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My Life by Teddy

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I'm Not Fat..... I'm Fluffy!!!

July 13th 2010 9:50 am
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My brother Casey went to the vet for his checkup, and I end up on a diet... not him!! He always had a few pounds on me, but now we're the same. I need those pounds to stand up to him when he takes MY toys. Mom doesn't see it that way, so I'm on a diet! She thinks I look fat, but it's my hairdo. I wear it extra fluffy, whereas Casey has the close cut. Mom doesn't think I can notice that Casey gets the big pieces of treats and I get cheated with tiny pieces!! If Casey doesn't finish his food, Mom quickly picks up the bowl so I can't finish it. I've ALWAYS had his leftovers. I have a high metabolism and am very active!! I'll waste away and not even be able to fetch, then Mom will be sorry. I feel too weak to write any more......


My Plan to Get the Eggs

March 29th 2010 12:52 pm
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This year I have a plan to get the eggs the bunny brings! In the past my brother Casey would find all the eggs. I would run to the very same places he found the eggs right after him and get nothing! I would be left holding an empty basket. Mom would wrestle away some from Casey to give to me. Dad called them pity eggs. This year I am staying awake all night and watching where the bunny puts them. I'll get up extra early and rehide the eggs in places only I would know about. Maybe I'll even give Casey some pity eggs. What a plan!! Happy Easter everyone.


Santa Paws, It wasn't me!

December 23rd 2009 8:28 am
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Santa, You probably got a call from Mom regarding the snowman incident. I'd like to explain. You know my brother Casey hates it when Mom and Dad are gone. Well HE was the one who ate the face off of one of the stuffed snowmen. When I saw what he did, I tried to gather up all the stuffing for Mom. So when they came home and she saw me with a mouth full of stuffing she thought I did it. I've tried to be good all year, and now this! I've been framed by CASEY! Please Santa, IT WASN"T ME! Hope to see you at my house and happy holidays to you and the Mrs. Your Friend, Teddy


The Tree is Here!

December 9th 2009 9:48 am
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I saw it this morning on the deck......a tree! When this happens the next stop is in the house. Yes, just in time for the bad weather. Casey and I won't have to tramp through the snow and cold to pee. We'll get to lift our legs in the comfort of our own house. If only we can find a way to get to the tree. In the past the folks have built a barrier around it. I'm confident that this is the year we'll find a way. If we're not successful we'll be doomed to wear our fur lined hooded parkas
every time we go out. Makes you think every time you take a drink.


My Writing Talents Get Noticed!

October 4th 2009 11:53 am
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Dogster featured MY diary. I am sooo honored! I've been working on my writing for a while now despite the teasing of my brother Casey. He has no appreciation of good literature. He will however occasionally chew up a book. Thanks Dogster! Teddy


Hide the Nail Trimmer!

September 30th 2009 11:49 am
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I knew I should have run when I saw Mom with the nail trimmer and scissors. Instead being a sucker for a hug, I ran right to her. Well she was snipping and cutting when I felt a pain. She cut a nail too close! I screamed and started to bleed. Mom washed it in cold water and put my paw in flour. We thought it stopped but soon I was leaving a trail of blood drops on the carpet. Mom wrapped my foot in a cloth. My brother Casey was so upset he sat right next to me and whinned and tried to bite the cloth off for me. Mom took off the cloth and put a bandage on it. I am definitely hiding that trimmer!


My Birthday

August 31st 2009 9:38 am
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It's my special day! My brother Casey and I both have August birthdays so we have a celebration together. We did that a few weeks ago, but today is my day. Mine, mine, all mine! O.K. I got carried away, but I noticed that Mom and Dad are giving me a little extra attention and bigger treats than Casey. It's funny I don't feel any older. In fact some days I feel just like a puppy. People think Casey is the oldest because I'm so peppy. My secret is thinking young. Dogster sent me 25 bones and I'm on the birthday list. Thanks! Yeah ME!


Our Birthday Month!

August 12th 2009 10:28 am
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Yeah! It's August and that means let the birthday party begin. Casey's 7th birthday is today and my 11th is on the 31st. This weekend is the big celebration. I saw a mystery box already. There's usually good treats and presents. I just hope this year there aren't any HATS. Casey and I don't like them and Mom and Dad look really silly in them. The party is sure to be alot of fun. Well, better go and give a gift to Casey.


A Haircut Repreive!

July 21st 2009 4:43 pm
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I just knew what was coming. First Mom takes two beach towels into the bathroom. Casey and I knew she wasn't going swimming. So we start running around trying to hide, but she always finds us and carries us into the bathroom. Next comes the filling of the tub and one of us goes in. This time I went behind the toilet so Casey was the first to go. I hear a few coughs and snorts and out he comes looking like a drowned rat. I try to make my body all stiff and heavy, but when you weigh 14 pounds, there's not much you can do. In I go into used water! There are drawbacks to going second. I try to claw my way out, but the sides are too slippery. Soon I'm clean so out I come. Mom rubs us with the towels and then fluffs us with the hair blower. Next Moms grabs the clippers. We HATE the clippers. But guess what? It doesn't work. IT DOESN"T WORK! Happy day! Mom says it needs news blades. What a shame.... not!


Eggs from the Bunny

April 13th 2009 8:39 am
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Yesterday morning when we got up the folks were all eggsited about eggs. My brother Casey ran around like crazy looking for these eggs. When he found them he bit them open and out came doggie snacks! I would run to the very same spot and eggs! He found all six! 0 for me! Mom felt bad for me and wrestled away some of the snacks from Casey and gave them to me. Dad said I was a day late and a dollar short, whatever that means. I think it must mean Casey cheated. I did hear Casey walking around during the night. He must have been scoping out all the hiding places. Wait until next year. I'll be the one getting all the eggs.

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