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This is why we have been missing so much lately for those of- you wondering. xoxoxo

April 8th 2014 9:58 pm
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For those of you who don't go on Facebook I will post here what has been going on lately and it will explain why me and my furmily has been missing. Remember all this goes comes on the heels of Mom's surgery and she's still recovering from that. xoxo

April 4th.

Please keep Caroline in your prayers, she slipped on the kitchen linoleum and now is having a very difficult time getting up and around. If she's not better by morning I'm taking her to the vet. It's her right hind hip/leg that's been giving her problems for quite a while now.

April 5th.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. I took Caroline in to Doc Boden this morning and she is home with me now. She has nerve damage in her spine causing this, so she is off the Nsaids and he gave her a steroid shot with Carafate for 3 1/2 days along with Tagamet to guard against tummy upsets.

I had made a makeshift sling for her last night to take her out and help her around the house. It's really great, saw it on YouTube when I was looking to see if I could make one. This all happened so late I had no time to even think about buying one already made. I will post the video link so you can see it.

Anyway it helped immensely and we took her in this morning using it. To avoid all the dogs inside the waiting room we "walked" her around in the grassy area. Doc B came out and looked at her and knew immediately what was going on. Suggested a K9 Motility Cart for her, said she was a great candidate for one seeing she is so alert and adapted to the sling so well in such a short time. I ordered the cart and it is on the way now. He said in all other ways she is so healthy and no way was she ready for Rainbow Bridge yet.

Oh and the cost of the cart is so near the price of a wagon which we were considering a week or so ago it's amazing!! Had NO CLUE wagons cost that much these days, Wowsers!!

Again thank you all for your prayers, we appreciate every one and love you all!!

April 6th.

If you don't see me much here on Facebook just remember I have lots to do taking care of Caroline and also myself. (I'm really still recovering from surgery)

I have so much to learn about how to train her to her motility cart and also comforting her until she can get mobile again. She's very stressed not being able to get where she wants to be. I don't blame her at all but my mind is so distracted now. Of course when I have time to relax I will be here some.

I am suspending activities at The Doghouse/Dogster for a while, I just don't have the energy, inclination or the time to entertain. Maybe sometime in the future all will settle but right now I have to take care of what is truly important.

Please keep me in prayer that I learn quick and do it right with Caroline.

We took Caroline out and let her lay in the grass to bark for a while. She had fun. Can't wait til her wheels are here and we can begin training. Right now we "walk" her in the harness. Finally got a real one today that is padded and stays in place, it's a lot easier on her. The other was great in a pinch but sure is not for long term use.

She's doing good and boy am I learning. She got stuck under my bed last night scooting around. I woke to her crying and thrashing about. Omd I thought she was having a seizure. I got up and looked and she was stuck about 4 inches under the bed. I got her out and settled then went back to sleep. About 2 hours later she woke crying and thrashing again...she had scooted herself around and got tangled in her sweater!! Poor baby wanted a drink, we keep water nearby always. I know now to take off all sweaters, etc. at night for her. We are getting a cart for her to take her outside, my arm and back just can't handle lifting her anymore. It's surprising how heavy 32 pounds are after a while. I'm so thankful this house has a ramp going out to the backyard so I don't have to maneuver steps.

Back on duty barking at the world ♥♥♥

The motility cart (wheelchair for her hind legs) should arrive by April 9th barring any delays. I will come back and post pictures of her in it. :B:B

Just keep us in prayer Mom has so much to learn and need to take care of herself also along with it.



August 2nd 2013 2:54 pm
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I am the ONLY dog Mom ever has had that she has to watch me 24/7 to make sure I don't eat stuff I should not. Other than that I'm a good boy. She said she wouldn't trust me for a more than 5 minutes outside alone because I'm always snooping around to see what there is to eat or gnaw on. In the beginning it was acorns in our back yard. That tree is GONE now.. It was dangerous and had to come down. Bailey NWD in fact wrote and warned of the dangers of those getting stuck inside me! Mom became extra vigilant but that didn't stop me from finding other things.

