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July 17, 2008

July 18th 2008 1:47 am
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My daddy tried to get me in trouble today. When momma got home from work, I did my "I'm SOOOO happy to see you mommy" dance and wouldn't stop until momma picked me up and kissed my tummy. Daddy just stood there and shook his head and told momma that she wasn't going to be happy when she saw what I had done in her sewing room. By now, I was making little grunting noises and kissing and snuggling my momma. Momma calmly carried me to the sewing room, and being no fool, I continued to make all kinds of loving noises and kissed and kissed my momma, I also threw in a couple of face touches with my front paw. And then she saw my "work", I had read the newpaper while she was away. Scattered all over the floor was a million pieces of what was left of the stupid newspaper (nothing but bad news anyways). Momma looked at me and said "You certainly have been busy today", put me on the daybed, and got down on her hands and knees (not an easy thing for her to do because of her bad knee) and picked up all of the pieces. She wasn't mad at all - TOO BAD DADDY - BOL.

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