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It's Tuesday so I'm driving MOM crazy!

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Yea! Friday!!

June 6th 2008 6:20 am
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This week has gone by so quickly. We took a couple of days to recover form our "vacation" to auntie's house but things settled down to "normal" pretty quickly.

We had a bad storm last night, but we all sleep with one pawrent or the other so we weren't scared or anything. Mommy said Gigi had to get up to go outside in the middle of the night, but when she looked out the back door, Gigi turned around and jumped right back into the bed. BOL!! Gigi not only doesn't like the rain, she hates to get her feet wet!! BOL!!

I am sitting at the computer this morning dictating to mommy while Gigi and Jody are out on the deck barking at the lawn service guys who are working in the next door neighbor's yard. Next door is a funny Boxer dog named Murray, but he won't play with us because my fur-sisters bark at him so much. They are much bigger talkers than I am. I think he is scared of them and that's weird 'cause he is big and they are little. Guess a big bark carries a lot of weight.


Weekend At Aunties

June 1st 2008 10:16 pm
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We drove the almost one hundred miles to our auntie's house on Friday morning. Daddy made Gigi and me ride in the crate, but Jody got to sit on mommy's lap the whole time. That's just not fair!! Auntie and China Sue live alone 'cause their daddy passed away two years ago and we needed to go and help her around her house. Her computer was messed up and mommy was going to work on that while daddy did, well, uh, daddy things.

Auntie has a great big back yard that is all fenced in so we could run as wildly as we wanted, and believe me, we wanted to run! Gigi ran so much that she is feeling a little under the weather due to muscle aches. We only run around inside our house and when we are outside at home, we only play on the deck or go to a small fenced area of the yard to potty. Well, we trampled the flower beds, and chased the squirrels up the trees, and ran the birds out of the feeders. The puggle who lives next door to our auntie came over to play. He was even rowdier than me. Mommy doesn't think I am as hyper as she used to after seeing that puggle pup, Duke. He's bigger than a pug and his mommy said he weighs thirty pounds. Our mommy thought he looked like a miniature of a Great Dane. He was pretty cute, mommy said, and that was a huge compliment coming from her since she is a breed purist.

Our auntie took pictures of us that she will send so mommy can put them on our pages. We have some pictures in the flower beds taken before auntie got mad at us for trampling the flowers. Jody sat under the giant maple tree and watched the squirrels. I think she got a crick in her neck from looking up for so long.

We haven't been home very long and we are all very tired. We have to go to bed now.


Yes, It Is Tuesday

May 27th 2008 6:03 pm
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My mommy thinks I'm badder on Tuesdays. BOL!! I'm bad on all days! I'm a little hyper but I really am settling down since my second birthday in April. She just thinks I had a bratty-moment today is all.

You see, she wanted to take a short power-nap so we all jumped up on the bed with her. Gigi had the gall to lay right beside mommy and I didn't like it. Gigi is supposed to lay down at the foot of the bed so I can lay beside mommy. She knows that! We all know that! So, I jumped on Gigi and sat on her and then I bit her face. Gigi didn't like that so she tried to fight back, but because I was sitting on her, she couldn't do very well. BOL!! Woohoo!! It was really funny until mommy made us stop bickering.


Holiday Cookout

May 26th 2008 9:58 pm
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We had rain almost all day long but it stopped long enough for daddy to grill burgers for our dinner. He told us we had to help him if we wanted a burger, too. The best we could do was try to stay out of his way though. I guess that was enough 'cause we got to eat some burger from him and from mommy. Mommy had to slice the onions and tomatoes but not much else. She likes it when daddy cooks outside. She says all smart women make sure their men have a grill! I'm glad he does. Those burgers were a lot better than dry kibble.


I'm Mommy's Sunshine

May 25th 2008 10:17 am
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Yes, I am. I make her laugh and I keep her company along with my fur sisters, Jody, the mean dachshund, and Gigi, the black pug. We are all very special to her, but I make sure mommy gives me the most attention. I follow her everywhere. I rarely let her get out of my sight. If she is on her computer, I help her write. If she is in the kitchen, I help her cook. If she is watching TV, I keep her warm by sitting on her lap. She loves it, too.

Today is Sunday and it's pretty quiet around here. Daddy is working in the yard even though it is getting very warm. He just came in and told mommy we might have to turn on the air conditioner so we pugs don't get too hot. It's sort of unusual that it hasn't been on yet and it's the end of May!

Aunt Sandy called this morning to tell us all about the work she is doing on her yard. I want to go to auntie's house to run in the fenced backyard and walk in her flowers and chase the squirrels. She really has squirrels! All we have are rabbits. Jody and Gigi bark at the rabbits but I just stand and watch them. I don't bark very often 'cause my fur sisters do it for me.


And Our Winner Is.........

