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The Mighty Huntress (2011 Edition, Volume 3)

July 5th 2011 11:17 am
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The Mighty Huntress and the momma are out for their morning walk. The Mighty Huntress is on her leash and they head off down the long drive. Suddenly the Huntress stops, sniffs and comes up with a snake in her mouth. As she is shaking the snake it comes apart and ...... DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH ..... and it smacks the momma in her face.

The momma starts making weird noises, I can only equate them to a cat trying to throw up a hair ball and starts wiping her face frantically. She quickly starts running back down the drive in the direction of the house, leaving The Mighty Huntress to follow as best she can with her retractable leash still attached.

The momma reaches the house having shed her jacket and t-shirt in the process and quickly removes her jeans before getting in the house. The window to the bathroom is open and I hear lots of running water and more sounds of a cat trying to hork up a hairball. Finally she returns smelling of soap and lots of mouthwash. She gingerly picks up the clothes she shed outside and puts them in the washer. She was thinking of burning them!

You know pups, there is obviously a design flaw in snakes as this is the second time one has come apart and smacked the momma in her face! This certainly wasn't my fault, because how could I know the snake was flawed like that?

Sorry mom!


Make up your mind people!

June 13th 2011 6:47 am
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Well pups I was once again helping the peeps do some yard work this weekend. The peeps kept pointing out to me chipmunk and ground squirrel holes and I would dutifully investigate them.

After chasing some critters back into there holes and listening to them running in their tunnels, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went into one flower bed, listened, and then I started to dig. And I dug! And I dug! Suddenly I hear, "Abby, no". I am then unceremoniously removed from the flower bed with a firm tug on my collar.

Geez people! You tell me to corner those rodents and then when I start digging one out, you tell me "NO"! Yes, I dug up part of that flower, but mom had mentioned she needed to thin it out anyway. I was just helping her get started. The hole I dug, OK, it is quite large, and possibly a small child might go missing in it, but you guys like shovelling dirt so what is the problem.

I honestly think I was being helpful!!


Is it working now?!?

June 7th 2011 7:01 am
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Hello pups. I know my comments for my diary hasn't been working, but I am hoping it is up and running now.

Mommy was away this weekend so it was just me and daddy spending quality time together. I was off leash for a while and while daddy was working I decided to chase a deer. I had so much fun! Yes, I did limp a bit afterwards, but by the next morning I was all better.

Now that I am off leash a bit more, I am once again on rabbit, deer, ground squirrel and gopher patrol. Oh, and I can't forget those pesty chipmunks.
I have still not been swimming in my river mainly because it is so high right now and the current is very swift. The river is so high that most of the ferries that cross over it are not running due to the high water and strong current.

Well must go patrol my yard, pups. Later pups!


I had fun

May 30th 2011 6:05 am
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This weekend was the first time since I injured my leg last September that I was off leash for most of the day. I had a pawsome time! I was told to not get in any trouble or to run, jump or chase anything. Good advise!

With daddy working in one end of the yard and the momma in the other end, I decided to take off running down our long drive. I finally had to stop when mom comes running towards me and both the peeps are yelling at me to not hurt my leg. To appease the peeps, I lie in the middle of the drive and sun myself.

A while later mom sees me jogging in the field and I am definitely in pursuit of something. Was I after a rabbit? I will never tell!!

Even later a Richardson Ground Squirrel starts to annoy the pawrents. I jump into action and start chasing it in the shrubs. I chase it all around the shrubs, I jump over the shrubs, I jump in the shrubs. I am finally forced to quit when the peeps became concerned that I might hurt myself.

Yes pups, I was limping last night so I may have over done it a bit. Was it worth it though?!? You bet it was! What a pawsome day!


The Mighty Huntress (2011 Edition, Volume 2)

May 13th 2011 5:52 am
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The momma and The Mighty Huntress are out for an afternoon walk. The Mighty Huntress does her business and her and the momma continue walking around the garden.

Suddenly, The Mighty Huntress stops, her ears perk up in attention, a quiver of anticipation rushes through her body. She sniffs again, leans back on her back legs and then pounces. Success!! She pulls her head up and immediately starts shaking the snake in her patented overhead shake.

The momma shrieks and jumps out of the way as The Mighty Huntress releases the snake from her jaws.

