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"My Rani,love of my life"

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IN THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS.....against all odds.........a- little baby puppy story........

December 10th 2013 12:26 am
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a little puppy, pls keep her in your prayers, her name is baby puppy.....against all odds....shes is the only survivor amongst a litter of 6 from barbie and big girls puppies(they are both the dogs of the owner of the compound where we are renting) to show u an update, these were their photos when they juz gave birth....

these are all the dogs in the compound where we are renting.......

DOGS WHERE WE LIVE,...the rented apts owners dogs



juz about a week after giving birth, both fur mommies were infected with distemper(bec they didnt have any kinds of vaccinations) we took care of the moms, gave supportive meds to prevent further complications and luckily they survived......but then all puppies since theyre breast feeding with the moms got infected too....inspite that mom told the owner to quarantine the mommies and bottle feed the puppies....none were done bec they said let nature take its course.......soooo now, we have 1 survivor..A LITTER FROM BIG GIRLS PUPPIES,she is so tiny, and she has muscle spasm, more like a form of neurologic deficit from the infection every 3 seconds....but shes the owners took her and place her in their store and after about 3 or 4 asked for the puppy and they said thats shes very mom went to get her...she was infested with hundreds of ticks and then she was crying every now and then with a very faint voice, a cry for help i we got her,placed her near out door in the apt,and luckily,2 fur dogs came to foster her too......,their names are coco and miki.....
here are a few photos of her with her foster fur moms.....weve been giving her all the meds.....antibiotics,..,,steroids....vit.....oral rehydration solutions....and ....look at her when we took also made cuty dresses for her.....



mom went to her friend vet and asked for info and she suggested to put the baby to sleep....awwww, mom talked to the owners and the owner said that she better put her in the garage until it was time......and mom had to asked for more time from them....after 2 days.......this is baby puppy now.......

PUPPY NOW.....very active

PUPPY NOW.........HMMMM....dont touch my paws......


WE DONT KNOW WHAT GODS PLAN ARE FOR HER....BUT WE PRAY SHE MAKES the spirit of xmas, we wanted to share this happy scene......puppy took a bath today and was crying as loud as a reg pup....whenever she cannot see her foster moms or cant feel their fur beside her...there she goes....cries like a big pup,at the top of her lungs, more cough, no more thing mom says is that shes such a good little puppy.....she crawls or walks slowly in little steps up to a meter or a meter and a half away to potty.....pee and poop and then cries coz she cant Go back to where her furmoms are......hahahaha.....
we are thankful God for giving us this day to be with our special fuury furriends an their families......heal baby puppy dearest jesus.....that she may experience a beautiful life....althO we dont know what tomorrow brings....we know in our hearts that YOU KNOW WHATS BEST FOR BABY PUPPY AND YOUR WILL BE DONE.........we love you all dear furriends here.........bless all of us dear God......adv merry xmas to all

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Dogster Dog Of The Week.........remembering years gone- by......,

March 3rd 2012 1:23 am
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Were so happy,mom and i,im the Dogster Dog Of the week,so awesome....lots of smiles,woofs,hugs,kisses,tail waggings....soooo very happy....but then....i remembered something......

I remembered that over the years.....iv gained lots of sweet pals,most of them super caring and generous,the same is true with their human parents,come to think of it now.....that most humans with pups and kitties whether theyre treated as pets or fur babies......something is the same with all of them,these humans LOVE AND TREASURE LIFE, they treat fur babies with RESPECT and GIVE these animals their RIGHTS to live happily here on earth.Lucky fur babies we are,huh??...and then again i remembered something....

i remembered that over the years,these pup pals which iv come to LOVE AND CHERISH,CARED for and PRAYED for.....some of them have left to go home to HEAVEN,and be with GOD to live ETERNALLY.....and that part gives us PAIN so much.....pups that weve come to love,you were inspirations for me,you stayed with me in good and bad times,you uplifted our sense of well being as pup and human,and who in sad nights gave us the strength to carry on and dream of sweet hopes,and that tomorrow is another beautiful day,and who on holidays cheered us most by their greetings,and made us feel that we have a family away from home....all of these gave meaning to my life....all of whom we loved and then....suddenly,theyre called back to go home to GOD in is painful,thinking back,because we miss them......weve shared the true meaning of happiness,friendship,so many laughing and crying moments,but it stopped,bec they had to go ......i cried,mom cried,endless sad nights,and more endless memories,remembering....but then again.....

i would rather remember my pal and be grateful bec while my pal was here on earth,i had the chance to be his or her friend.....than sulk in agony and remember why did he go so soon......