So what was my latest infraction? This happened less than a week ago. I am bad for eating grass and I choke on it a lot of times. Sounds innocent right? Well it isn't. Mom was on me all the time but Dad thought she was being overprotective and didn't make me stop when he took us out to play. So I get a long blade and swallowed it. The only reason Mom knew is I had grass all over my ruff. Usually I do get better so Mom watched me but the wheezing went on overnight. That day I seemed just a bit better but still not seeming the best. Around 4 that afternoon (Of course on a Sunday!) I started sneezing over and over and my nose started to bleed. Mom was really scared and called Dad to come home, all cars gone. Mom held me and just started praying (and crying) while I sneezed blood all around rubbing my muzzle on her or whatever. I gave a big sneeze and Mom looked down and she saw a blade of grass that was beginning to rot. She grabbed it and pulled it out of my nose. I shuddered cuz it felt so good.

That bugger was 3 inches LONG!

So the moral of this latest story is.....grass eating is no joke. Here in California we have what are called foxtails. They will kill a dog or cat because they move inside us. The first thing the emergency vet would assume is it was one of those and I would have had to go under excessive anesthesia like Bobie did.. That was his final blow and I can say Mom was downright terrified. By the way, Bobie did not have a foxtail, it was the cancer causing him to bleed.



January 7th 2013 12:04 pm
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I want to thank ALL my friends on Dogster for helping me and my Momma to celebrate me being Dog of the Week. You all made it even more special and precious. {{Hugs}}

I sent rosies out to everyone but want to remember all of you here in my diary where I will never forget.

THANK YOU!!!!! You are all so special to me!

**Special pictures**




**Gifts and Rosies**

Luke and Family

Alexandra and Family

Howard and Family


Austin and Doo




Roscoe and Family

Aregon and Family

Teddy CGC


Harley DG and Jazzi Danz'R


Angel Sunny


Coty abd Family

Hershey and Winkie

The Bush Furs


Merry and Family

Missy and Tyler


Sophia Hope


Walker and Family

Punkin and Family

Little Pete

Oscar (Our Special Angel) and Bear

Reba, Ruby and Family

I want to thank Princess Divas and Prince Charmings, The Doghouse and Canine Lounge for all the congratulations in the group messages. I also want to thank all of you who took the time to write me personally via Pmail.

Hugs, Love and Wags Georgie


Thank you HQ for making me DOG OF THE WEEK!

December 26th 2012 10:03 pm
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I could not believe it when I got the email saying I was Dog of the Week! Mom's heart jumped so hard it was unreal she says. Me? I just was so very twitterpated, excited..that I could not stop doing Pommie twirls!!! My head is still spinning from all the excitement.

Thank you HQ for choosing me for such a great honor! I will never, ever forget it! Thank you Bailey and Forrest for making my beautiful pictures. I will thank each and everyone of you who sent gifts to me congratulating me. I appreciate you all.

Just let me mention this, that we love Dogster (and Catster), that's why we stay. I love my friends and family that I get to see everyday when I come here. Momma loves being my typist as she loves typing for our whole furmily. She will sit and just laugh at our antics and the things we say. If you met us in furson you would know that what you see here is exactly who we are in our own home. Yes that does mean that if Stewie could, he would have a still out in the backyard.:)) And me?:) Yep! I'm truly a die-hard Pepe L'Pew!


It has been a VERY GOOD DAY!!

December 5th 2012 5:19 pm
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I was at the Vet today! I strutted my stuff in my Santa Paws outfit! I barked and peed marking my territory! I even peed on Mom's leg! Well, I did! I just got done sniffing a soaked plant in the corner!! I had to pee somewhere it just happened to be Mom's leg. She forgot where she was and said loud..Georgie what did you DO! That was the best part and all the office was laughing including the doc and patients AND Dad. heart murmur has been downgraded from a grade two/three to a grade ONE! That means the strict diet of no salt and the Enalaprel is working! Isn't that wonderful??

Oh and Caroline's blood tests came back perfect! I am SO HAPPY about that!!

It has been a very good day! xoxoxo



July 8th 2012 12:59 am
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My Mom had handed over to heaven her baby FurAngelDaniel earlier in the year. In the process of giving him up she grieved terribly and didn't think she could ever allow another furkid to touch her as he did. Well little did she know that my skin sister Amy had other ideas. Her and her family were looking for Mom the perfect comfort and friend when toward the end of the year they found me in the adoption program at Petsmart.

They gave Mom a call nervously and were determined that if Mom would not come look at me they would take me themselves even though they were not really looking for themselves. Well after much hesitation and risking others who were getting upset at Amy for holding me and carrying me around the store while Mom made her decision.. Mom said okay...she would come and look at me but no guarantees cuz she only wanted Daniel.

