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Brownies little world!

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Happy Birthday!!!

September 9th 2008 5:48 pm
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Rusty i wish you a great birthday. You are a swell pal. You have always been a good doggie to me. You help me bark out loud at everything that we have to bark at. You sometimes try to take my bones but i look over that. Thats what most doggies do. I think you are such a great doggie. So Happy Birthday Rusty.


Good News!

September 7th 2008 11:26 am
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Great! I just found out that Socks gets to stay with Sully. I know Sully and his family are so happy. I think its great that they want to help Socks and give her a great home. Shes a very pretty doggie. I saw her picture on Sully's profile. She is so gorgeous. I sometimes wish i was a taller doggie. Im so short then i could get a pretty girlfriend like Socks. Im still looking but i have not found one yet. Well maybe ill never find me a pretty girlfriend that will be good to me . I hope all doggies are having a great weekend. Its been sad since we lost Snoopy , Blossom and Little Snoopy. I miss them . I wish they could have all lived. Im happy today cause i heard about Socks getting to stay with Sully. Have a good week all doggies!



September 5th 2008 12:12 pm
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Hello doggies. I hope all of you have been doing ok. I heard about Socks today. I sure hope Sully's family gets to keep her. I think Socks should get to stay forever with Sully's family. They are so nice . They care a lot about Socks. If any of you doggies read this go to Sully's page an read his diary . I am thinking about them and hoping that Socks gets to stay with them.



July 23rd 2008 12:06 pm
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Snoopy all of us doggies are heartbroken that you are no longer with us. We miss you dearly, we love you dearly and we will never forget you. You were very special to us all. We all thought you were so smart and beautiful. We hope your baby daughters keep doing great and live on to live a life you would have wanted them too. We love you Snoopy.



July 3rd 2008 9:30 am
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BOL! Happy Birthday America! I want to wish all doggies a great fourth of July! Im sending my wishes our in case i dont get to get online tommorow. I hope all you doggies and your human families have a great day . I am going to enjoy the big cookout. I love smelling the fresh grilled wieners on the grill and i am hoping i get one. I love human food. Have a great one!!!


Please watch out!

July 2nd 2008 11:35 am
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Chewing gum. This is a relatively new player in the world of pet poisons. Not all chewing gum is toxic. However, several popular brands contain a sweetener called xylitol. Xylitol can cause dangerously low blood sugar in dogs. It also has been linked to liver damage.
I recommend that pets never be allowed access to any poisons. However, please be especially careful with the three listed above. Dogs are more likely than cats to be exposed to each of these poisons because they are less selective about what they eat.

If you suspect that your pet has consumed any poisonous product, contact a veterinarian immediately. Acting quickly can help to prevent serious consequences.

If possible, always bring the packaging from the product that was consumed, as well as any remaining product to the veterinarian’s office when you seek treatment. This will help the vet to positively identify the type and amount of toxin consumed.

Remember, however, that the best way to keep your pet safe from poisons is to make sure he or she does not have access to them in the first place.



June 28th 2008 2:19 pm
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Hi i just wanted to say that i am so thankful my doggie family sissy Snoopy didnt get smashed yesterday during the storm. The fence was torn down by the lot she was in and the apple tree she loved was blown down by the powerful winds. Thank Jesus she is alive. I know she was so scared and i love Snoopy. Shes so cute! I would not want anything to happen to her or any doggie.

Little Brownie


Hump Day!

June 25th 2008 10:55 am
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I wonder who came up with hump day? Well i thought id write about it. Were have way to the weekend. It seems like it was just the weekend not long ago. Tommorow its garbage day here where i live. The big truck stops to get our garbage and i BOL at it. Thats what i like to do. I inform all the humans that someone is around. This morning a stray cat came through the yard. I barked at it. It didnt want to be my friend so i kept barking. I would have been its friend. I like cats. They can climb better than doggies. They go up a tree so very fast. I wish i could climb like a cat. Well i guess dogs were made to stay on the ground. Its a fairly good day today, the sun is shining. I have been eating dog food. Its another typical day. I hope all you doggies are having a great day!


Little Ole Me!

June 20th 2008 9:09 am
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Im barking out loud because i got chosen as one of the diary of the day doggies. I am so happy. Thank you dogster and i want to thank Pippin the pug for congratulating me. Hes so great! My whole doggie family loves him. My human mom does too. She loves to talk about Pippin. I am grateful to all my other doggie friends too. Dogster is a great thang. All of us doggies can communicate and read other doggies diaries. Whenever you get bored you can always come on dogster and read blogs and get great information about doggies . Its so great! Thank all you doggies for talking to me. I love friends. So if you read this and you are not on my list i would love to be friends with you. Im gonna go enjoy my day. The treats better be coming my way. Im dropping a big hint to my human mom so she better bring on the treats. I love my human mom and dad. I love my human brother too.Have a great day!


Flag Day!

June 14th 2008 10:57 am
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Today, is Flag Day. Let's fly our United States Flag with pride. I love America. Its so beautiful. Our Flag is gorgeous. I love it. I hope all doggies are having a great Flag Day. No matter what state we are in. WE all share the same beautiful flag. So lets be proud of our flag.

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