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The Passionate Pirate to His Love....Happy Talk Like A- Pyrate Day Lindsey Dread.

September 19th 2011 12:48 pm
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Fer me Merrywench Lindsey..I love yer me sweetest bride..

The Passionate Pirate to His Love

Come sail with me and be my mate
And we will all the treasures prove
That seas, caves, caverns, and holds
Waves, or endless horizons bolds

And we will sit on decks
Seeing the stars glimmer in flecks
Upon the great welkin guiding
Marking our path towards beginning

And I will make thee beds of softest down
And a hundred sheets of finest linen
A sword all with gems and emeralds
Something worth of generals

A hat made of finest wool
Which from our haul we pull
Fair and sturdy boots for storms
Which will sway you in my arms

We’ll watch the corals and the shoals
Prying for our next unfortunate goal
And if these offerings may thee move
Come sail with me and be my love

The pirate’s heart shall dance and sing
For thy delight on each and every morning
If these words might thee move
Then come with me and be my love

*Author unknown*

Happy Talk Like A Pyrate Day Lindsey Dread. Yer be m'truest love and keeper of me 'eart.

Cap'n Syd Cutty at yer service.

Barked by: MerryBelle Noelle Pie SSW (Dogster Member)

October 5th 2011 at 5:31 pm

Ohhhh Georgie.. my handsome Cap'n Syd.... what a beautiful poem. You are my poet of love.. the keeper of my heart.. the one who sings the sweetest love songs in my ear...leaving me breathless and waiting for more.. I love you baby ... xoxoxo

God gave me you.... xoxoxo

Love eternally your wife Merry xoxoxo
Barked by: ♥ George P.P.Pie *SHM* (Dogster Member)

October 5th 2011 at 6:38 pm

Me lovely Lindsey Dread, thee most beautiful of all Pyrate Queens and belonging to me. I love yer Lindsey and will sail thee seven seas declaring m'love for you..xoxoxo

Love eternally your husband Georgie xoxoxo


♥ George P.P.Pie *SHM*


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