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January is almost gone!!!

January 25th 2009 3:43 pm
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January is amost gone. One more week. Feb. will be here soon. I hope all of you doggies are having a great New Year so far. I miss talking to all of you doggies. I hope all of you know that i will never forget you and when you cross over the bridge i will be there.


My little girls!

August 12th 2008 9:14 am
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I have one of my little girls with me , Blossom. The other one is still living on earth her name is Little Snoopy. She got a visit from a spider last night. If i were there i would have kept the spider away from her too. I would have protected her. I love my little Snoopy. I will always love her. I miss her . I am with all my other little ones that i even lost before when i had puppies. They are all happy to see me and i have met so many good doggies. All of them are missed by their human families and they tell doggie stories about there human families. I love all the doggies . I love all my friends i had when i was on earth. I am so thankful to all the doggies that write to my little Snoopy. Thank you from the bottom of my doggie heart.


My babies!!!

July 19th 2008 12:17 pm
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Yesterday, i had my baby puppies. I am so happy. I love them. I am doing good. Im getting all the good doggie food i love to eat and im feeling so very special. I have a good friend named Sully and a good friend named Mulligan that has written me. I love hearing from them. I love all my doggie friends a lot of you dont know i had my puppies yet . But i know you would wish me luck too. I love all of you doggie friends. I hope all of you are having a great weekend. I know i am. Thanks for reading my doggie diary. Have a great day!



July 3rd 2008 9:29 am
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BOL! Happy Birthday America! I want to wish all doggies a great fourth of July! Im sending my wishes our in case i dont get to get online tommorow. I hope all you doggies and your human families have a great day . I am going to enjoy the big cookout. I love smelling the fresh grilled wieners on the grill and i am hoping i get one. I love human food. Have a great one!!!


Thank you Sully!

June 29th 2008 12:18 pm
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I want to dedicate this diary entry to my friend Sully. Sully has wrote me so many times to find out if i am doing ok after the terrible storm. I was so scared during the storm an i was so blessed to have made it through it. I am so happy Sully was concerned about me. So Sully if you get to read this know that i think it was very nice of you to be concerned. I love all my doggie friends and i appreciate your being concerned about me and following up on my doggie life to make sure im ok. So thank you Sully. You are so nice.


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