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I'm on Facebook??

July 25th 2011 1:01 pm
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Mom was bored and decided that she was going to make me a Facebook page. It is quite plain right now. Mom says something about her laptop at geek squad and her iPad not being able to do everything like being able to crop pictures to be profile pictures. Anyways even though it is plain right now, she says one day it is going to be really nice with lots of pictures and we are going to use it to help people learn more about labradors, preventing pet obesity so no one has to go through what mom and I had to go through last summer, promoting exercising with your dog, help labradors find homes but most importantly celebrating life and all that comes with it, since that is the biggest lesson mom learned from me. So stay tuned. My page is called "Belgian the Wonder Lab".


Happy birthday buddy!

July 7th 2011 12:22 pm
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I can't believe you are already 9. It seems like yesterday that we brought you home and into our lives. This year has definitely not been easy for you with the hip problems but you stuck with it and proved that it wasnt time for you to go. You have been doing awesome with your new exercise routine and diet. Yea, you have become more stubborn as you have got older but it's ok since you have been with me through so much and always managed to give me a wag of your tail or a lick on the face when things got tough. You are a great dog Belgian, and words can even express the love and appreciation I have for you. Thank you for sticking by my side all these years and the laughs. You are such an amazing dog that I don't think I could ever have another dog like you. You are definitely one in a million. Something about you makes everyone love you, even non-dog or non-lab people. I am so proud to call you my dog and that will never change. I love you buddy and hope even as the years have become numbered, we will still have many great adventures together. Happy birthday Belg!


Please help!

January 3rd 2011 8:58 pm
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My neighbors have two dogs they are trying to rehome. Today they came to me, the wife in tears, asking if I could help spread the word to look for great homes for their dogs. The couple has three kids, the youngest being 6 and having type 1 diabetes. They are renting the house next door to us and think the dogs deserve better then what they can give them. Because of the daughter's diabetes, the mom isn't able to work due to the constant attention the daughter needs which often results in several trips a day to the school because of alarming BG levels. The husband works far away from home which causes him to work early mornings to late hours. The teenage son primarily takes care of the dogs. The family has some personal reasons which is taking their time away from the home and is why they think it is also better that the dogs go to a better home where they can be loved and get the life they deserve.

They have told me that they are not going to send the dogs to the pound but need to find homes for the dog. If anyone is interested in the dogs and are out of state, I am sure we can find some transport for them. Please cross-post this information as well because these are sweet dogs and the owners just want them to have better lives. The dogs are currently in southern CA.

They are sending me photos of the dogs later but I will write some information. I can also see if they will let me take videos of the dogs and will give that footage to people interested.

They have a 5 year old male who is a mixed breed. I think he has GSD, Lab or Staffy in him. He was rescued from the pound and is fixed. He lives with another dog and does fine however he fence fights and is pretty aggressive about it too. The owners are not confidant with introducing him to other dogs, so I am not sure how he will do. He is good with kids but the owners fear that one day their teenager will go to break up a fight and will get bit. In order to curb the fence fighting, the owners have and still are using a shock collar. It has done nothing. I am positive with positive reinforcement that he will be an awesome addition to someone's family. He needs a family that is experienced with big dogs and can give him the time he needs. He either needs a lot of room to run or someone who is willing to give him a lot of exercise every day. The owners tell me he used to love other dogs until they moved next to a Pomeranian that fence fought and since then he has been a fence fighter.

They also have a female who is about 3 years old and a mixed breed as well. She is a Doberman/shepherd mix. The owners rescued her from a pound as a puppy. The pound was going to put her down because she had parvo but they took her in and gave her all the necessary medical attention to get her better. They say she is a great dog. She loves kids and other dogs. However, she is not happy because she doesn't have the room to run and they aren't able to give her the attention she needs. The family who adopts her should probably be experienced with big dogs.

Thank you for your time and please cross post. Feel free to contact me for more information


God answered our prayers!

October 20th 2010 11:13 pm
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For those that don't know, this summer was particulary hard on us with Belgian. His hips had severely went downhill. He has had hip problems since the beginning of the year. There is really nothing the vet can do because Belgian does have advanced arthritis. He is 8 years old with no other previous hip injuries. One day, Belgian was staying with my family because I had to go away. I got a call that Belgian couldn't get up and was whining but he was wagging his tail. I went home right away. As soon as Belgian saw me, he got up but it was very slow and he whined with every step. He couldn't walk up the steps. He couldn't run. He couldn't jump into the car. His walks were super short. He couldn't get into his bed. It was getting really bad. Our vet put him on medication which only helped a little bit.

We rescued T.C. at the end of May and she had her puppies July 16th, around the same time Belgian's hips got better. As soon as the puppies were old enough to play, we let them meet Belgian. The night before that we allowed this meeting, we were on the verge of calling the vet to arrange an appointment to put Belgian to sleep as the pain was getting too much for him and he couldn't get up without help. We honestly did not think he was going to make it through the summer. Once we took him outside to play with the pups, he was very curious. He sniffed them and walked after them. His tail was wagging and he was happy. We thought it was a miracle. The next several weeks, he had started to chase them and start playing toys with them. He was even getting them into his pool.

