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"The Day after Lasterday"

August 19th 2007 4:50 pm
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Sunday-August 19,2007-This is the first day after my 5th. "BIRTHDAY" and the first day my mommie started my diary on dogster. I had a wonderful birthday,daddy gave me a big snack-bone and mommie cooked "HAMBURGER"!!! I ate like a big dog ! today i barked some , but mommie and daddy couldn't find what i was barking at*-daddy's truck was out front and i don't see it much and maybe that was the booger i saw*-he always keeps it in the garage and i'm not sure,but he looked like he was rubbing it all over-i guess it had to take a bath too*- well i guess before i take my nap again today i better go outside,my water just kicked in-bark later,mojo


"It's a busy day!"

August 20th 2007 8:44 am
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Today is a busy day -mom is working on a lot off stuff for my page-hope she can do all the tricks she say's she wants to do! any way , i'll lay in her lap to make sure she dosen't forget anything* daddy is at work and me and mommie better go get our work done*got to be finished by "SUPPER-TIME" yum!yum!*bark back later,mojotiki



August 21st 2007 7:46 am
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It's so "HOT" today the grasshoppers are fry' n -went outside with mom to water plants-chased my wild rabbits ,i have to let them know once in awhile that even if i can't catch'em , i see'em! saw my two squirrel pals,they are always around eating their corn-well,i think everything has been watered,even the few places i got that mom missed*bark back later,mojotiki



August 22nd 2007 10:50 am
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Today is a very special day! my cuz'n kitty "SMOKEY" has his page on catster! check it out he is so big and beautiful!his mommie(my sissy)and (bubba) did a beautiful job on his pictures*he also has a diary,and the pictures are just paw-some!well went outside this morn'n and did the usual watering,woof!woofed! at a leaf and looked for my wild fur buddies,but they was not around*so i came back in and had barkfast*now i'm ready to nap for the rest of the day,but first i have to play the game of tag,woof!,oh ,woof! i've been tagged twice,once yesterday,then again today,this is going to be a lot of tagging to do,i think i'd rather dig a really deep hole****oh!,well it will be fun-here's the pawsome facts and rules to the game,bark back later,mojotiki The Game of Tag: Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged,need to post in their diary,the rules and their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names,don't forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and for them to read your diary or send them a fun rosette announcing they've been tagged-it's alot of fun-
Mojotiki's Seven Pawsome Fact:
1.He poop's in the computer room!
2.He love's to dig all his toys out of his basket.
3.He loves laughter,the more the better ,his run around really kicks-in!
4.He is scared of the wind and thunder.
5.He likes to make people think he's a bitter!
6.If it is not meat of some sort, or carrots he won't eat it!
7.Really!Really!Really! dislikes the trash truck!
Dogs Tagged by Mojotiki:
4.cinnamon girl
5.short stack


"Home Alone"(well ,daddy was home,but, "WHERE'S MY MOMMIE!")

August 23rd 2007 12:16 pm
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Today my mommie had to work,daddy was off today so he babysitted me or maybe me him anyway , went an done my morning watering sniffed around a little then came in to eat,took my nap and spent the day waiting for mommie to get home! howling back at'cha later,mojotiki


"What day is it?"

August 24th 2007 3:20 am
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"OH!",mommie, we just did this a few days ago! Oh,well,no matter how much i bark about it ,she is going to do it anyway* i just hate it when she says the "B"-word! yep, i no it's bath-day * but, afterwards i get my treat,right? well, do you think you could make that treat a "WINNIE", i'll be really,really goo-oood! * Oh!,here we go,bark back later,mojo


"Look's like rain!

August 25th 2007 6:37 am
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woof!woof! gosh!, it sure looks scary outside-got to hurry and sniff around as much as i can,all of my watering i'v done is going to be wasted 'cause it sure smells like rain*Oh!, well going to eat barkfast and take my naps,bark back later,mojotiki



August 26th 2007 3:38 pm
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Today after my winnie break,yep! she did-she started that mower! well as she went one way i went the other* caught a few grasshoppers, but some were bigger than me*tried to stay on the deck,but it was to hot! so i went to the shade*Oh! come'on mommie before you stroke-out,it's time to eat!!! bark back later, mojotik



August 27th 2007 1:27 pm
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PAWRIFFIC!!!! mommies cooking "CHICKEN TODAY!!!!" * i know she is cooking mine first! did my watering this morn'n and chased my wild rabbit friend,boy! he is fast!! * got all my business done and took my heartworm medication,'bout ready for a nap ** bark back later, mojotiki



August 28th 2007 1:45 pm
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Boy! is it HOT! i told mommie i had mail to answer,but ,****NO! she wanted to mow!(i DO NOT LIKE!!!!,that thing) it's big as a house and is louder than me! anyway got my pawty things done and had barkfast took a few naps and had a few treats,daddy has been babysitting me while mommie mows,he has had the fly,**no,the flown,**no,*no*,it's the flew! yep!!! that's it ! so we watched movies and played "Someone 's at the door!" well ,ready for supper, bark back later, mojotiki

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