I dedicate my being a dogster of the week to all my pals who are in heaven now.....they brought meaning to my life and like a puzzle,little by little,inch by inch,they filled up my heart and moms heart...
for KING OF THE MOON...CONCHOBAR MACNESSAE....we love you forever,i look at the moon and i know your there looking down at us
for you..SWEET MACKENZIE...we love you forever too,your sweetness has remained in our hearts forever
for you little boy teddy bear...our hearts go out for your braveness in your heart ailment,we love you
for you DARLING PRINCESS will always remain here in our hearts,you are a sweet pup mom,the best,we love you
for you DEAREST SWEET AND GENEROUS SHAMROCK...your kindness has touched us and we will remember you forever,we love you
for my so many pals.....whom i know were there and then gone so soon.....we remember you.....and here youll stay in our hearts forever
for you all who have departed the physical life and is now in heaven ETERNALLY.....WE LOVE YOU ALL........THANK You FOR SHARING YOUR LIVES WITH US,there will never be a life as "RANI" without you all my sweet dear friends.....
for you all my current pals,remember that each day is special,that we are priveleged thqn the so many who are homeless and voiceless,lets remember them and pray for them....paws in paws,hands in hands,lets be there for all of them...
and thank you DOGSTER for openning our hearts to the dog world,that there is life outside of my home with mom....we are forever grateful........sincerely yours,wooof rani and mom bernadette



May 4th 2010 6:21 am
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2 MONTHS.......2 months of happiness,love, care and lots of foster sister DIXIE HOPE was given 2 months of special love by mom, me and doc noel(shelter vet) with his family,that oh so gentle,so sweet,so timid and quiet giant whom we rescued way back 2 months ago has finally........gone to the rainbow bridge......shes now with GOD and with all the pups in heaven,endlessly having the greatest time of their lives,an eternal life..........

DIXIE HOPE,you are a symbol of the greatest one who loved life with open paws,even in the midst of a worse lip cancer, you never gave up and still loved life like you were the luckiest pup...............

THANK YOU SO MUCH our DIXIE have inspired us to open our eyes and hearts and that we should always love life each day like thers no tomorrow..........

THANK YOU SO MUCH our DIXIE HOPE bec within the shortest time that weve spent with you,you showed us to be gentle and be like you, a giant with a very big heart,you have touched the hearts of so many pups and their families,we shed so many tears and we prayed to GOD, that if its time,youd go peacefully,happily........

4/29/ laid down,your hands crossed together in front ,your head resting on those hands and paws and you went home to peaceful.You once again showed us COURAGE,LOVE..........we will again be shedding tears,tears of happiness that finally you are safe in the hands and kingdom oF GOD.

THANK YOU SO MUCH our DIXIE HOPE,for the love you gave this world,you are our INSPIRATION and HOPE to live life to the fullest and never be bitter of the trials in life bec in the end....we will all go home to GOD..................


i have been tagged by BELLA......what i love

February 28th 2010 7:39 am
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hi Bella, thanks for remembering me..........
What i Love....6 things that i goes
1.I SUPER LOVE MY MOM BENADETTE....bec she loves me back dearly
2.I SUPER LOVE MY DOGSTER PALS.....bec they give me and mom lots of inspiration, happiness, strength, hope,love, care
3.I SUPER LOVE MYMOMS BED......bec i am the boss there,not mom,i have 2 pillows and lots of blankets to use
4.I SUPER LOVE MY PUP RESCUE PALS LIKE DIXIE HOPE,TROY,BLACKEYE,NEYO AND SON SHAMROCK.....duhhhh....i love them all, i growl at shamrock,but deep inside i love him, except when he goes to my bed ahead of me, no way men,grrrrr.
5.I SUPER LOVE MY SPECIAL WRINKLIES ANS FRIENDS PALS....AND WILD WEST PALS.............bec they pray for me, give me encouragement, hanged in ther when there was typhoon,and my mom says SHE SUPER LOVE THEIR MOMS TOO,HEHEHE
6.I SUPER LOVE MY LIFE.....bec iv been given this chance to be happiest with mom,naughtiest with mom,sleepiest with mom, loveliest with mom......i love my mom, my life......yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

im now tagging......buster/sugar...abby....jake max lola......krickett.........doo ......handsome king connor,concobar macnesae/mac...........georgie girl............sophie clair...............teddy.......luke...........etc etc etc

all right pals,everyone who reads this,pls write on your diaries, 6 things that you love,for loves sake???for pals sake??? for this lifetimes sake????...........anything goes.......

