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The Life and Times of Gracie Nee

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Its been Way to long since I last Woofed!

January 22nd 2010 7:37 pm
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There have been lots of things that have changed in My house over the last year. First over a year ago I got a new sisfur. Her name is Deli Doobers. When she first came to my house all I wanted to do was run from her. First of all she is HUGE. She is a German Rottie. When she came to live with me she was a class A spasium waiting to happen.All she wanted to do was bounce and pounce Me. Well as time went on I grew to love her. Deli is tons of fun to watch when she is outside playing. Grinz and I can still out run her BOL. Then my Beloved GeeMaw went to heaven. I didn't think I would ever get over that. Then this really shocking thing started to happen. I started changing from super pampered lap dog Princess to a real dawgie. Instead of only wanting people foodies, I now truely enjoy dawgie foodies, it is really good who would have thunk it. I really WUV to play wiff dawgie toys now. I even play tug wiff Deli Doobers, of course I still get help from the Pawrents. I just want to know why didn't someone tell Me that Milk Bones are Pawsome Treaties. I love to go out and play in the rain and mud. Before I was simply above that kind of thing. Man Oh Man did I miss out on alot of stuuf my first 3 years by being such a prissy princess. But those dats are over with watch out world here comes Gracie Metsch Super Rat Terrier Dawg!!!!

Lickies and Wags,
Gracie Nee, Just plain Ole Dawgie


The Passing of My Beloved GeeMaw

August 30th 2009 7:01 pm
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As some of My Furiends know My beloved GeeMaw passed on this past week. I just don't know what to do cause not only am I mourning for her but so are My pawrents and sisfur and brofur too. I am trying very hard to keep My Momma from crying by kissing away her tears. I also try to kiss away My Daddy's tear as well. My GeeMaw was the Bestest GeeMaw anyone pup could ever have. She would always sneak Me people foodie treats even when Momma would fuss at her not to. She also gave the very bestest belly rubs and back scratches ever. I am going to miss her very very much. Gee would always let me snuggle under her covers with her heated matress pad so I would always be warm. When I slept wiff her she would always she her pillow wiff Me too. I know GeeMae is in heaven wiff God and that when it is My time to cross the Rainbow Bridge she will be there to meet Me. All You pups that have a super GeeMaw like Mine was. Make sure You give her some extra kissies and snuggles. Cause You never know when it will be her time to cross the bridge like Mine did. I Wuv You GeeMaw Wiff all My Widdle Rattie Heart. You will always be missed by Me and wuv.

Widdle Gracie Nee'


My New House

September 24th 2008 8:43 pm
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It has been way too long since I barked a new diary. Well as some of You might know My Momma and Daddy moved Me and My Cattie Brudder Nello in to a new house. Well at first I wasn't at all sure I was going to like it here. After all Our old house is the only house I had ever lived in. But the more I live here in My new house the more I like it. I have alot more room inside and out to run around and play. Plus I have a huge yard that is Mine all Mine to play in and rule wiff an iron Rattie Paw. So far I have encountered a million need smells to check out, and I also have almost 4 acres of woods to explore. There are others doggies around but 3 of hem are hunting doggies and not paet. They are always chained to their boxes so I haven't had a chance to get to know them yet. But there is a super cute widdle pup next door named Sam ( aka Samatha) and I did get to romp and play wiff her a little bit. Then there are 3 doggies that live in what the call a dog lot. I bark like crazy at them when Momma takes Me over to see My MawMaw Faye and her pup Renegade. So far Renegade isn't to sure of Me, so We sniff eachothers butt then He gets back up in the chair wiff either MawMaw Faye or PawPaw Wayburn. MawMaw says that is because of Tobie. He is mean to Renegade and torments Him all the time when He comes to visit. I met Him the other day. Now I totally understand what Renegade was tellin Me about him. He isn't a very nice doggie and He tried to bully Me but I don't stand for it. I give it right back to Him and make Him go running to His Momma to get away from Me. I think turn about is fair play. Poor widle Renegade is way to small to take up for Himself against Tobie. So I do it for Him. MawMaw says Me and Renegade will be best furiends before You know it, cause I take care of Him. Well that is all to tell about My New House for now I promise I will write again real soon.

