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Potty Parity for Pooches

December 10th 2010 5:56 am
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Pups, Professor Chester, as many of you know, taught a class last year about a subject near and dear to his heart -- indoor doggie toilets. With the weather getting colder he once again mentioned this in his class this week.

Now pups, we have come up with an idea. We are going to hold a rally in support of indoor doggie toilets! It will be at my place on New Year's Eve! The only thing you need to bring is all the toilet paper you can find and we will burn this at the rally. My mom will supply all the warm drinks and treats we want. The heat from the bon fire of toilet paper will keep us warm and maybe we can make smores.

Now pups, I think you all should go over and read Professor Chester's doggie diary from yesterday. In the comments section he outlines what he would want in an indoor doggie toilet, and quite frankly, it brought tears to my eyes. What a pawsome idea, Professor!!

Why should cats be able to use litter boxes, while we are relegated to having to use the back 40 or a lonely corner of the back yard if you have a small yard? No, pups, we are not talking about the Potty Patch ( but an actual room just for us.

Are we not called man's best friend, pups? Then why do we have to go outside to relieve ourselves in all sorts of weather? Do your peeps let their furless best friends go outside to relieve themselves? Of course not!

Professor Chester is looking for volunteers to help make protest signs and get songs ready.

You can sign up below or on Professor Chester's page. Please pass this on to your friends. The more the merrier.

Potty Parity for Pooches!!!!


Week 7 after Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair Surgery

November 30th 2010 9:26 am
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Pups, can you believe it is now 7 weeks since I have had my surgery? Wow, 2 more weeks and I can start doing stairs again. Woot, Woot!!

I was doing well in my rehab and then mommy had to go out of town to be with her mom (my grammy) while my grammy was sick. While mom was away, I went to doggie day care. This would have been great, except I couldn't play with the other doggies because of my surgery. I guess I was really bored and I started licking one spot on one leg and gave myself a hotspot. Any pup ever have one of those? Any advise you can give mom about hotspots would be appreciated as I have never had one before.

I also decided to be real fussy when it came to eating. At one point daddy fixed me rice and scrambled eggs, and I wouldn't even get up to sniff it. Nope. Just wasn't hungry. Daddy even got a sample of what is supposedly the best doggie food sold. Would I eat it? Nope.

The momma came home this weekend. Yesterday she went into town to get groceries and such and stopped at a pet store. She started talking to a representative from a doggie food chain and told her about me. She was asked what breed I was. Mom said Chesapeake Bay Retriever and German Shepherd cross. The lady said, "Well there's your problem. Chessie's aren't fussy about what they eat, but GSD's are very fussy." Really, German Shepherd's are fussy, or is it that we have more discerning tastes? Well the lady gave mom a small package of food made specifically for GSD's. Mom brought it home and put it in my dish and watched as I took a mouthful out and then spit it on the floor. Then I did this again. Mom figured this was yet another disastrous attempt to get me to eat, and then it happened, I devoured all that food, and mom gave me another cup and I chowed down on that. So far I have eaten 5 cups of the food. Woot, Woot.

Mom and I have gone on several walks since she came back and I am doing well with the walks. We have gotten a lot of snow. Mom thinks we have more snow right now than we did all last winter, so we mostly stick to the road so that I don't have to jump over any drifts.

I am so happy mom is home and looking forward to more rehab so that I can start being my old self soon!

Sorry if I missed any woofdays, gotcha day's, etc while mom was away. We will try to catch up on what my pal's are doing.


Week 4 after Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair Surgery

November 9th 2010 9:00 am
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Wow, hard to believe it is 4 weeks today since my surgery.

Mom has stopped one exercise. I was having difficulty with the sit/stand exercise. Before I hurt my leg, I had problems sitting properly, and it seem to really make me sore, so mom has decided to not do it.

I am now up to 20 minute walks. For a few days last week, I seemed to have levelled off at 17 minutes and that was all I wanted to walk. Today, I had a 20 minute walk and so far I am feeling OK. We have added one more exercise for this week and that is the figure 8. You walk in a figure 8 for 10 reps and the shifting of the weight is good for helping to build up your injured leg.

I am even starting to eat a little better! The peeps have noticed that I seem to be rising from a lying down position better now than I did before I injured myself.

Still looking forward to when I can do stairs again! I think I now have 5 more weeks to wait!!


Week 3 after Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair Surgery

November 2nd 2010 7:35 am
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Today it is 3 weeks after my surgery.

My walks have been slowly increased until now I can comfortably do 15 minute walks 3 times a day. I still get a few leg massages, but because I am walking more, I don't need the progressive range of motion exercises as often.

This week we get to start one exercise and that is puppy sits. I am to sit down and then immediately stand back up. This is, apparently, good for exercising around the knee joint to build up the muscles again. I start with 1 set of 5 repetitions and that will slowly be increased over the next few weeks.

We got some snow last week so there was a lot of ice and cold winds blowing. Luckily it has warmed up again, and the snow has melted. Mom noticed for those few cold days, that my surgical leg was really bothering me when I was outside. Mom reminded me that I do have a snowsuit, with leg warmers, for when it does get really cold. I just hope the snow holds off for several more weeks.

