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MACH Kenzie!!!

August 11th 2012 11:48 am
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This week, on August 9th, at a night trial in Springfield, Mo., I received my AKC MACH title!!! How cool was that to get to run around in the ring with my big ribbon and Mom to celebrate. People got us a cake and a couple of gifts. And we had our photo taken with the judge, Craig Josling, who has some difficut courses, but hey!! I DID THEM!!! Going into this trial, we had 1 QQ to go and 21 points for the MACH. Got them all in 2 runs.

And the next day, we qualified for AKC agility nationals, garnering the 7 points left that were needed for that. YAY!!! Mom is so proud of me and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE agility1!!




June 19th 2008 5:18 pm
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I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy!!!!! I went on vacation last week to a place called Kalamazoo with Mom and Cheri. They had lots of agility playgrounds for us to play on there, and contests. Mom said it was the UKC Nationals, but I say it was a fun playground!

The BIG news is that I won High Scoring Dog in my division of the All Stars in Agility II (that would be the top 50 in the nation that were invited). Mom is SOOO proud of me!!! To please Mom, I even got over my fear of the Coral-Snake-Tire-Jump that they had there. It was weird and scary at first. What were they thinking when they decorated the tire jump with Coral Snake Stripes??? I also brought home THREE other blue ribbons, mostly for AGIII, which Mom says is the hardest. That sneak Cheri managed to beat me a couple of times, though!

Our friends were also in Kalamazoo, including my boyfriend, Apollo. But Apollo for some reason was distracted and did not pay as much attention to me as usual. I can't figure that one out. Maybe he was nervous about competing.

We got a new SUV. Cheri loves it, as far as sleeping in the car, but I do not. It is weird being in a seat belt, and I did not sleep at all the whole way up and back. Mom says I will get used to it, but we went 2000 miles and I did not sleep. It is comfortable enough, but I don't like seeing the trucks we pass. However, I was a good girl and didn't squirm or whine, I just stayed in my place and rested with my eyes wide open!

We stayed with the nicest people on the way up - they seemed to like us a lot. We went on little walks in Mom's old neighborhood and a man in a wheelchair gave us a cookie on one of our walks. People there like dogs, I think.

There were scads of dogs at the dog show. Mom wanted to take me to the practice pool to see if I would do dock diving (I love water), but it stormed about the time she found out about it and it was the last day of the shows. Too bad for me. A little splashing around would have been fun.

I am a very happy girl, and it is always nice to be home. :-)



May 30th 2008 4:59 pm
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I had agility trials last weekend!!! YAY!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE agility!

Mom is so proud of me - it was my first time in AKC Excellent, and I came away with a leg in each Standard and Jumpers. Mom said I would have got 2 legs, had I not skidded off the table in one Standard run (I was going too fast and slid), and had Mom not made a silly handling error in another one of our jumpers runs.

Anyway, Mom is so proud of me - and especially since I did not FLY all weekend. - I am learning to stay on the contact obstacles. I even stayed on the a-frame during the distance challenge in Open FAST!!!

On another note, there is this big new car in our garage. It smells funny, and Mom straps me into a harness and attaches me to the seat belt. I do not know what to think of this - at first I could wiggle out of the harness, but Mom fixed that. I hope this isn't some kind of punishment - I have been a good dog and I cannot figure this out!!! She does the same thing with Cheri, but Cheri seems to be OK with it. That is just weird!



My birthday

April 23rd 2008 9:30 pm
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Today is my birthday - Mom says that I am no longer a puppy at 3 years old now, but I WANT to be a puppy!!! I had a great day - we went to a school and there were lots of kids (I am learning to like kids) and they sang Happy Birthday to me.

And my handsome boyfriend, Apollo, sent me a picture of him with a tulip - how special was that? He didn't even know it was my birthday!! Good timing on his part. I have posted his pic for all of you to see - but he's MINE, girls!!! Grrr!!!



Rattle Rattle Boom Boom

February 23rd 2008 9:08 pm
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This place is so loud!!! These two guys showed up today and drive a truck into the back yard and then they opened the garage and started pounding and rattling stuff and they had this big machine that made a lot of noise and they were here all day and it was SOOOO noisy. I do not like that kind of noise. It sort of scares me. It was sort of like the ice storm. I did not get to have my usual daytime naps at all! Anyway, Mom did stay here with us most of the day and Cheri and I were pretty good about not barking at the guys too much, but they were being way too loud!! I cannot wait for all this craziness and the pounding and hammering to stop!! It all hurts my ears!



A Bright and Shining Star

January 28th 2008 7:32 pm
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Mom says that I am a Star!!! I did SOOOOO well at our agility trials this weekend. On Saturday, I won 5 of the 6 blue ribbons they gave out in our height division (Cheri got the other one), and I won High In Trial and High Scoring Dog with An Additional Title for both trials and High Combined for Trial 1!!! That is FIVE purple and gold ribbons!!! Mom is SOOO proud of me. I ran some very difficult courses very fast. And it was SOOOOO fun!!! I LOVE agility!!! And I love making Mom happy. I now also have 3 legs toward my U-GRACH title!!! And I am only 2 - WOO HOO!!!!!


P.S. And I did not do any flying, either!!! Mom has taught me to wait on the contact obstacles instead!


Home :-)

January 13th 2008 6:56 pm
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I am home!!! Mom picked me up from the hospital this evening. I feel so much better. And I am SOOOOO happy to be home and back in my own yard. I showed my appreciation of my home and yard by running full speed circles all over the yard once we got home!!! I don't want Mom to think I am not overjoyed (or that I am still sick)!!! I don't want to go back, even though they took very good care of me.

Mom says I have to take pills and eat special food for about a week. The special food is yummy - they have been giving me that at the vet's. I was so happy to see Cheri and she wagged her tail at me too, so I know she missed me.

I have a poodle cut on my left leg - they shaved it for the IV - it looks sorta funny, but it will grow back.
I could hardly wait to get that bandage off - I took it off myself!!

Anyway, I am SOOOOO happy!!!!! And thankful that I am healthy and that my situation was just temporary. Lookin forward to agility, but Mom might make me wait a few days on that.



I want to go home

January 12th 2008 12:06 pm
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It seems like I am always writing about how I want to go home. Now I am in the hospital. They are taking good care of me, but I want to go home. I was supposed to get to come home today, but I got sick again and the vet decided to keep me until tomorrow and put me back on fluids. But Mom came to visit me today, which I loved. She held me and talked to me and I gave her lots of Kenzie Kisses. I was so happy to see her. Maybe tomorrow I will get to go home. There's no place like home!




January 11th 2008 9:22 am
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I am very very sick - and in the hospital. Mom is worried about me. I am weak. I can walk, but it takes a lot of effort. My heart rate is up. I am dehydrated. I got sick last night, and this morning I was markedly worse, so Mom brought me to the vet. He is taking good care of me. I am just wanting to go home and be well again and make Mom happy so she won't worry. All I want is my home and to be held and to feel good again. The vet said this is probably something simple, but I am scared and so is Mom. Cheri was a little sick last night too, but she seems fine today, so hopefully she is a comfort to Mom. Please pray for me. Thank you.




January 6th 2008 2:45 pm
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It is BEAUTEOUS here in Tulsa!!! Almost 70 degrees outside - quite a change from last month when we had an ice storm and lost power for a week!!! And MISS PEG is here with us!!! MISS PEG!!! My bestest friend (besides Cheri). She and I are having SUCH fun playing!!! I LOVE Miss Peg!!!!! Miss Peg will be with us until Wednesday - I am SOOOOO happy. :-)


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