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Poms On The Run

Meeting Merry..What it is like to meet the most BEAUTIFUL- GIRL in the world.

April 25th 2010 10:12 pm
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April 22, 2010 .....Our wedding anniversary. What a beautiful gift to wife showing up at my door.

Day 1..

Merry and her Mom landed in San Francisco at around 2:49 p.m Dogster time. She texted my Mom and let us know she arrived safely and then Merry and her Mom Sue picked up their car rental and drove here.

Merry arrived at around 6:30 p.m. and I was so EXCITED I kept jumping up on her Mom wanting to get a big sniff of her. We were kept on leashes the first little while for caution's sake.

Mom had cooked dinner for everyone including Sue and while they ate Merry was in her crate for safety sitting straight up on her behind like a Prairie Dog begging to get out. All of us furs were curious and nosey as all get out with the new little girl in the house. :)

After dinner Mom and my Mother in Paw let us off our leashes and we nosed around each other not sure at all but all in all at the end of the day and when I learned to leave Merry's water dish alone we began to get along really great. :)

Day 2...

Today we again spent the day together then we went with our Moms to Petco to pick out some treats and toys for the DC Magic Meet and Greet. It was fun shopping with my wife. After we got done we came back to my house and relaxed so our Moms could get to know each other better and we got along well.

Day 3....

Today we got up early and had to get out and about as soon as possible. Mom was running on about 3 hours sleep cuz she could not sleep the night before because of excitement. :) I slept well.. :D We took my skin sisfur's van to the KOA in Petaluma where all our Dogster and Catster friends were waiting and it was a day of barking, playing....heat, LOTS OF FOOD including bbq'ed MOOSE BURGERS courtesy of Bonzer and pawrents. I know I have NEVER tasted anything so good in my life. :) I felt like a real "HE-MAN-PUP" when I was done eating it.. like I joined a fratenity of some sort of secret Moose Meat club. :D;) Merry loved it too along with the chicken from the inside of eggrolls and things of that sort.

We met so many wonderful furs at the Meet and Greet and our Moms and my Dad got to meet so many Moms and Dads who brought their furkids. We also got to meet THE DOGSTER DOG!!!!!! He almost caused a DOG FIGHT!!! BOL!!! A few of us just didn't like the looks of that 6 foot tall DOGGIE!!!! :D:D;)

After that, tired, hot.. full we all hugged and said good night and we came home. I loved being there with you Merry. :) I was proud to display you as my wife. :)

Day 4.......

I took my wife to the HIGH SIERRAS today and she got to sniff out Big Trees State park....well as much as furs are allowed to now. We cannot go back on the trails anymore. All us furs have to stay on the pavement. Mom wants to know if the bears and deer have to also?? Otherwise we had a great time.. and Merry, me and Caroline left our "MARK" where our scent will FUREVER be in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Oh and I took Merry to get a burger at one of the best burger joints in the state of California. We REALLY GOT ONE!!!

Day 5........

Today our Moms gelled and sat around getting to know each other while Merry and I got to be together and got to know each other better also. Our Moms made ENCHILADAS!! The whole shebang.. refried beans and Spanish rice on the side. Merry and I shared a candle lit dinner of Cesar's dogfood. I am not sure I tasted the food because I kept watching my wife memorizing everything about her.. :)xoxoxo

Day 6.....

Today we spent together and had so much fun running and playing outside in between rains. :) Mom ordered PIZZA for dinner, loving so much to be with Merry's Mom..and I was busy teaching my wife how to bark and run along the fence acting tough when a PED (pedestrian) walked down our sidewalk. She is a quick learner and made me proud. :D:D ;) Merry loves my skin brother SPECIAL!! ::o

Day 7 .....

Today our Moms ABANDONED US LEAVING MERRY IN HER CRATE TO CRY AND HOWL while THEY went to dinner. :) My skin brother could not take it and took Merry out and cuddled her while our Moms were gone. I dont think I effur heard anything sound that loud as Merry when she was crying fo her Mom!!!! :O:O

Our Moms had a wonderful time, they went to The Olive Garden for dinner.

Day 8...

Today we spent the day together and Mom had to do a few things at home to get ready to go to the KENNEY CHESNEY concert!!!! They were so excited but WE did NOT get to go. We were told dogs are NOT allowed at the theatre!!!!!! How unfair is THAT?? Merry and I happen to LOVE Kenney Chesney!!!!! ::o BTW Our Moms had a wonderful time.. I am happy for them really. |:|

Day 9.....

Today was a day of getting things together and done to go to my Mom's granddaughter's graduation. It was a furry beautiful ceremony Mom said and of course, like Kenney Chesney....WE WERE NOT ALLOWED!!!!!! ::o

Day 10....

Today we went to a park and we walked until Merry and I flopped down and didn't want to anymore. We both wanted ouir Moms to carry us back to the car!! BOL!!!! We had a beautiful time and managed to get some beautiful pictures of us there.

Later that night our Moms and Dad and family went out to a steak dinner and brought a "DOGGIE BAG" HOME TO US!!!!! OMD!!!!!! I can't believe that!!!! I was upset they left without us until I saw that.. it's amazing how upset I was but when I saw the meat they brought home I totally forgot what I was upset about!!!! BOL!!!!

Day 11.....

SADNESS.....My Merry and her Mom leaves out for home early heart is already breaking and my Mom already feeling alone. I love you Merry.. I have so enjoyed rubbing your nose everyday that you come over.. Waiting for you to come to the back door my tail wagging.. I will miss you wife. BUT I would not trade this last week for anything in the world. I have so totally loved and enjoyed out visit baby and it turned out pawsome didn't it?

I thought I loved you then.. :)

Barked by: MerryBelle Noelle Pie SSW (Dogster Member)

May 2nd 2010 at 6:41 am

I love you Georgie and although today I leave I have the memory of us for a lifetime ... I will miss you so much but gladly take this pain because within it lies a love that spans across the miles...which is now stronger than ever! Mom and I had the best time and we'll be back. xoxoxoxoxo

Love your wife Merry xoxoxo


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