Mom and Dad hurried out to Petsmart and when Mom saw me she began to cry cuz she fell instantly in love with me. :D From that moment on it was a whirlwind of signing adoption papers, buying a collar (which I proceeded to chew up.) and a matching leash. Finally I came home to meet my sisfur Sweet Caroline and ALL THE KITTIES OMD!! (all animals Mom has effur had except Daniel were and are rescues/adoptions).. I have NEVER SEEN A CAT in my life and Eddy and Timmy were scared to death of me and slapped me around even though they outweighed me by 10 pounds at the time. Mom took great care to keep them away from me after seeing the reaction and now we are civil to each other although not best buds like Caroline and me are.

I am Mommas baby.. she loves me dearly and would tell everyone that rescue/adotption is one of the greatest way to go. The story goes that I was found by the rescue group on "death row" at the Dog Pound here in Stockton, and that I was taken and fostered along with much grooming to get me in shape for my new home. I am a good boy.. and so happy to live with my Mom and Dad who adore me.


The Passionate Pirate to His Love....Happy Talk Like A- Pyrate Day Lindsey Dread.

September 19th 2011 12:48 pm
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Fer me Merrywench Lindsey..I love yer me sweetest bride..

The Passionate Pirate to His Love

Come sail with me and be my mate
And we will all the treasures prove
That seas, caves, caverns, and holds
Waves, or endless horizons bolds

And we will sit on decks
Seeing the stars glimmer in flecks
Upon the great welkin guiding
Marking our path towards beginning

And I will make thee beds of softest down
And a hundred sheets of finest linen
A sword all with gems and emeralds
Something worth of generals

A hat made of finest wool
Which from our haul we pull
Fair and sturdy boots for storms
Which will sway you in my arms

We’ll watch the corals and the shoals
Prying for our next unfortunate goal
And if these offerings may thee move
Come sail with me and be my love

The pirate’s heart shall dance and sing
For thy delight on each and every morning
If these words might thee move
Then come with me and be my love

*Author unknown*

Happy Talk Like A Pyrate Day Lindsey Dread. Yer be m'truest love and keeper of me 'eart.

Cap'n Syd Cutty at yer service.


We will never forget September 11,2011

September 11th 2011 1:06 pm
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Of course I was not there at the time but Bobie and Caroline were. They lived in Clarksville, Arkansas during that time. Mom was just waking when her daughter Amy, who was getting the children ready for school, came crying into the bedroom that a plane had hit the first tower. Mom jumped up running into the living room thinking, as Amy was, that it was an accident but then the second plane hit and the world turned upside down. They sat crying glued to the television unable to take their eyes away feeling the sorrow that was happening so far away. The horror imprinted forever on their minds. Then the news of the Pentagon and we felt like America was truly invaded. Of course the children were not sent to school that day. No way could we separate with such things going on.

Then the silence........we had a busy flight pattern on a usual day and nothing. Eerie silence..then the bomber jets, cargo planes..Black Hawk helicopters flying overhead coming from the Louisiana air base. F-15's flying overhead guarding the nuclear plant about 20 miles east of us. Stunned as we tried to go about our daily routine. We felt as if invasion was imminent.

We will never forget..


Wow What a WONDERFUL 10 DAYS!!!!!!!

May 13th 2011 9:30 pm
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What a wonderful 10 days it has been with my wife Merry and her Mom being here. They left yesterday and I miss them so furry bad now but would not trade having them both here for anything.

Merry and her Momma arrived May 2nd and I knew exactly who they were when they came through the door. I got really quiet and shy when I saw them sniffing the air around them. I had not forgotten Merry and it's been over a year since I've seen them last.:) It was lots of fun getting to know each other all over again that evening and our Moms were SO happy to see each other. Then they began to pack bags!::o I was like...WHAT?? WHERE?? ME TOO??

The very next morning we got up and hurried around grabbing this and that and all the food for Merry and me and those packed bags tossing them in the car along with sodas for our Moms, Bol! We were put into the car and ZOOM off we went to SAN FRANCISCO!! Omd I was SO twitter-pated I was tense and didn't make a sound. We drove and drove up hills and down until we came to where we were going to have our hotel. La Quinta Inn in Berkeley. It's a dog friendly hotel and they were SO nice to us.