Then The Mighty Huntress gets put on her tie out as the momma cleans up the carnage. Daddy comes home during this clean up and all he can say is "I take it the pup was involved!"


The Things People Do

May 2nd 2011 7:12 am
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Good morning pups!

Yesterday was a nice day and I was helping the peeps plant some trees. Mom needed to go to the garage and get something and while walking there she started to smell smoke. She looked across the river and saw smoke billowing from the trees over there and a car racing away.

Now two years ago, pups, there was another fire in the exact same place. You would think people would learn that the tall grass is very dry and you shouldn't be starting fires near it.

Sure enough, a few minutes after the car raced away it came back being quickly followed by a few trucks and then the emergency vehicles came to put the fire out. You just don't need excitement like that, pups!

To my Canadian friends. Remember today is the Federal Election so please encourage your humans to get out and vote!


My Dental Update

April 29th 2011 5:19 am
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Well pups, I did great at my dental. I had three questionable teeth that everyone was sure would need to be pulled. I had all my teeth cleaned and then the questionable ones were x-rayed, illuminated, and probed. They were found to be intact, with no pulp leaking, so they were "sealed" to prevent further wear. I will have a sore mouth for the next few days, but the vet, mom and I were all happy I didn't need any extractions.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts, they obviously worked!!


Mommy's home!!!

April 26th 2011 6:34 am
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Yippee! Mommy's home after spending the Easter weekend with grammy and her brother. I stayed home and helped daddy around the house.

Just before mommy left for grammy's she took me on a very long walk. When we were returning from the walk I went into the ditch and started to dig. And I dug, and I dug and I dug and finally I came up with a nice fat Richardson Ground Squirrel. I was so happy with my treasure and I laid it gently on the road. Just as I laid it on the road mom jerks my collar and tells me to "Leave it". She then starts walking briskly away and I have no choice but to follow, but I keep looking back at my treasure. Then to my horror I see it, pups. A giant hawk comes circling overhead, swoops down and flies off with my treasure. All I could do was look at mom who had the audacity to say, "you snooze you loose". She also said that the critter would have had my daily dose of parasites and worms, and that I didn't need it and I was better off without it!

It is drying up nicely here and I have been going for walks down by the river. Every spring there are the claws of fresh water crabs on the riverbank, and I love feasting on them. Mom took me down there after she got home yesterday and she helped me find a whole bunch of them.

If you could keep your paws crossed for me on Thursday, it would be appreciated. I am having my dental on Thursday and mom is sure I might need at least one tooth removed. I will update you pups as soon as my dental is over and I am home. No need to send me rosettes, but positive thoughts are always welcome!!


Please read my pal Lobo's Diary

April 15th 2011 9:09 am
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Pups, my pal Lobo became very ill a couple days ago and needed to be rushed to the vet. Turns out he had tick paralysis. My mom has heard about tick paralysis but did not know what the symptoms were. Lobo's mom describes his symptoms very well in his diary and luckily, it looks like Lobo will make a full recovery. It is snowing here today, but tick season is just around the corner for our province.

Hope you are feeling much better, Lobo, and thank you to your mom for telling us about the symptoms of this disorder.


You know what they say about Karma

April 14th 2011 1:18 pm
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It is finally spring. The ice is off the river and the yard is very mucky. To prove how mucky and muddy it was, mom decided to get her truck stuck in the mud in the yard. She got stuck real good and daddy had to get the tractor going to pull the truck out of the mud.

Serves her right I say as she got stuck after taking me to the vet! I got poked and prodded pups and the momma held me the hold time. Can you imagine! I had a small growth on my one eyelid and the vet said if mom could hold me he would clip it off. Clip it off! Excuse me no pain killers, nothing! Mom!! What does she do -- she holds me as the vet clips off the small growth. I got weighed and tip the old Toledo's at 74 pounds and to think mom thought I was fat. The vet said I was just right.

I got my vaccines, which I hated, and could someone tell me why I needed my temperature taken for a check up? The vet also said I need to be on the leash for at least another 6 months to ensure my leg heals properly. I did not like hearing that at all. To top this all off, I have a "suspect" tooth and will be having a cleaning and possible extraction after Easter. I so do not like the sounds of that!!

Let's see I used my karma to get mom stuck in the yard after that horrible vet visit, wonder how I can use my karma on mom after my dental procedure.

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