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January 24th 2009 12:24 pm
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GOOD GREEF ! Its COLD TODAY & windy too ! Me & Sierra are staying in where its warm and watching movies * I got the duties done in a BIG hurry and I'm laying in the sun in the living room that is shining in the front windows * It sure feels good , too ! I am just going to be lazy today, 'cause lasterday me & Sierra played a lot and I'm just wore out * That took a LOT of EXERCISE and it just tuckered me an my 'lil legs out ! My legs are shorter than Her's, Ya'no * Its a good nap day , anyway ! YAY ! I smell, WENNIES & CHILLY ! I'm guessing mommy is fixing Chilly Dawgs ! That means LOTS of CHEESE ! later, Mojo



January 23rd 2009 9:14 am
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Whew ! My mommy is still behind on my DIARY ! GOSH ! Ever since she got back from her Cruise she has been BUSY ! I mean BUSY ! First, finding her LAND LEGS took DAYS ! Then she liked to have BLOWN her EAR DRUMS OUT trying to get her ONE ear UNSTOPPED from the Helmet Diving she did on her Cruise ! DANG ! I don't think those Cruises are worth ALL THAT ! Then there was Sierra's Birthday, Then a Baby Shower to Plan, Another two Human Siblings Birthdays (today is my Human Sissy's Birthday & Feb. 4th. is my Human Bubba's Birthday),Grand Baby coming in Feb.,then Grand Son's Graduation in May ! WHOA - WOW ! Mommy ! TAKE A BREAK ! GOSH ! DANG ! IT ! Take some of my BENADRYL and CALM - DOWN ! WHEW ! I thought for a minute there she was going into a RUNAWAY ! Take a WALK-ABOUT ! MY GOODNESS ! JUST " BREATH " ! *ANYWAY ! I have had a lot of my Fur-Neighbors visit me today * They new it was Sierra's Birthday the other day & they came by my house to say Hi ! to us * Mommy saw one of them that is a Terrier type Dawggie Fur- Baby and he had on a very small 'lil t-shirt * He is purrty tall & long- legged and his t- shirt looked like it wood fit a mouse ! It was COLD outside TOO ! My mommy ran and looked in my & Sierra's closet to see if she still had some large dawggie Sweaters she had saved from years past * She found several & some ,still good collars TOO ! She bagged up a purrty sweater & collar and WE HIT THE ROAD LOOKING FOR THAT FUR-BABY ! She wanted to find out where this Fur- Baby lived so we could give him these things we didn't need anymore that wood maybe fit him * WELL ! Ya'no ! my mommy, She found where he lived & we Delivered the GOODS * The Collar & Sweater fit " PURRFECT " TOO ! The 'lil Teenage Grrrl was SO VERY HAPPY, 'cause he was her Fur- Baby and that TINY t-shirt was all she had to put on him, 'cause it was so COLD ! * Her Mom & Dad wanted to pay my mommy for the items, BUT ! mommy said, NO WAY ! Will You pay me for these things we want to give to your Fur-Baby , These items are a Gift to our SWEET FUR - NEIGHBOR from Mojotiki & Sierra , my Chi Babies* Sierra & I were " BARKING " like RABID CHI'S in the car * We were just so HAPPY we found where he lived * The Pawrents was so THANKFUL to us & mommy, and the "lil Grrrl gave my mommy a BIG HUG ! Then the 'lil Grrrls Pawrents gave my mommy a dozen FRESH EGGS from their chickens they raise on their farm,(we live wwaayy out in the Country, Ya'no !) AND that's what Country Folks DO , They LOVE THY NEIGHBORS ! * And me & Sierra are HAPPY that they SHARE their FOOD ! TOO ! I got'ta go ! Mommy's BOILING EGGS ! later, Mojo



January 18th 2009 6:44 am
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YAY ! Mommy found her LAND - LEGS just in TIME !
TODAY I PARTY with Sierra for her BURFDAY ! ALL DAY !
WOW ! I have a lot to do ! Its Sierra's FIRST BURFDAY and mommy is baking her a cake ! YUM-mmmmm ! Carrot Cake ! That's the BEST ! I got her a new toy & mommy & Daddy got her a new Collar with HEART Charms and a new Harness & Leash * The stuff toy I got her is a 'lil Skunk ! After all she's a 'LIL STINKER ! BOL !
~~ * I WUV YOU ! * ~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * CAKES READY ! LET 'S EAT ! * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
later, Mojo


~~ * YAH ! MON ! * ~~ WE'RE BACK !