Huggies and Kissies,
Widdle Gracie Nee'
Protecter of The Chis!!!!!


I have been Tagged!!!!!!!!!!

July 12th 2008 6:13 am
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WOW I have been tagged by My PAL GRACIE. She has the same first name as Me and lives really close to Me. In this tag game I have to tell You all 5 things I like and 5 Things I don't like. Okay here it goes:

1) I wuv going out back wiff My Momma and Daddy when they are watering the flowers. I have to GUARD them. BOL
2) I wuv when My Jennifer gets here in the mornings. Actually she is My GeeMaw's Nurse. But she is MY JENNIFER and I WUV HER!!
3)I wuv watchin for My Daddy to come home from work. He always gives Me My wuv and rubbies first before He does anything else.
4) I wuv My mini-teddy bear peanut butter cookies. That My Momma gets for Me at PetCo. Momma makes sure I get some of them everyday. NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!
5) I WUV MY MANPUP Tobes!!!!!! He is just the bestest Man pup in the world.
6) I WUV MY CATTIE AUNTIES MAGGIE AND AGGIE. They spoil Me rotten and the wuv Me just the way I am.

1) I HATE bath time!!!!!!!!
2) I HATE Nail trimmin time!!!!!!
3) I HATE when Momma and Daddy don't take Me wiff them.
4) I HATE when Momma doesn't give Me My Dogster Time.
5) MOST OF ALL I HATE people who hurt animals.

Okay I am taggin
My New Pal Leo
My Man Pup Tobes


Happy Valentines Day!!!!

February 14th 2008 7:01 am
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This is such a pawsome day. My Momma and Daddy surprised My with my very own subscription to Dogster Plus. WooHoo I am the happiest Rattie Gurl in the world today. They gave it to me just in time to send all those super special to me a pressie for Valentine Pressie. If I havent gotten to You yet it is because I do have to share My special pressie wiff My Catty Brudder Nello. But if I dont get You a Pressie this month I will get You a pressie next month I have already made a list and I am checkin it twice. Well I better run.

Big Ole Rattie Hugs,
Gracie Nee' MMRG, GPC


Quiz Thingy

December 17th 2007 9:29 pm
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What's your name?? Gracie Nee'
What's your mommy/owners name? Tawnya
What breed are you? Rat Terrier
How much did you cost??0.00 I was a gift
What's your favorite toy? My new pink fire hydrant
Tap water or bottled water? Filtered Tap
Do you always walk or are you always carried? I walk
How many pounds will you weigh full grown? 10 lbs
Do you wear clothes? No Dad wont let Mom dress Me up Thank Goodness
Long or short hair? Short
Do you sleep with your mommy or in your own bed? I sleep with Momma and My Gee Maw
What's your fave color? Pink
Do you chase cats or get along with them? I have to get along wiff My cattie brudder Nellow
How old are you? 1 year 8 months
Do you like to go swimming? I dont know, I've never been...
Are you fixed? No
What color are your eyes? Grey
What color is your hair? Grey and White
Do you get groomed? No.
Are you potty trained? Yes.
How much do you bark? I bark when ever anyone or thing is in My yard or passes My house.
Have you ever bit anyone? No
Are you friendly with ther dogs or go you just attack? Sometimes mostly I try and act all mean cause I am scared of other dogs
Does your mommy/owner have a carrying bag for you? No!!
Do you do any doggie sports?? I just play fetch!!
How cute are you from 1 to 10? Off the charts!!
What is your favorite snack? Peanutbutter Doggie Treats from PetCo


Whew!!!!! Momma is Fine!

