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Happy Valentine's Day to all my Pals

February 14th 2012 5:55 am
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Wishing all my pals out there a very Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you so much for the rosettes and snail mail cards I have received. Momma has read each one to me and you all mean so much to me.



Am I A Bad Supervisor

January 16th 2012 9:34 am
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As you know, I must supervise all things the momma does. I tried my best to supervise her today, but I think I renegged on my duties today.

We got a lot of snow this weekend. This was the first major snowfall we have had this winter, and to make it to mid-January without a snowfall like this is pretty amazing. Of course, with the snow always comes cooler weather.

Today, the momma gets on her winter gear, and then puts my snowsuit on me. She is happily shovelling the snow in the drive, while I am doing my business. I finish what I am doing and then start pacing beside her. I paced and I paced and tried to tell her it is too cold, let's go inside. I raise up my one paw and then I run to the side door. This worked and mom let me into the house.

Pups it was -24C this morning and with the windchill it was -29C. Did I reneg on my duties when I preferred to watch the momma work from the comfort of the house? Do you think I need to get help for the momma because she really seemed to enjoy the frigid temperatures this morning? BTW, it took her about 2 hours to finish up the shovelling and she said she enjoyed it because she feels she got a good workout.


Thank you once again

January 13th 2012 5:05 am
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Thank you everyone for the birthday greetings I received yesterday. I had a totally pawsome 11th birthday and it was all because of you, my pals! There are so many rosettes and well wishes that I am totally overwhelmed. In the words of that famous actress, "you like me, you really like me!".

My daddy has a blog and yesterday his blog entry was about me. Mommy would like to share dad's blog entry with you. day-to-my-best-friend.html

I think my daddy really likes me too!

Hugs to all!


Today I am 11!

January 12th 2012 10:15 am
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Wow, today I am 11 years young!

Mom and I went on a nice long walk down to the river this morning and when we came back she baked me a bunch of cookies!

Thank you to each and everyone that has sent me birthday rosettes and pictures! They, and you, are all pawsome.

Thank you so much for sharing my 11th birthday with me! Hugs!


Mom found something I like

January 5th 2012 10:34 am
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Some of you pups may remember mom barking about how fussy an eater I am. I have never been a voracious eater, and I do tend to let my food season in my dish before I eat it. Mom is always on the lookout for something that will please my very discerning palate.

Recently mom got some samples of FirstMate Grain Free Dog Food. The food is made in Chiliwack, B.C., Canada. It uses potato as the carbohydrate source instead of grains and mom has just tried me on the Australian Lamb Forumula with blueberries, raspberries and cranberries. Pups, I have never gobbled down dry kibble like I chowed down on this stuff. Mom is gonna try me on the Chicken formula next. They do have a website: if anyone is interested in checking them out.

It is a little more expensive, but mom thinks I am worth it!


Looking after momma

January 3rd 2012 5:35 pm
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I was taking the momma for her evening walk tonight. I make sure that she brings a flashlight because it is quite dark now when I walk her. (Yes, I walk the momma it is not the other way around!)

As we are walking down our long drive, I run in front of the momma, stop and then run back to the house. She shines the flashlight to end of the drive and sees nothing. This happens two more times. After the last time she sees 6 eyes shining back at her and then the coyotes start to sing.

We came back to the house and I will walk her later!


Happy New Year Everyone!

January 3rd 2012 9:30 am
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Did everyone have a great Christmas and New Years!!

For Christmas we went to see my moms brother and dads sister. Luckily they both live in the same town. It it kind of a long drive but the weather has been pawsome, so off we went starting at about 4:00 a.m. one morning. We stopped to visit my grammy on the way and we had a very nice visit. We got back in the car, started it up, and a warning light was showing on the panel. Dad took the car immediately to a repair shop and it turned out we needed a new alternator. We got the last alternator in the shop that day and we were lucky they put us ahead of other people. After about 2 hours we were back on the road.

When we finally got to our destination and we had a pawsome visit, which was only marred by mom getting a bad cold. She spent the last two days at her brothers sleeping on the couch. She really can be very boring!

We came home and on New Years Eve the peeps had a wedding to go to, so I had a play date with my pals Sophie and Poppy. Mom thinks that Sophie is the sweetest dog ever. She is pug cross and just the cutest thing. Poppy likes to bark at me! We shared treats in front of the fireplace and napped until my peeps returned from the wedding and took me home.

What did you all do for Christmas and New Years this year.


Thank you for the Christmas Cards

December 14th 2011 12:50 pm
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The Christmas cards have started filling up our mailbox and I would like to thank the following pups for sending cards to me:

The Boyzzz
Dante (I hope you are feeling better today Dante! Pups, my pal Dante had surgery yesterday but he is doing much better today. Kisses for your shoulder sweet boy. Muwah!)
Coco Rose and Puff
Miss Dixie Monroe and Bambie
Lucian and Abby
Riley and Caileigh
NeeNee and Lily

Thank you to all the pups that sent photo cards or photos, you all look marvelous. I promise to be more photogenic next year so that momma will have a picture to include with my cards!

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year! Hugs!


She did it again pups!

December 4th 2011 9:00 am
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Do any of you pups remember a couple or three years ago, when mom and I had our misadventure going down to the river and she chipped her tailbone? You don't. Well for a quick recap, it was very icy that spring and mom was trying to be careful as we went down the steep path to the river. She fell on the ice and went skidding down the path. On her way down, even though she was shouting, "Abby move!", I didn't move fast enough and wound up on top of mom. I licked her ice burns after we stopped. When she went to the dr about her sore butt, she was told to start acting her age!

Well a couple of days ago we are going down to the river. We have had snow, but after the snow, it has been very warm, so the snow has turned to ice. The path down to the river is ice covered. Have I mentioned it is steep? From the river to the top of the bank it is 85 feet, and I have I said it is steep?

Anywhoodle, mom is trying to be careful walking down the path when she slips once again. This time as she is sliding down and yelling, "Abby move" I moved out of the way. No ice burns this time, but her ego and her butt are bruised. BOL.

A word of advise pups, when a human is sliding towards you telling you to move, get the h*** out of the way as soon as possible. They are literally out of control.

I wonder when my mom will start acting her age!


Have you ever had a really crappy day?

November 16th 2011 5:56 am
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Well my daddy had a really crappy day yesterday.

First he had to work 2 hours of overtime. Ok, he has done that lots and I am getting used to him coming home late. As usual he phones mom before he leaves work to let her know he is on the way. I know when I hear the phone ring, that dad will be home in about an hour, so I go and start watching out the den window.

As I am patiently looking out the den window, mom gets another call informing her he has a flat tire. I continue looking out the window and mom is getting a little agigated.

I guess daddy got the spare tire (you know those "donuts that come with the car) in place and sees that it needs to be inflated to 60 psi. He tests the spare and it only has 15 psi. So he drives very slowly to a service station to put air in the spare. He pulls out the tire gauge again and sees it only goes up to 50 psi, so can't test to see if there is enough air in the tire. He goes into the service station to borrow their gauge, and they tell him it was stolen and they don't have one. So then he slowly drives to another station, borrows their gauge and discovers he has enough air in the donut.

Now the problem with those donuts is you can't drive highway speed with them. According to instructions you should only go 80 mph. So daddy had to drive very slowly home. Nearly 3 hours after he was supposed to be home, he arrived.

I greeted him very enthusiastically outside and then brought him his slippers. I also stayed very close to him all night. Hopefully daddy has a better day today!

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