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Little Big Man

With a heavy heart!

July 1st 2008 10:45 am
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First and foremost I want all of my furiends know that i have not left ANY groups! Momma and i hasn't been gettin on cuz of her new job, again not pose to be on at work, and she just got back from NH doing her Loudon thing. Momma also just found out some furry bad news, one of her beloved friends, her husband died unexpectedly. I don't wanna put to much on here for fear that Aunty will read this and it is all so new and it just is sucky, that is what momma says so...... And it is but right now we are tryin to help Aunty as best we can, which is hard when we are in VT and she is in AZ!!! dang long country to cross -- but, momma will...... With that said, my will be around i PAWMICE to all of my dogster family!!! I luff you all and thanks so much fur all your love and support -- we do feel it!!

Loves and tons of licks to you all



October 18th 2007 2:41 pm
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Hi all -- well we have been tagged 4 times so far this week --- so let me say this -- I love that all of you pups are thinkin of me however -- momma doesn't have a computer at home so we only have limited time on the puter--- With that said we will not being doing tags cuz then we will have no time to play wiff all of you in the groups -- sorry in advance!!!

On a better note --- I am going wiff mommy to CT the first weekend of November fur a hooman pawty -- but I get to meet my mommy's fur neice, Hailey -- momma always says she is rude -- but I can't wait -- it is just gonna be me and my mommy -- I will let you all know how it goes when i return!!!

Loves and Licks

P.S. If any of you dogs out there eat Blistex -- it is okay -- might just give you poops -- as i ate some of it today -- and the lady that mommy talked to at the vet laughed and said that all is will I will prolly just poop it all out!!! hee hee hee


Got a new friend

September 19th 2007 6:20 pm
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Ohhhhhhh- I just met my Aunty Dawn's new Kitty!!!!! - his name is Digity Cat - he is only 8 weeks old - I had so much fun w/him last night - I think that beside Kenya and Tilly - he has to be my VERY best friend!!!!! So I didn't even see him there at first - he is pretty small - even smaller than me right now if you can believe that - Well let me tell you - he tried to punch me right in the face so I ran away - And don't you know - he gave chase - oh my we played chase for like an hour - and then when I got home - Kenya even played with me for a little while and mommy played chase with me - Oh it was such a best night ever!!!!!! So now you know about my new friend - I just can't wait to go see him again - hopefully for longer though cuz then I can play chase longer and the kids played ball w/me too!!!! Oh it was the most fun EVER!!!!




Not again......

September 10th 2007 10:50 am
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So mom was home with me all weekend, and Tilda stayed with us from Thursday night until Saturday evening..... Well on Friday mom brought me to my Aunty Kristins. I got tons of treats. They were getting ready for a wedding, a joyous occassion i understand...... Anyway I was just starting to get tired from playing ball with the kids when a human showed up w/another dog. One just like my friend Sadie!!! Come to find out, Comet, the new dog, is related to Sadie, they are golden retrievers..... Comet was born with one of his front legs shorter than the others but he has doing his best to keep up with me... He was really fast, but not as fast as me!!!! Then low and behold another dog, a cocker spaniel named Flo (comet's sister) also came to the party. Flo's mom wasn't going to let her off her leash but mom talked her into it!!!! Thank goodness because we played my favorite game, chase me, and we all got tons of treats. Well boy I was tired, I slept the whole way back home and then all night. The next day wasn't so good, mom said that she had to go to that wedding, I didn't find it at all joyous....... Kenya, Tilly and I had to stay home alone for HOURS!!!! But, mom came home and all was right with the world again...... Mom told me TONS of times how proud she was of me for not pooping in the house (Mind you he was home alone from like 10:30 am until about 6:30 pm) Mom was so proud of me it she just kept giving me loves , and I like that!!!! Well Sunday mom was home w/Kenya and I all day (cept to go grocery shopping). I did it - I pooped upstairs again - Mom was SOOOO mad at me - he put my face in it (didn't touch it) and then spanked my but - I went downstairs and got in Aunt Cheryl's lap but mom wouldn't even let me stay there..... She did eventually come get me to sleep upstairs with her and let me give her tons of kisses but she said that she was still mad at me...... It was raining out I don't know why she insists on my getting my feet wet and then I get cold.......



Sorry day!!!!