May 21st 2008 7:52 pm
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Wow! It's David Cook! What a great choice for the 7th American Idol. I watched every week sitting on my mommy's lap. We love David Cook and can hardly wait for an album from him. I love it when mommy is happy. David Cook is our home town boy, too, so that was important. I bet he will make a song about me, Amazing Gracie.


Yea, Friday!

May 16th 2008 10:40 am
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It is a beautiful sunny day. I have been out on the deck working on my suntan and no bikini lines for me! BOL!! My black pug sister who usually enjoys the sunshine is not liking it as much today. I think she get's too hot. Even my red dachshund sister is heading for shade. I'm the only one really enjoying it. I can't believe that it is the middle of May and just now getting warm. We have had so much cool weather this spring. So much for global warming. Mom is glad she hasn't had to turn on the a/c yet 'cause those electic bills can be scary in the hot weather. But today is perfect. Not hot, not cold; just right.
Our daddy will be off work for the weekend and he will take us for walks and play with us in the yard. We love it when he is home. It is supposed to be even warmer on Saturday and Sunday.


Feelin' Good

May 15th 2008 7:40 am
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Auntie and cousin, China Sue, left yesterday afternoon. Auntie had to have something called a cat scan run. She lives out in the country so she comes to the city for things like that and stays with us. What I can't figure out is why she didn't ask for a dog scan instead. I know she likes dogs better than cats! Yesterday morning China Sue was laying up on MY ottoman. I jumped up there to tell her it was mine but she growled at me! Well, I had no choice then but to nip her. How dare she growl at me!!! Then she jumped off and I followed her. Well, before you know it, here come Gigi and Jody. I think they wanted to help me, but it turned into a dog pile of little dog bodies that were snarling and snapping. Mommy and auntie tried to stop us but we were too fast for them and wouldn't stop. Auntie finally got ahold of China Sue and pulled her out of the pile. No one got hurt except for our feelings and the bite on auntie's hand. Somebody bit her!!!! Now auntie is afraid for China Sue to come back here to play with us. She said we might hurt her. I have to tell China Sue that I am sorry and ask auntie to please come bacl. We won't bite anymore.


Another Rainy Day

May 9th 2008 8:56 am
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But yesterday was the most perfect day ever. It reached just about seventy degrees and the sun was shing brightly. Mommy opened the back door and Gigi, Jody, and I ran in and out as we pleased. Gigi loved to lay on the deck and get a suntan - she;s black so it doesn't help much - and Jody got to bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, and more bark at the bunny rabbit running in our yard, and the kids she could hear playing in the distance, and the dogs in the fences on either side of us. If she couldn't hear or see anything, she must have smelled things with her big scent-hound nose 'cause she just kept it up. My fur-sister Jody just is a talker, she is.
This morning we looked at the new videos of our friend, Pippin. He is another pug and he looks just like me. Mommy thinks we could be twins. I think Pippin is a "talker", too, so that is a big difference between us. I rarely talk at all. I just walk around snorting on things or ringing the backdoor bells if I don't think I have enough attention. Anyway, Pippin's video was fun and it make us laugh and laugh.
Daddy has a day off from work today so maybe he will take us for a walk. He has decided that I am too hyper to take a walk the same time as my fur sister, Gigi. She walks on a leash better than I do. I just get too excited and have to go with just my daddy. I think he hasn't figured out that I want that "alone time" with him.


Tagged - Tell Three Things You've Done to Help

May 5th 2008 1:18 pm
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Hi, Everyone!

Guess what? I've been tagged again by my one of my best friends, Morgan. This tag is a little different, so I think we'll all have fun with it.

Everyone who gets tagged tells three things they've done to help dogs, or any furbaby. You list them in your diary, then tags seven friends and tell them to go to your diary to see how it's played. (Lots of you pups and pawrents have done a bunch of good deeds. We really don't do a whole lot at our house as we think back on it).

Well, here goes mine!

1) We adopted my fur sister , Gigi, from a rescue organization. Mommy says that wasn't too hard to do because Mommy and Daddy love her very much and I have a playful puggie sis.

2) Our next door neighbor accidently left her doggie, Murray, out all night and it started to rain, so Daddy went over to wake the neighbor lady. He had a hard time so he just brought Murray to our house overnight. Again, not too hard because Murray is a very nice Boxer doggie.

3) Three beautiful German Shepherds were running through our unfenced yard last Saturday, so Mommy got them to come to her and she trapped them on our deck until their Daddy came to find them later. We didn't know the doggies or their Daddy so our fur-sis, Jody, barked and barked at them.

I tagged these friends:

1) Pippin ID #632167
2) Odie Blackburn ID #309174
3) Toto ID #691628
4.) Chelu ID #293721
5) Maizy ID #701606
6) Star ID #752848
7) Dexter ID #322028

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