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We have guest for the Holidays

December 26th 2008 4:52 am
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Bolinha, mommy's cadiologist doggie is here for a week . He was here last Season but I was younger and had more pacience with hime. Now he is getting on my nerves ; all he wants is to sniff my butt and that is my pet peeve so the only sound you hear is my growling . I am trying to impress him so he leaves me alone . I am getting old and he is an old fart too but regardless the treats he brought with him I will not let him rule my domain . No, Sir! This is my territory and he has better get used to this idea . Ursula and Nicola are not very happy too but say nothing . Bolinha I am telling you "LEAVE ME ALONE".
The funny thing is that he has only eyes for me , the male of the house .How come ????? What he thinks I am ? I think I will send him to Ze Bob's house ehehehehe He will teach him a lesson ehehhheheh
Bolinha watch out your bilau !!! Here comes Ze Bob ehehhehehehh




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