We get up to our rooms with our bags and all and then took off to look around the city of Berkeley. It's a quaint little college town about 15 miles south of San Francisco and has some sweet parks and such we could go for walks in. Our first stop was the Rose Gardens which when we go there had a BIG SIGN saying DOGS NOT ALLOWED!! Omd I thought our Moms were going to have a fit but after looking around to see as much as they could we went back to the car. Then they found a park set into a small glen with a stream running through it and there we WERE welcome to go. We got out and walked all around there looking and smelling everything.

I barked and barked when I saw a dog as I always do and had to lift my leg to pee higher than the rest of the dogs that had been there before me. Mom says that's our text messages and I stopped at every bush and tree to read my messages. Boy was I thirsty after all that.BOL!

After we walked around the park we ended up going to Inspiration Point overlooking a big valley and dam. We sat for a while just enjoying the view then took off again after another photo shoot and found a winding road leading to a carousel which was tucked away in the hills all by itself. It was still closed for the season but so beautiful. Mom took pictures through the window Bol.

We drove to Muir Woods and after a steep, winding trek we come to the beach and parked. A sign dividing the beach said "NO DOGS TO THE RIGHT and DOGS ALLOWED TO THE LEFT" so you know which way we turned......LEFT!:D Mom wanted to step over the invisible line dividing the beach but she didn't, she was a good girl.;) We walked all over the beach with me guarding my wife against all the other dogs by barking and growling so they would not look her way. I would have even taken on those Burmese Mountain dogs if they looked at my wife.:-O Mom was stressed out because I would not stop barking but Merry's Mom kept trying to ease it for Mom and finally it got a little better until we began to leave and 2 little dogs CHARGED us off leash with the owners just idly watching. Our Moms snatched up us and left after that.:D I would have given them a piece of me if they came closer you know.;) After that we headed back into town for the night but on the way back we stopped at the Muir Beach Overlook and it was an outcropping with steps leading out to the end with a spectacular view of the ocean and surrounding beaches. It was so beautiful.

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that when the "photo shoot" began for Merry and me on the beach with waves coming up behind us, we would RUN like crazy every time they came within a foot of us!!::o Dang that was the BIGGEST BATH TUB WE EVER SAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Moms were hungry so drove around town looking around at all the shops and restaurants. I think only 3 or 4 American foods the rest all exotic from other places. Our Moms ended up with a burger and fries with what was considered 2 orders of cheesecake. Omd it was SO BIG! They gave them HALF a PIE!::o They were like OMD I can't believe what they call a single order!! It took two days to eat it and still they tossed some.:)) Merry and me offered to eat it for them but they wouldn't let us have it.

Well we went out walking all around to go to the bathroom then it was time to go to bed so we would be rested for the next day. We were going to SAN FRANCISCO and drive over the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!! After we did our nightly doodies Merry and me settled down on our Mom's beds and went to sleep while they fiddled around on the internet bol. Of course they brought their laptops. Mom brought her "baby Dell" because it's lighter but it is SLOW! SLOW!!! SLOW!!!! She's used to her lightening speed Toshiba Satellite!;) Merry and me just slept on until daybreak.

Merry's Mom woke before my Mom (of course) and took us out to do our doodies. Merry is a pro at going where and when needed but not me. I ended up not doing ANYTHING but pp'ing until I got home!:)) I got a tummy ache from it but felt fine as soon as I got home Bol! So finally Mom got up and after a rush of showers and breakfast which I didn't want, OFF we go to the city!

Driving toward San Francisco before we got on the Golden Gate bridge we had to have gas so ended up in the quaint little city of Sausalito. So many cute little shops with the bay on the other side of the street. Sidewalk cafes..people everywhere. It was so hard to not get out but we had a mission to do and that was to see THE GOLDEN GATE and SAN FRANCISCO!

So we get the gas and drive on up to the bridge which Mom has seen all her life and Merry's Mom was so excited to see it. Getting off into the city we drove around a bit and ended up on Fisherman's Wharf at Pier 39. We park the car in a parking garage and go over to the wharf to look around ending up with our Moms getting an ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. Looking over at the tour boats Merry's Mom mentioned it would be fun to go on the tour of the Bay. Mom was not sure Merry and me would be allowed but after Merry's Mom asked and they said we are welcome the rest is bought and ice cream to bide the 45 minutes until we embarked on our little trek around the Bay.

