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December 26th 2007 1:00 pm
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I'm not sure how I got so lucky this weekend, but both mom AND dad were home. Mom was even home for FOUR DAYS IN A ROW! It was so cool! The only thing that wasn't all that much fun was that I didn't get to sleep on my normal spot on the bed. Sister Tala was pretty upset about that too. When dad's home, he takes our side of the bed and absolutely refuses to share! Oh well, at least we get extra scrootches when he's around.

There's a lot of the white stuff out there and it just keeps falling from the sky. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it the first time I saw it, but now I know it's a whole lot of fun to play in. I hate it when mom makes me come inside before I'm done playing. Mom tries to make up for it by taking us to the dog park as much as she can. There's almost always other dogs to play with there and business cards to sniff, and of course I can run and run and run! Nothing makes me happier than running. Well, besides dinner... Oh, and my flat rat... OH, and TENNIS BALLS! Especially the squeaky kind!

Sunday was a special day. Not only did mom and dad take Tala and me to the dog park, but we got to go play in the golf course too! The weird thing was that mom put me in my harness. I've only been in my harness a couple of times. Usually mom takes me for a walk and starts talking to me in a strange way. She says it's 'mushing' commands. Whatever. 'Mika, GEE!' 'Mika, HAW!' Hrmph, as if I know what the heck she's telling me! I know what 'On by' means and I HATE that one. I just hope I don't hate this GEE and HAW stuff as much. Sheesh. I just wanna GO.

Oh, so anyways, mom, dad, Tala and me walked across the street to the golf course. Dad was carrying some black round thing. I think I heard mom call it a momocycle tire or something like that. Next thing I know, it's hooked to my harness! What the heck!!!!!!! Mom started running, so I ran too. This tire-thingy followed me!!! Weird! I'm not used to having anything but mom hooked to my harness. It was kinda cool though! I ran and ran and ran until the tire-thingy filled with snow and was too heavy for me to pull. Mom dumped the snow out and off we went again. We ran and played and pulled until I was pooped. I plunked my butt in the snow and just shared at mom. I think she read my mind cuz she took the tire-thingy off of my harness. Sweet, I have the jedi-mind-thing over my mom! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I wonder if I can use this power to get more treats? I wonder when I'll get to pull the momocycle-tire-thingy again?

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