.................................wooof rani/and my mom



January 27th 2010 7:54 am
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January 25, went to baguio city to check on dixie hope,apprently,Dr West(vet) texted mom that 'SURPRISINGLY,DIXIE HOPE IS EVEN EATING SO MUCH MORE 1 DAY AFTER THE SURGERY'............and off mom went to go see her.
January 26,2010.....there she was,up and about, so eager to meet people,and mom gave her hands,she licked them effortlessly with eyes so full of life and love....

IN HER EYES,today is another beautiful day,a happy day,lots of visitors,eat a lot of pure pro beef hypoallergenic dogfood and oh my,a grand walk in the school hospital compound.....

IN HER EYES,the world is perfect,and everybody loves her,that theres no hate and no pain,and that she has forgiven and forgotten her ordeal living alone in the streets,for days for weeks,we dont know

IN HER EYES,a new life begins,a life without the mass in her lips,and that all will be ok as she thinks,as it will be as she knows,forever cared for,loved so much more,endless hope.

MOM talked to Dr West,she narrated everything,that everybody was looking out for hopes surgery,praying......and mom saw it,the mass has extended to the base of the tongue,a part of the jaw......Dr West says, had they brought her in the early stages,then it would have been ok,but now......its still there.Guess thats life really,we all have a purpose here,were not GOD, and we have limitations but we proved to all that were humane and we did something to extend dixie hopes life a little,so she can be happy where she werent,so she can be taken cared of where she wasnt,so she can finally understand,that life is gentle and loving to a gentle giant and courageous pup.

GOD IS GOOD,and HE KNOWS when its time,GOD brought us all together,dogster,street people,vet hospital people for a purpose......for dixie hope,that life is beautiful and we should love it more,spend each day as if there were no tomorrow,all our prayers,tears,sadness,heartaches,thorns in our throat,chest pains paved way in rescueing dixie my heart and moms heart..........we thank you all so very much for all your time,your love and care for a nameless pup from the opposite side of the world.......we love you all paw pals with their families,you gave us the inspiration and the strength to go on and thank you GOD for blessing us with special pals like all of you.
Mom and in house vet Dr Noel Perlaon, in the shelter plans to take dixie hope home as soon as shes stronger,she will be needing about 5dollars a day of pure prop beef hypoallergenic food with meds and oh wow, thats a lot,we will get by mom says,and hopefully some can help,we will show the true meaning of rescue......rescue with love and care.

THIS IS THE BEGINNING......whether a short life or a long life ahead,happinness love and care........for our dearest rescued DIXIE HOPE.

wooooof rani/and mom


tomorrow will be the day...........for dear sweet "HOPE" to- have hope

January 22nd 2010 7:55 am
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We woke up early today,mom had everything planned,she spoke to her mother,her sister and brother last night.............

TODAY WILL BE THE DAY.......for them to sign the waiver and go see HOPE.Mom instructed them to bring pillows and extra blankets for HOPE and told them to call as soon as theyr in the hospital.Mom also called up DR.Rudolf Wi,that the specimen will be delivered as soon as surgical excision of the mass is done.And the most heartaching breath taking call to Dr. Maricel West,and moms eyes glowed......she heard HOPE barking in the bakground,loud thundering bark.....oh, thats our hope alright,strong and fighting,never giving up,thats our girl.......Vet told mom that all is set for tomorrow.........

TOMORROW WILL BE THE DAY........for the vets to surgically remove the mass thats dangling outside, specimen brought to the pathologist and........"IF THINGS DOESNT LOOK GOOD,IF EXTENT OF THE LESION HAS BROADENED.....THEN SHE WILL FINALLY HAVE HER REST"............says the vet,mom tried so calmly,composely and bravely said YES doctor,pls do that............but,if things are all ok,and she will recover,then pls give us the chance to get HOPE back to us........then lots of barking heard in the background,she very alert with outside stimulus which is a good sign that she might still be we need a the miracle God gave me and mom.Mom tells me that when i was 7 months old,i had uncontrollable nose bleeding,our blankets and bed covers were soaked in blood,mom rushed me to a local vet who said(go to hospital),a city vet who said go to hospital and after a an hour and a half ride,we were there in the hospital.....they said that treatment was symptomatic,gave me fluids,vitamins,anti hemorragic meds and thats it,mom was dying inside coz some people were telling her....'GET A BREEDED PUP,BUY THIS PUP, BUY THAT PUP",like all was hopeless for me.......and mom prayed and asked God with all her faith to save me,and when its time for me to go, that mom should go with me" and God gave us that chance,i woke up next day feeling strong,up and about, wagging and barking,and loving mom more that day than the other day.