Let's now forward to today. Not only can he get into his bed, now he is not only climbing up the steps but running up and down them. (I try to encourage him not to but he sneaks up once in a while) He chases T.C. in a playful manner and plays with Colt. He is walking a 1/2 of a mile walk again. Today, however, really brought a tear to my eye. I was walking him and had my sister walk T.C. and Colt. They went for a run. Belgian, who is leash trained and never pulls, actually started to pull at the leash and wanted to go for a run. I started a low speed jog with him and he was so happy. He didn't even want to be near T.C. or Colt but by me running. After the walk was over, he wanted to play ball. I threw it a low distance a couple times and he went after it. Now he is sound asleep on his bed.

I am amazed. The vet is amazed. My family is amazed. I wish I had a video of Belgian during the summer to prove to everyone how miserable this dog was. Can expanding the family really help dogs? It has been on my mind for a while but after today I think it does. I have never seen my dog happier. God answered my prayers and gave me my dog back. I don't know how much longer I will have with him but all I know it is alot longer then what I had thought. I was afraid he wouldn't make it to Christmas, but if things keep looking up, I am no longer afraid.


Vote for us!!

October 12th 2010 12:42 pm
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Belgi an's page

T.C.'s page

Colt's page

Please vote for us and we will vote for you too! Thanks everyone!!



September 28th 2010 2:56 pm
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Well my brother expected it to be like any other ordinary day at his high school. However it wasn't..... He found this small little dog on school grounds and some stupid teenagers were treating her badly by throwing rocks, etc. My brother caught her and snuck her into class. Everything went alright until she started barking. So my brother called home and had us go pick up the dog from school. Because T.C. was found on the streets we did everything we could to find her owners. She came to us leash trained and socialized. We were positive she had an owner. We took her to the pound to see if she had a microchip which she didn't. The pound told us we could foster her however because legally she isn't ours we were not able to take her to the vet to get shots or to be spayed. They also had told us she was about 2 years old. Well 30 days went by and we did not find her owners however we discovered something else. She was very pregnant. July 16, 2010 she gave birth to 10 beautiful little puppies. That is right 10!! We have found all of the pups wonderful homes and we have decided to keep T.C. and one of her puppies. After the puppies are weaned she will be spayed.

There were 10 puppies born in the litter. 8 boys and 2 girls. Some were born without tails and others were born with tails. Some are black and tan like their mom while the others were brown and tan.

There are still 3 puppies left: 1 female and 2 males. All three are tail-less. They all have their own dogster pages as well. The female is brown and tan and the males are black/tan and brown/tan. The black/tan male (Remi) will need to be placed into a home without other dogs or dogs that are respectful. They do like going in wading pools and love being outside. All three get along with kids.

They are located at our home in southern ca but if you live out of state, I am sure we can arrange something with the Dogster Railroad. They need to be adopted ASAP. They will be 11 weeks old on 10/01/10. Please Help!!!

If you want more information either PM me (Belgian) or go to

Thank you so much!!

Reming ton (Remi)


Some bad news.....

September 7th 2010 12:42 am
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Well as most of you know Belgian's hips have been slowly getting worse. There is really nothing the vet can do for hi but put him on some hip and joint medication as well as pain meds. Lately, Belgian has been having alot of problems getting around. He can't get up on his dog dog bed, he has a hard time getting in and out of his dog house, it hurts when he walks, he can't get in the car, etc. However despite all this, he is still the Belgian everyone loves. He still gets up every time to greet us at the door. He sees his wading pool and jumps in it spinning in circles and biting the water. He will see other dogs and will run to play with him. He definitley has his moments. He isn't giving up just yet.

He will let me know when it is time, and I know despite the pain and struggling, it is not the time yet. He is still loving life despite everything else. When the time comes, it will be a very emotional day for everyone, but for now, Belgian is just Belgian and he isn't going anywhere any time soon.


Meet Isabella and Vote for us in the contest

October 18th 2009 1:27 am
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Yup I got a new cousin. Her name is Isabella but we call her Bella for short. No we did not name her after the Twilight series (mom doesn't like that series anyways) and we were going with an Italian name. She was born June 29, 2009 and mom and her uncle got her from a foreclosed situation at 8 weeks old.

also vote for Bella and I in the contest. We need your votes. We will return the favor.



November 22nd 2008 6:30 pm
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It's me or the dog with Victoria Stilwell shows the problems with shock, choke and prong collars. I am so happy and relieved. I hate those things.



November 4th 2008 8:32 pm
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I've been tagged by my good pal, Taz

7 things about me are...

1. My best friend is a English Bull Terrier named Micky.

2. I love stuff animals and won't chew them up. I have a Husky, St. Bernard, and a rat. I sleep with them all too.

3. I have been face to face with a rattlesnake with my mom and because I followed her commands so well we were not bit.

4. I LOVE to swim and play in water but Baths can be egh.. I think it is a game at first until I see the towels,etc.

5. I have a CGC and know many tricks

6. I get panic attacks at the vet and they are not fun.

7. I love taking long walks especially when they are with friends., dogs and humans,

Now.... I get to tag 7 great pups............. Let me think..After you finish reading the diary, my pup pals listed below have to tag 7 of their favorite pup pals. Then write in your diary, and be sure to pmail the pups and tell them they've been tagged.

1. Gonzo
2. Mocha
3. Asher
4. Sammy
5. Kiona
6. Spuds
7. Washington

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