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A year ago today!

October 17th 2007 12:19 pm
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Mom is bumming because it was a year ago today that she had to put Jet-Bo down to sleep. She so loved him too. I know that if she could, she would have him with her forever! She loves all her four-legged kids so much.

She is also studying for mid-terms. She has 3 all in the same week.


Another day

October 11th 2007 8:03 am
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Mom has mid-terms soon. I am so glad that it is Thursday. She goes to work for an hour and then she has a short class. Then, she'll be home for 3 days!!! She pays attention to Poncho and I, except for during the NASCAR races on Friday and Saturday nights. lol Mom hasn't told me yet, but Dad will be coming to see us on Saturday night. He'll be here for almost a week! Mom usually waits to tell me until an hour before Dad arrives or I just go crazy with high expectations!

Mom's going to need to get Poncho some brown rice so that she can make him his special food for the week. She'll go to work early so that she can get it then. She HATES going to the store, so she tries to minimize the times that she goes.


Weekend is almost over

October 7th 2007 4:20 pm
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We went to Iraan yesterday. Mom has so many papers to write and more papers to read every week! She always makes time for Poncho and I. She also makes special food for Poncho each week as well.

Dad finally got us a fence. He hasn't been able to put it up permanently yet since he can only work on it during his days off when he travels to Texas. But, he is going to make it permanent at the end of the week. But, it is up, so we are allowed to go outside more often. Poncho likes going outside more often than I do. He likes to bask in the sun for a very long time. I would rather be with Mom as much as possible.

I hate Mondays because Mom is gone for a lot of hours. Wednesdays are just as bad. But, Tuesdays and Thursdays she gets home at 7:15pm. Thursdays are cool because she doesn't leave until 3:30, instead of 10:30am. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, she is home all day! I LOVE it!


Another weekend!

September 22nd 2007 7:58 pm
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Well, Mom finished writing her papers. Now, all she has to do it edit them. That means she has more time to relax and play with us. Mom treated herself to some friend green tomatoes as a treat for finishing her work early.

Poor Poncho. They are still trying to dissolve his bladder stone. The poor guy can't eat regular dog food and that prescription dog food is so nasty!!! So, every weekend, Mom makes Poncho's dog food special from oatmeal and rice, minerals, and boiled egg. Poncho still hates it though. Mom even seasons it with a little garlic and a tiny bit of low sodium chicken broth.


It's another week

September 18th 2007 12:51 pm
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Daddy's been home for several days! I love it when Daddy comes for a visit. He always gives me extra treats. He plans on getting some fencing material and turf for Poncho and I so that we can go outside and play more often and not get into trouble. I really like to run off and explore.

Mom and Dad got us some more chew-chews so that I will have something to gnaw on besides their stuff.

Mom has been extremely busy with school and work.

She has also been putting out ads in Missoula, Montana because Daddy's parents lost their cat while Daddy's mom went to ICU with some heart problems. They still haven't found the cat. I hope someone calls and says that they found the cat soon.


Daddy's home!

September 14th 2007 9:41 pm
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Mommy had to work today and Daddy was gone most of the day. But, we are all together now! I love snuggling with mommy and daddy. I love playing with daddy because he lets me get real rough! I grow and act real mean. I have 2 days with everyone and I am going to enjoy it so much! Mommy goes back to work and school on Monday, but Daddy will be here for a few more days. I am going to love it so much!


Back in Texas!

September 10th 2007 6:31 am
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We went to New Mexico this weekend because Mommy had a dentist appointment. The great thing about that is there was so much more room to play! I played and played and played! I had so much fun that I wore myself out.

We are back in Texas now and Mama has so much research to do today. She will have to leave for work and school early. Oh well, she always gives us a vitamin and a chew-chew while she is gone. She makes sure we have plenty of food and fresh water. I am so glad she gives us bottled water as the water from the tap is so yucky!


We're HOME!

September 7th 2007 6:56 am
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Mom has a dentist appointment in New Mexico this morning. She is going to stay with Dad for the weekend and they will watch 2 NASCAR races. I got into some serious trouble when Mom stopped at the grocery store last night to get eggs to make Poncho's food though. I thought we were already home, and when she opened the door, I busted out the door and ran around the parking lot. Mom got very scared! That is when she put the choke collar on me and I wasn't allowed to get out of the door first again after that. I can't even go potty unless Mom allows me. She really has reduced my freedom since then because she doesn't want me to get hit by a car.

But, on the good side, we are in this big home. When we got home, I ran all over the house! I ran, and I ran, and I ran, and I ran. It was difficult to calm me down enough so that everyone could go to sleep because I was so excited. This morning, Poncho and I went out potty. I had so much fun.

Mom will be spending most of her time reading and studying in between races. With the large place, it won't hurt Poncho's feelings when she yells at the little black box. lol


Another day

September 4th 2007 7:32 pm
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Mom had her first official day at work. I was so glad this was her early day. She always leaves Poncho and I a chew-chew each so that we will have something besides our toys and blankys to play with while she is gone. Poncho still doesn't like his diet food, but I have no problem eating it. In fact, I refuse to eat my regular food because I feel like he is getting something special and I feel left out. Mom makes sure Poncho and I eat our vitamins in the morning in case the food doesn't take care of all our nutritional needs.

Now that Mom has been home for awhile, we are all cuddling in bed. I always look forward to the weekend so that I can spend all my time with Mom. Soon, Mom will be getting us a fence at our new place so that I can run and play outside without as much supervision more often. Mom has to go out with me now as I am not sure how far I am allowed to go away from the house.


Daddy's here!

September 3rd 2007 1:38 pm
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Mom was grumpy yesterday. The Internet service went out right in the middle of her race. I knew she wasn't mad at me, but Poncho is so sensitive.

After awhile, Mom told me that Daddy was coming to see us. She waits to tell me until he is almost here because I just cannot wait when I know he is coming. I start howling and crying until I see him coming in the door. Poncho licks his bald head while I smooch all over his face! I just love it when Daddy comes to visit on his days off. Since Poncho has a bladder stone, we cannot get all the treats that we love. But, Mommy allows Daddy to give us some whole wheat tortillas since Poncho cannot have all the other goodies. But, Mommy and Daddy do bring us chew-chews. I love them too!

Well, I am getting pooped out. I am going to take a nap with Daddy and Poncho while Mommy works.

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