In three more weeks I can have a bit more freedom. I still won't be able to do stairs, but I will no longer need to be kept in one room and I will have the whole run of the basement. Mom just got a baby gate to block off the stairs and we are both looking forward to this happening.

Well, must go get ready for my first walk of the day pups. Have a great day everyone.


Week 2 after Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair Surgery

October 26th 2010 7:33 am
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Two weeks have passed since I had my cruciate ligament repaired.

I am still being extremely fussy when I eat and mom has turned into my personal chef and is making me rice and either chicken or ground beef. She is also having to be more creative in hiding my pills.

I am still confined to one room, so I am getting pretty bored. We got the OK to try 10 minute walks, so I have been getting out some. The first time we went for a walk, at about the 6 minute mark (mom is timing my walks with a stop watch) I layed down on the driveway and didn't want to move any more. I know my limits, and I had had enough of a walk. Mom had no choice but to wait beside until I decided I was ready to go back in the house.

I am enjoying the leg massages that mom must do, but I do not like the progressive range of motion (PROM) exercises that need to be done. Mom is supposed to get up to 15 repetitions of the PROM's, but so far has only managed 11 at the most before I make her stop.

The healing phase after this surgery is 12 weeks, so I only have 10 more weeks to go. I am looking forward to week 9, that is when we get to try stairs, then maybe I can have a bit more freedom.

For now I am keeping busy voting in 6th Annual Coolest Dog and Cat competition. Five paws to all my pals!!


Week 1 after Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair Surgery

October 19th 2010 2:46 pm
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A week ago today I had my cranial cruciate ligament surgically repaired. I came home on last Wednesday and started healing up.

Mom was told to expect that I would be limping for about a week, then toe touching, then placing my foot and then putting more weight on it.

Well, I was toe touching from day 1. The vet was surprised. He was also surprised that I insisted on standing up in my kennel after surgery. Apparently 98% of the dogs that have this surgery remain lying down for a good while after the surgery. Not me, even though I was bleary eyed, or "gorked" as the vet told mom. What does "gorked" mean? Is that a veterinary term? But I digress. I also surprised them when they finally took me out after surgery to do my business. I was limping, had an i.v. in and I saw a cat. The vet tech told mom it took all her strength to keep me from going after the cat. Just me, being me.

I was limping for the first 4 or 5 days, but I was also toe touching. I am letting mom massage my leg more and also letting her do more range of motion exercises. I will still have to be restrained in one room or in my crate for several more weeks, but I am on the road to recovery.

I have become extremely picky when it comes to eating though. Mom is trying all sorts of things to get me to eat, but I am very choosey.

Thanks again to everyone that sent rosettes, pawmails, and lit candles and said prayes for me. I can feel them all working!!


Update on Abby's surgery

October 12th 2010 11:41 am
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Hi, Abby's mom Diane here.

Just got a call from Dr. Ward and Abby's surgery went well. Her cruciate was completely ruptured with just a few threads where the ligament should be. Her meniscus, while scraped, was not torn or folded, as they were expecting it would be, so she did not have her meniscus removed. Apparently she is lying in her cage, waking up well, and looking bleary eyed at everyone.

She should hopefully be able to come home around noon tomorrow.

Thank you for the candles, POTP and kind wishes. I will update when we have our little girl home.


An Update

September 29th 2010 6:10 pm
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Well today we went for another opinion about my knee to the Veterinary College in our city. They confirmed what my veterinarian originally diagnosed. I have a complete rupture of the cruciate ligament and probable meniscus tear in my left knee. Surgery is scheduled for next Friday.

If you could keep your paws crossed for me that would be appreciated. Thanks.


Thank you, Molly Morris

September 19th 2010 6:34 am
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I have some pawsome pals! First Ella mentions me and my injury in her diary and then Molly Morris mentions me in hers. You guys are the greatest!

So far we have talked to my vet about the surgery. He can do one, but strongly recommended mom have a second opinion at the vet college. That appointment is September 29. Mom got a call from a friend yesterday and the friend suggested she phone a vet this friend used to work for because he may have a third surgical option for me. Mom will be phoning this clinic early in the week.

Mom is worried about my age, and the fact I already have arthritis in that joint. Once she has talked to everyone, we will decide which option is best for me.

Thanks again for all the rosettes and get well wishes. Please lean a little closer to your computer monitor so I can give you all a big hug!


Thank you, Ella

September 17th 2010 9:57 am
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My pawsome pal, Ella talked about me and my surgery in her diary. Thank you to all of Ella's pals that have sent me rosettes and good wishes. Ella, you are wonderful!!

I have a consultation booked at the Veterinary Hospital on September 29 and I have a tentative surgery date booked for October 25. I really hate being in my crate, but I will have to get used to it. After the surgery, I will have 12 more weeks of being in my crate before I can ease back into my routine.

Once again, thank you so much, Ella! Thank you also to everyone who sent rosettes and good wishes. Hugs!

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