While we were waiting different ones came up to see either Merry or me making over us. It was so cute. One little girl who Mom thinks may have been a tourist from China kissed me right on the MOUTH! She was just adorable as were her companions. They had to pet Merry and me for the longest time. There was also a pigeon that kept mocking me and I barked and barked at him.

Finally it was time to board the boat, NO not the GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP, it was called Harbor Emperor! We got on board and went to the VERY TOP where it was open and took seats toward the front. When we took off Merry and I just sniffed and sniffed at all the wonderful smells as our Moms enjoyed the hour long trip along the piers, under the Golden Gate Bridge turning around then going around Alcatraz and then heading back to the dock with a beautiful view of the city of San Francisco. The whole time the boat had the tour and history playing over loud speakers. We had a seagull flying with us above the boat after it took off and he followed overhead for the longest time. There were seals sunbathing on the docks and Merry's Mom was so excited getting to see them.:) After we docked guess who landed on the rail before we disembarked? THAT PIGEON! OMD I swear he was the VERY SAME ONE! I could NOT believe the brassiness of him doing that to me!!!!

We get off the boat and being tired after such a long day get our car and drive back to the hotel where our Moms had a lady's night with cocktails and pizza. Bol! Oh and the other part of that pie! After all that we slept hard until morning and then mad rush began to get up and ready to leave by 11 o'clock. I woke up early and quietly WOOFED at Merry's Mom to wake up to take me out Bol! Well she took be out the morning before not Mom!:D Mom did take me out and walked me around the block......again! But still I refused to do anything but leave my text messages for any dog who may wander by.Bol! Boy were Merry and me BUSHED and slept SO hard after we got back home.

The next 6 days were a whirlwind of dinners out, family bbq's, and even a picnic where I ended up gathering about 7 ticks!::o One got on Mom but didn't attach and she found 2 on me when she got home unattached but just yesterday and this morning 3 more were found! She was like OMD!!! But it was still fun going to the fish farm and walking around the growing tanks. Then we walked all up and down the river. Our Moms had a Subway picnic and then after that we left to look at Commanche reservoir. The day before Merry and her Mom left we went to Ladd's Marina, a very nice park which is dog friendly and we walked all around there then came home with the sad task of Merry's Mom packing to get ready to leave early the next morning.:(

Mom got up early with me so I could see them go hoping I would understand they were gone, for last year I waited at the door for days and days for them to come back. This time with them being in the home it helped me so much. Mom left the bedroom door open so I could see they were not inside it so I am okay. I miss my wife and Mom misses Merry's Mom but I'm not grieving near as much knowing they left.

So this is the end of the wonderful 10 days with many memories made and the hope we can see each other again soon.

I MISS YOU MERRY!!!!! AND MOM MISSES YOUR MOM!!!! I love you wife and loved every nanosecond we were together. xoxoxoxo


Meeting Merry..What it is like to meet the most BEAUTIFUL- GIRL in the world.

April 25th 2010 10:12 pm
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April 22, 2010 .....Our wedding anniversary. What a beautiful gift to wife showing up at my door.

Day 1..

Merry and her Mom landed in San Francisco at around 2:49 p.m Dogster time. She texted my Mom and let us know she arrived safely and then Merry and her Mom Sue picked up their car rental and drove here.

Merry arrived at around 6:30 p.m. and I was so EXCITED I kept jumping up on her Mom wanting to get a big sniff of her. We were kept on leashes the first little while for caution's sake.

Mom had cooked dinner for everyone including Sue and while they ate Merry was in her crate for safety sitting straight up on her behind like a Prairie Dog begging to get out. All of us furs were curious and nosey as all get out with the new little girl in the house. :)

After dinner Mom and my Mother in Paw let us off our leashes and we nosed around each other not sure at all but all in all at the end of the day and when I learned to leave Merry's water dish alone we began to get along really great. :)

Day 2...

Today we again spent the day together then we went with our Moms to Petco to pick out some treats and toys for the DC Magic Meet and Greet. It was fun shopping with my wife. After we got done we came back to my house and relaxed so our Moms could get to know each other better and we got along well.

Day 3....

