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short trip yesterday .....................

their names ........

March 27th 2008 9:26 am
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Bo, & Max & also Snowball (she lives across the street) !
yesterday was a great day !

today looks like it 's gonna rain ! DARN !
maybe we ' ll walk again tomorrow ! (HOPE SO) !


2 new (doggie) friends ............

March 26th 2008 12:09 pm
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We went for a walk today in the neighborhood, made friends
with 2 dogs ( 2 blocks down from us) don't know their names,
but REALLY liked playing with them both !

HOPE to go see them again, real soon !



hoppity ........................

March 15th 2008 12:58 pm
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Samson had his pic taken with the Easter Bunny today !
While waiting, he made some new friends = Simone (17yrs. old)
mixed breed =really liked Samson alot, & so did ' Buddy '
another mixed breed (100lbs. +), & there was a golden retr.
there, & a Jack Russell terrier, he liked them all, would have
stayed & played all day, if I'd let him !

will post the pic, soon as I get it !



short trip ........................

November 3rd 2007 11:03 am
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I ' m Samson ' s mom(Lori), I went to run errands yesterday & took
Samson with me .
We went into Petsmart to see what kind of ' doggie Christmas toys'
they have,-----they had nice selection !
Samson loved checking out all the new sites & smells, etc. !
He befriended 2 beagles and a female German Shepherd pup(4-6 mo.)
she 's already good size for her age, & will be a BIG adult dog,
it was soooo cute watching how she wanted to play with Samson,
then she 'd bark at him----then she 'd want to play again, etc. !
It was funny, I wish I had it on video !

After that, we went to PrairieLand Feeds(pets allowed), we went
in there to look around at 'the horsy stuff '(something for my 3
( nieces at Christmas time). They had ALOT to look at !
After that, I went into Wal-Mart to get groceries, then head for
home !

That was our exciting ' day trip ' yesterday----WOO-HOO !

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