December 17th 2007 3:44 am
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Well as all My Pals know My Momma had surgery last week. I am happy to report Her surgery went just fine. She is healing well and will be back to wrestlin with Me on the floor in no time. Although I have had to deal with Daddy and GeeMaw being the ones to take Me outside for the last week I have come through this ordeal with flying colors. You see when they take Me out it is just that out to do My business and back in. No time to smell around or to bark at the local squirrels. But now that Mom is on the mend things will get back to normal. I want to thank all My Pal for all their prayers and goods wishes. Well I gots to run and get in on the last day or so of snuggle in bed time with Momma before she is back at it full force.

Bark at All Later,
Gracie Nee'


One Worried Rattie Gurl

December 7th 2007 1:09 am
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My Momma had a vet appointment today but not with Her regular vet. This vet was called an OB/GYN. When I asked Momma what kind of vet is that she told it was a vet for gurls only. I told I wanted on of those vets. But she said they are only for human. I dont think that is fair. When Momma came home from that vet she was really sad and scared and her being scared, scared Me. In all My almost 2 years I have never ever seen My Momma scared. I heard talking to My Daddy, she told Daddy she has to have surgery as soon as her vet can arrange it. From what I heard this surgery means they are going to cut on My Momma and take out her right ovary and while they are in there check out her left one and her uterus. I am not sure what those things are, but I am not at all happy about ANYONE cutting on My Momma. Then she said this other word cancer that is when she started to cry. Well when Momma went to lay down I asked Daddy what is this cancer stuff and He said if Momma has it she will be real sickies for awhile. Well I got news for this cancer stuff. It had better leave MY Momma alone or it will have to deal with Me. Well it is really late and I sneaked on the puter so I better get off here before I get caught.

Big Ole Rattie Hugs
Gracie Nee' MMRG, GPC


Wow What a Great Thanksgiving Week

November 20th 2007 12:49 pm
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Wow I am one of the diary picks of the day. That is such a pawsome honor. So think I had better thank the people and pups that mean the most to Me.

1) First I want to thank My Momma and Daddy for making sure My thoughts get into My diary. It takes them and their opposable thumbs.

2) I want to thank Dogster for givng Me a place to have My diary. Also for picking Me to be a featured diary of the day.

3) I want to thank My Man Pup Tobie for always being My biggest Fan and My Bestest Pals Penny and Eddie without them I would not have met My Tobie.

4) I want to thank all My Pals from Rattie and Labs. They are great bunch of pups and great friends.

I also want to wish all My pals the bestest Thanksgiving ever. I also want to send a special prayer out to My Good Friend Jack and His Family. I know Your Auntie will be better soon. I also want to send another special prayer to to My Pals Buddy Bing and Kuki. My prayers and thought are with Your Momma, Grandma and Family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Pups of Dogster and Their Families.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Gracie Nee' MMRG, GPC


Thanksgiving Tag

November 12th 2007 2:26 pm
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I was tagged by Mandy's sweet sister Nicci!!!!!

There have been some rule changes to the tag game. Each player needs to tell seven special things they are Thankful for. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list thheir names in their diary. Then let them know by either paw mail or Rosetta that they have been tagged, and to read your diary for instuctions on how to play.

1) I am Thankful for My Familly. My Momma, Daddy, GeeMaw, and My Sisters, Jessie, Angel, and Faith.
2)I am Thankful for all My toys. I wuv them all.
3) I am Thankful for My first Man Pup Tobes He is the best Man Pup a gurl could have.
4) I am Thankful for My bestest friends Eddie and Penny they are the best friends ever.
5) I am Thankful for My Group Ratties and Labs. Thay have made Me feel so welcome. They are truly a great bunch of pups.
6) I am Thankful for My Aunt Alice for giving Me to My Momma.
7) I am Thankful to Dogster for givng this wonderful place that is just for Me.

1) Tobes
2) Eddie
3) Penny
4) Jasper
5) Kuki
6) Buddy Bing
7) Sadie

Big Ole Rattie Hugs,
Gracie Nee'

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