January 12th 2009 8:16 am
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WHEW ! It sure is GOOD to be back on Dogster ! I missed all you Sweet Paw Pals ! TOO ! My mommy is really tired & she said something about being a bit " SHIP LEGGED " ! TOO ! She is having trouble learning to walk on Dry Land ! AGAIN ! BOL ! I'm going to lick her to sleep and Snuggle with her all day 'cause she REALLY ! REALLY ! MISSED ME A LOT ! later, Mojo



December 28th 2008 3:15 pm
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WELL ! Its a BEAUTIFUL & COOL day ! The Sun is shining and Sierra & I have been playing outside & running in the leaves * Mommy has been packing to go on her CRUISE this Friday & we have been making sure she doesn't forget to post her List about Sierra & Me on the ice box for Daddy to go by while she's gone * Daddy is going to be Baby - Chi - Sitting us for mommy * Daddy is on Vacation TOO ! He's been sick with the flu and is just going to be LAZY with Me & Sierra * We will not be on Dogster till mommy gets home and that will be 'bout the 12 th. of Jan.* I will miss BARKING to ALL you Sweet Paws, BUT ! I will be back before you no it ! Keep our Daddy in your Paw Prayers 'cause he's SURE going to need them ! BOL ! later, Mojo
~~~~~~~ * SEE ALL OF YOU SWEET PAWS IN TWO WEEKS ! * ~~~~~~~



December 27th 2008 3:58 am
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Lasterday we set a Weather Record of ' 82 for this Month in Texas ! It is ' 70 this morn'n ! GOSH ! Mommy is wearing shorts & I'm hoping we can go SWIMMING soon, if this weather holds up ! I thought it was WINTER the other day ! At least it was COLD for SANTA * This TEXAS Weather keeps me SO CONFUSED ! I never no what to wear * Do I get to go NAKID today OR do I put on my COAT ! HECK ! You never no if your going to have to go out to potty in HEAT or ICE ! I just wait at the door & feel the draft when mommy opens it * If its WARM then I go right out * If its COLD I just look at mommy and say NO WAY TODAY ! Guess I will eat Barkfast & dig up Sierra's toys in her New Bed she got for Christmas * I have my New Bed dug up REAL GOOD * I need to add some FLUFF to Sierra's New Bed while she's asleep in mommy's bed * She'll like it when she wakes up & maybe she'll LICK my ears for doing that for her * Ya ' Reckon ! later, Mojo



December 26th 2008 3:49 am
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WOW ! SANTA brought me lots of Toys, Treats & a NEW BED ! TOO !
I got ' ta go play with my toys & dig me up a nap in my NEW BED ! I hope ALL you SWEET PAWS had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS ! later, Mojo



December 22nd 2008 8:52 am
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BRRRRRRRRRR !! It is VERY COLD in TEXAS TODAY ! It got down to '18 last night ! GOSH ! I don't think I have EVER felt it so COLD ! I haven't got anymore ICE ! YET ! BUT, They say RAIN is coming for this weekend & I just HOPE it isn't going to turn into ICE ! AGAIN ! * It is going to warm up tomorrow & be near ' 61 Christmas Day ! YEP ! That's TEXAS WEATHER ! Mommy has Christmas Songs playing & we are wrapping up the last of the Christmas Gifts * I sure hope Santa doesn't get STUCK in all the SNOW everywhere else in the States * I really wish I could have a WHITE CHRISTMAS ! O ! WELL ! it ain't CHRISTMAS ! YET ! Ya ' no ! How TEXAS WEATHER IS ! I might get some SNOW ! YET ! later, Mojo



December 20th 2008 3:35 pm
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WOW ! Here it comes AGAIN ! I'm sure WISHING IT WOOD SNOW ! I don't like ICE ! THAT STUFF IS TOOOOOO TRICKY ! Gosh ! I have to help mommy finish wrapping Christmas Gifts tonight ! We have a LOT of work to do ! Mommy just can't seem to think about anything but her Cruise coming up next month & she is getting SO - oooooooooo BEHIND on my Diary ! TOO ! GOSH ! DARN ! I will be so glad when she gets it out of her SYSTEM ! Maybe when she gets back home , she will be THINKING MORE CLEARLY ! YA ' THINK ! DUH ! Got 'ta go hide BOWS ! later, Mojo


* I GOT ICE ! *

December 16th 2008 4:14 am
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OMD ! I went out to do my duties this morn'n & there was ICE EVERYWHERE ! I got 3 inches of ICE at my house ! It looks like we live at the ARTTIC ! WELL ! I don't have to tell all of you that going out to POTTY was NOT an OPTION ! I just done the PAD THINGIE & was done with it ! NO WAY ! Was I going out there on that SLICK STUFF ! Been there & done that ! And WON'T do it AGAIN ! Sierra BAILED OFF the porch like a ROCKET & SLID on the ice like a PENGUIN ! THEN ! She stopped & looked at me as if to say, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO OUR YARD ? WELL ! its a TRIP when you EXPERIENCE ICE for the first time in your 'lil Life ! NOW ! She nose why I'm not wearing the ICE ' CYCLES and she is ! BOL ! I just stayed on the rug on the porch with mommy and watched her EXPERIENCE THE MOMENT * THEN ! all of a SUDDEN , HOOT ! HOOT ! HOOT ! There was MR. BIG HOOT OWL ! GOSH ! HE WAS BIG ! TOO ! And he had a BUDDY with him and he was BIG ! TOO ! They just sat high up in the tree & HOOTED OUT LOUD ! It was really fun to hear them they just HOOTED back & forth at each other and one was HOOTING real LOW & the other one was HOOTING real HIGH * It sounded like they were singing to each other , BUT ! as soon as Sierra heard them she started to BARK and Mommy made us come back inside 'cause she said those BIG OWLS could fly down an catch us & fly away with us, FAR ! FAR ! AWAY from her ! WOW ! I don't want Mr. Big OWL to catch us ! I don't think I like Mr. BIG OWL ! later, Mojo

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