Today we got up early and had to get out and about as soon as possible. Mom was running on about 3 hours sleep cuz she could not sleep the night before because of excitement. :) I slept well.. :D We took my skin sisfur's van to the KOA in Petaluma where all our Dogster and Catster friends were waiting and it was a day of barking, playing....heat, LOTS OF FOOD including bbq'ed MOOSE BURGERS courtesy of Bonzer and pawrents. I know I have NEVER tasted anything so good in my life. :) I felt like a real "HE-MAN-PUP" when I was done eating it.. like I joined a fratenity of some sort of secret Moose Meat club. :D;) Merry loved it too along with the chicken from the inside of eggrolls and things of that sort.

We met so many wonderful furs at the Meet and Greet and our Moms and my Dad got to meet so many Moms and Dads who brought their furkids. We also got to meet THE DOGSTER DOG!!!!!! He almost caused a DOG FIGHT!!! BOL!!! A few of us just didn't like the looks of that 6 foot tall DOGGIE!!!! :D:D;)

After that, tired, hot.. full we all hugged and said good night and we came home. I loved being there with you Merry. :) I was proud to display you as my wife. :)

Day 4.......

I took my wife to the HIGH SIERRAS today and she got to sniff out Big Trees State park....well as much as furs are allowed to now. We cannot go back on the trails anymore. All us furs have to stay on the pavement. Mom wants to know if the bears and deer have to also?? Otherwise we had a great time.. and Merry, me and Caroline left our "MARK" where our scent will FUREVER be in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Oh and I took Merry to get a burger at one of the best burger joints in the state of California. We REALLY GOT ONE!!!

Day 5........

Today our Moms gelled and sat around getting to know each other while Merry and I got to be together and got to know each other better also. Our Moms made ENCHILADAS!! The whole shebang.. refried beans and Spanish rice on the side. Merry and I shared a candle lit dinner of Cesar's dogfood. I am not sure I tasted the food because I kept watching my wife memorizing everything about her.. :)xoxoxo

Day 6.....

Today we spent together and had so much fun running and playing outside in between rains. :) Mom ordered PIZZA for dinner, loving so much to be with Merry's Mom..and I was busy teaching my wife how to bark and run along the fence acting tough when a PED (pedestrian) walked down our sidewalk. She is a quick learner and made me proud. :D:D ;) Merry loves my skin brother SPECIAL!! ::o

Day 7 .....

Today our Moms ABANDONED US LEAVING MERRY IN HER CRATE TO CRY AND HOWL while THEY went to dinner. :) My skin brother could not take it and took Merry out and cuddled her while our Moms were gone. I dont think I effur heard anything sound that loud as Merry when she was crying fo her Mom!!!! :O:O

Our Moms had a wonderful time, they went to The Olive Garden for dinner.

Day 8...

Today we spent the day together and Mom had to do a few things at home to get ready to go to the KENNEY CHESNEY concert!!!! They were so excited but WE did NOT get to go. We were told dogs are NOT allowed at the theatre!!!!!! How unfair is THAT?? Merry and I happen to LOVE Kenney Chesney!!!!! ::o BTW Our Moms had a wonderful time.. I am happy for them really. |:|

Day 9.....

Today was a day of getting things together and done to go to my Mom's granddaughter's graduation. It was a furry beautiful ceremony Mom said and of course, like Kenney Chesney....WE WERE NOT ALLOWED!!!!!! ::o

Day 10....

Today we went to a park and we walked until Merry and I flopped down and didn't want to anymore. We both wanted ouir Moms to carry us back to the car!! BOL!!!! We had a beautiful time and managed to get some beautiful pictures of us there.

Later that night our Moms and Dad and family went out to a steak dinner and brought a "DOGGIE BAG" HOME TO US!!!!! OMD!!!!!! I can't believe that!!!! I was upset they left without us until I saw that.. it's amazing how upset I was but when I saw the meat they brought home I totally forgot what I was upset about!!!! BOL!!!!

Day 11.....

SADNESS.....My Merry and her Mom leaves out for home early heart is already breaking and my Mom already feeling alone. I love you Merry.. I have so enjoyed rubbing your nose everyday that you come over.. Waiting for you to come to the back door my tail wagging.. I will miss you wife. BUT I would not trade this last week for anything in the world. I have so totally loved and enjoyed out visit baby and it turned out pawsome didn't it?

I thought I loved you then.. :)

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