Life is mysterious,life is loving and giving,life is our hope to be better in everything we do.I always say this........We may never understand GODS WAYS.......but we simply have to TRUST HIS WILL.

For all of you puppals and their loving families,we have a wnderful happy life these days bec we have all of you in our lives now.You are all GODS BLESSINGS to us HOPE included. Thanks you so much for your sweet loving words and sincere care for me and never ends,it always begins

For HOPE........we love you forever,in our hearts,you are our inspiration,you never showed any weakness inspite of your condition,you showed the world that hard as it may be,you hang in there despite the trials given to you,and that we should treasure whatever blessings, small as it may be,whatever trials,hard as it may seem,that wherever part of the world we are in,hand in hand, paws in paws.........we will always HOPE FOR LIFE,CARE SINCERELY AND LOVE TRULY..........



pls pray for HOPE....our rescue pup

January 21st 2010 8:36 am
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For the past days,ENDLESS HEARTACHES.....non stop tears rolling down moms eyes and i feel her sadness.When we go to sleep, she holds my paw and says....lets pray for all diseases to disappear,then shes silent for a moment and tells me a story,she says that...
after emailing,texting,talking,pawmailing lots and lots of pals,friends,humans pups......
after getting everyones opinions,advises,feelings.......
1.RESCUE PUP is feeding well,eating solid as well as liquid food with no difficulty,likewise no difficulty in breathing,no gagging reflex,no signs of pain like whining,barking,etc
2.RESCUE PUP is not as malnourished as expected specially that if were dealing with cancer???she should have been soooo dehydrated and soooo malnourished
3.RESCUE PUP is showing signs of willingness to cooperate,follows commands,stays still when in the police mobile,willingly submitted to an oral exam done by the vets with no hesitaion,up and about to her quarters as soon as shes commanded
4.RESCUE PUP was not anxious,not unruly,no signs of irritabilility,and in her sees a brave pup willing to live.
1.Mom was given 2 options:put to sleep or give to them
2.if give to them,whats gonna happen to the pup???? they will take full responsibility of everything,her meds,her food,her needs,her surgery biopsy to determine what type of cancer(BENIGN) (MALIGNANT),mom contacted her Pathologist friend DR RUDOLF WI who is willing to read the biopsy free of charge
b. They will surgically remove the dangling mass which is protruding out of the mouth to make her feed more conveniently
c. They will do a case study for future references as to how to deal with these kinds of cancer,they will cover the CURE RATE?PROGNOSIS?LIFE EXPECTANCY?
c.give her chemotherapy if cancer in still in the early stage
d.that they will put her to sleep when its time for her to go.
1.VETS DRS PERLAOAN/VENTURINA/ asked them if she is in a veterinary school, will they treat her right?coz they have the experiences......and all said,they can help her there,they have the means,she wont be maltreated.
2.some gave opinions, others ignored moms text,most wanted to give her a chance but these deeply touched mom.....pawmail from a pup.....
BY SQU'MEY(1058107)
"Wow. What a horrible decision. My heart breaks for you, but I think this is a decision your family needs to make. Being a case study is not necessarily a bad thing. She would get up-to-date treatments which would be terribly expensive for any owner to provide. It might prolong or even save her life. Do you know what the school would do with her if she does recover/go into remission? Being a case study does not mean a death sentence. If she did respond to treatment it could potentially save many other dogs with cancer by providing valuable data to further research. She could end up being a hero if she responds well to treatment. Students at vet colleges love animals, so I doubt she would be mistreated. My prayers are with you as you make this decision, whatever you decide"
THIS IS THE SAME TEXT MOM TEXTED TO THE VETS IN THE HOSPITAL TODAY(Mom tried to call but it was fruitless,mom was crying,sobbing, thorns dwn her throat,pain in her chest,difficulty of breathing,uttering words but cannt say it clearly)

DEAREST DOCS OF BSU CVM ANIMAL HOSPITAL LA TRINIDAD BENGUET, PHILIPPINES.......Once again,im extending my sincerest thanks that you took our rescue pup in your hospital...HARD as it is,i have decided to waive my right regarding our rescue pup.She deserves a chance to fight for life no matter how little it may be...and i wouldnt deny her even the slightest hope she has.I will do that to every patient i have in that same condition,pups included.I have always wanted to be a veterinarian but i cant bear seeing them sick, or in pain,you must understand my dilemma with regards to the pups condition.I have contacted DR RUDOLF WI, a pathologist in University Of Baguio and Metrolab,he is willing to get the specimen and read the results...I put to mind that something good may come out from this,maybe to save a future pup with the same condition,shes a hero.Pls be gentle to her,give her the best love that you all can in your super busy schedule,a little love a day will make her feel years of TLC,things she didnt get from her previous owner,PLEASE DONT MAKE HER SUFFER and i know you all know when its time to let her go.MAY GOD BLESS HER FOR HER COURAGEOUS HEART IN LOVING LIFE.MAY GOD BLESS US FOR OUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TO SAVE THEM.PLS GIVE HER THIS NAME....HOPE
Thank You Very Much.........................................Respectfully yours,