September 4th 2007 1:07 pm
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Well we had a good weekend, spent lots of time w/mom and Kenya. We even went to see my good friend (cousin) Guiness!!! He is so much fun - he loves to play with me. Kenya even gets along with him now, so he must be okay. Well we spent the night there with mom, Kenya, Tilly, Jama and Grumpa - then we all just sat home on Sunday and did nothing. Mom said that she would bring me up to my Aunt Dawns on Monday so that I could play with all of my friends. Well, Monday came and she got up and left. She was gone for a while!!!! But I made her happy by not pooping on the floor, but when she came home she was REALLY sad...... She layed on the couch and cried and cried. She said that she was horrible. She said that she went up to Aunty Dawn's (without me - I was mad a first but......) She told me that Aunty's horse had to go to horsey heaven because she got tangled in some wires and cut her leg really bad. Mom said she was trying to help Aunty but accidently hit my new little friend (Sammy's Kitty) Blacky!!!! Mommy felt so horrible she cried and cried, but I laid next to her and l made sure that I got all of the tears that fell. Although she felt really bad she decided that she should still make Aunty dinner and bring me up to play w/Sammy and try to make her feel better too. Well Nothing else bad happened during yesterday, THANK GOODNESS ----- So I have to go get a bath tomorrow w/Kenya and Tilly - I really hate going there!!!!



Early Morning!!!!

August 28th 2007 5:40 pm
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Oh my goodness - I was sleeping in bed the morning - of course all snuggled up to mom - and all of a sudden - REAL early like 8am - there was this LOUD banging on the ceiling above our head. I got up and sounded the alarm - mom told me that was "enough" (that word again) but I don't think she realized that something was out there!!!! She said something about the roofers but I don't really get that so I made her take Kenya and I outside. I know that I am tough but, I still like to have sister bear there to back me up, just in case!!!! Anyway we got out there and there was some guy coming down off the roof - so I went right over to him and I yelled - "Listen man - don't you even think about coming in my house - I will take you down" They all laughed but mom took me serious cuz she told me "now you come over here" I don't think she wanted me to hurt him. Siser bear, yeah she is useful - she just ran over and wagged her tail and let him pat her ----- I am going to have to have a discussion with her!!!!

Kay nothing else - but i sure don't think those guys will come back to my house - I think they were scared of me!!!!!



did another bad

August 26th 2007 4:21 pm
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Oh my ---- Mom was SOOOO mad at me yesterday morning. I pooped in the house again - she was so mad she put me in my box and left me there..... but I don't think she was mad for to long cuz I got to go to Jama and Grumpa's and hang with Tilly and Kenya. Although Mom did leave for like the WHOLE day w/jama and grump so maybe but then when she got home she took me to a party w/tons of new people and all kinds of room for me to run around. Well when we got home we were both so tired that we slept on the couch until 2 am - finally in bed...... But man I didn't want to get up this morning - neithere did mom she just kept snuggling me all up!!!! But she had to go to work so back to play w/tilly....



New name

August 21st 2007 7:23 pm
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I found this site e.php

on another chi's page - Josie and this is my new name

Reverend Earl Jax the Functional of Featherstonehaugh St Fanshaw

I am going to go tell Kenya and Tilly wiggle bottom



August 21st 2007 1:20 pm
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Oh my goodness - my mom - she left me at my grumps house for like EVER!!! W/my uncle no less - I love him but my jama and grumpa weren't even home!!!! (Jama and Mom went to California for 5 days) But I thought that she was NEVER coming back - I didn't know what to do - so, i pooped in my grumps house - that will teach them to leave me alone!!!! But anyway - just when I thought I would surely never see my mom again - she came home - last night!!! She played chase w/me and loved up sister bear and I even got to sleep with her again (instead of that stupit little box). I couldn't help my self - I know that she kept telling my "enough" but I just had to kiss her and kiss her!!!! MY MOM IS FINALLY HOME and sister bear and I get to be at home again w/mom - well all is right in the world!


all alone

August 14th 2007 1:22 pm
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Well - this week has not been very fun!!!! Jama and Grump went away and Kenya, Tilly and I have had to stay at my house..... If Jama and Grumpa are gone we can't go there when mommy works!!! I have been really good though, I have only eaten one piece of paper and I haven't even pooped or peed in the house!!! Mommy is so happy when she gets home!!! But it has been a really boring week, I am so used to having someone around all the time and Jama and Grumpa need to come home that is all there is to it!!!!


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