of me, I changed my desire to play with the other dogs and high tailed it back to momma. She picked me up and kissed me and told me what a good doggie I was for coming back. Daddy was red in the face and not too happy with me, but that's okay, cuz he won't stay mad at me too long.

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