Well,moms crying again,shes so sad and im sitting by her side,told her mom its time to go to sleep,lets hold paws and pray to God that Hope will be ok soon.Pls pray for our hope..........thanks pawpals for listening........woooof rani/mom


a sad helpless pup left to starve and mend for- herself.....heart breaking

January 18th 2010 2:50 am
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3 days ago,mom went to the city to do some errands re work.....when she was on a street....people were crowding up something,and she saw 8 to 9 year old semi german shepherd breed lying on the street,her heart was torn to million pieces,the pup was kinda malnourishd but she was eating food, drinking water given by passerbys who pities her.She had a mass protruding from her left lip,big as it is, she eats with enthusiasm everything that is given to asked the people to help her bring the pup to an animal hospital,mom,a few others including a policeman the hospital, it was a paying animal hospital and they needed funds to admit,mom gave what is needed and thought that finally,she will be saved,......then comes the hard part,mom contacted an animal welfare organization but they decided that since the pup had a mass,that they put the pup to sleep,whoaaaa mom said,dont we get to give her a chance,shes eating responding obeying commands well,whats one biopsy to check????? is that so bad?????? sometimes this world is soooo unfair,in moms world and heart,she will push through with the biopsy,if all goes well, then surgery it is, if not,then its time for her to go to the rainbow bridge.......pls help us pray for her,that she be given a small chance to continue living is somethimg that we shoudnt deny her,is mom right in this???? ......were helplessly in need of moral support pals,its true mom(humans)are not GOD and its true mom (humans) have limitations......but people shoudnt deny every living thing the right to go on living,if theres a little chance right????.........hopes, wishes,prayers.............we need evryone to do these for the poor helpless voiceless pup..............its an unfair world really,:-( will be posted within the next 3 hours,still waiting for the nokia phone for bluetooth


my life isnt all that bad after all,in the- aftermath of the typhoons

November 23rd 2009 5:47 am
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hello there,its been months of typhoons and series of floodings but i guess,the worse is over now.....hmmmm,my life as it is today?im still loved so very much by mom,were still inseparable and weve come to live life to the fullest in each others arms,my paws and her comforting hand.......before the typhoon,mom had this experience of writing the govt bec of the ordinances issued to put to dogpound stray dogs in the market,ohhh,it was sad and terrible, but these pups were allowed to be retrieved by their owners with a fee,life is difficult so how can they pay a fee to get their pups back home,and then came moms fear,whats gonna happen to these pups who werent retrieved?????,so she made up her mind that it was time to rescue these pups,there were 4 remaining pups in the pound...but bec of the flooding,unfortunately,3 went to the rainbow bridge,and so we now have 1 rescue pup,then mom said, it was time to help them,with the cooperation of our municipal vet,they orginized to make a dog shelter for the unfortunate and sickly ones, the needy and the old pups,the stray and the abused it started,we financed food and temporary shelter of the 1 rescue pup and then came another one....they are BLACKEYE and TROY,both less than 2 years old.....the thought of helping pups,giving them care and love is endless happiness pals,so pls.....when the right time comes....pls help us in our plight to save and rescue unfortunate stray,abused, old, sick, pups and .....cats too.ohhh,its quite hard to make one,a shelter should be registered in the SEC(security and exchange commision) of the phil govt,et al,....well, all for the love of pups and pals.
Guess,life is all worth it after all,living in love and care with the comfort of a good home,but it is even more worthwhile to help the needy pups.....stroking their furs,rubbing it against my fur,looking eye to eye and sending messsages fear little stranger pup,im here to help you makes my life so fulfilling.....this is my life in my moms loving isnt all that bad after all.........wooof rani



June 15th 2009 3:25 am
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Hi there,iv been ICE CREAM TAGGED by one of my special pup pals XENA,shes such a sweet full of folds with lots of love to share and give,now now, tag 11 pals and tell them what kind of ice cream i think i am.....go go go........

I am a strawberry vanilla ice cream......
im tagging........



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