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What, Me Fussy?

September 20th 2011 6:39 am
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Well pups, I went to the vet yesterday and was told I need to gain some weight. I am currently 31.2 kg (68 lbs) and the vet wants me to be at least 33.5 kg (73 lbs), so I guess I need to eat more.

In the last few months mom has tried several brands of food on me that she thought I should devour, but apparently I am quite fussy and don't eat with the gusto I should.

My favorite thing is something called Rollover and I think it is pawsome. The first four ingredients are beef liver, lung, heart and kidney. Yummy! For some reason, mom doesn't like giving this to me daily, and I get dry kibble. Right now I am picking at Royal Canin German Shepherd 24. It's OK but not great. Mom just picked up a bag of Pro Plan Shredded Lamb and Rice and that seems to be alright, but for how long I will eat it I don't know.

I am curious what foods you pups eat and how often are you fed. Do you get fed morning and evening or do you have free choice all day. What about treats? Should mom be giving me more treats maybe?

I did catch and devour a rabbit a few weeks ago, but mom is discouraging me from these endeavours! As winter is coming, I guess I will have to, sadly, put my hunting skills away for another year.

Mom has also tried, parmesan cheese, oregano and yogurt on my kibble to some success. Any suggestions you might have is appreciated.


Things have changes

September 12th 2011 7:21 am
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Today is a year since I ruptured my CCL while running across a field. Mom says she knew I was hurt as soon as I went down, because I fell so hard. I got up as quickly as I could and hobbled back to mom that afternoon. She waited a couple of days before taking me to the vet, and the vet said this was the right thing to do, as sometimes fresh CCL injuries are hard to diagnose.

After examining me and recommending I get a second opinion from the Veterinary College, the vet said to mom, "this is a hard injury for both the pet and owner to come back from". And it has been.

There are two surgical options in our province for dogs with CCL injuries and mom went with the less invasive one. Even though this one has a much longer recovery period, she didn't like the complications associated with the second option. The second option involved breaking my leg and repositioning the knee. As I already have moderate to severe arthritis in that leg, this didn't make sense to mom.

In the last few weeks, I have finally been able to greet daddy the way I used to when he comes home. I run down the stairs and greet him now, just like I used, but I can no longer jump up on him. I can't do anything that might involve jumping, like playing fetch or frisbee.

My gait has changed and this is most evident when I am running. Sometimes, when I am tired, I have trouble getting up the stairs.

I hope none of you pups ever rupture your CCL, but if you do, join Orthodogs on Yahoo! Groups. They were and still are invaluable for advise. Get a second opinion on the surgical options and discuss what the rehab will be.

I am starting be let off leash more which is fine by me. There was a good reason for keeping me on leash this long. Mom was told by the vet that I had a 50-70% chance of rupturing my other CCL in the first 12-18 months after this injury. The Veterinary College told her it was a 60-80% chance I would rupture the other one in this time frame. This makes a lot of sense because I was putting so much more weight on my other leg while I was recovering. But, so far so good and we taking it one day at a time.


Can you see me?

August 9th 2011 7:40 am
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Well pups, it appears that I have a disappearing profile picture. Sometimes you see me and sometimes you don't! I have asked HQ to look into this for me. Thanks to all the pups that have mentioned this to me and hopefully it will be resolved soon.


Yeah for me!

August 6th 2011 7:24 am
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The other day before dad left for work the peeps were talking about the garden. Mom said she was trying a new variety of pumpkin called "Autumn Joy" and that they start out yellow!

I went to daddy and and he scratched me head, and dad said that I was his everyday joy!

Yeah for me!


The Mighty Huntress, 2011 Edition (Volume 4)

August 3rd 2011 6:41 am
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The Mighty Huntress and her momma are out for their evening walk. They are walking down the half mile road to the main grid. The momma stops to look off in the horizon at the canola and flax crops. The Mighty Huntress is keeping her eyes peeled straight ahead of her.

Suddenly a juvenile duck emerges from the water filled ditch and stands on the edge of the road. The momma says, "Abby, leave it". Good advise, mom!

The duck watches the Mighty Huntress, the Mighty Huntress watches the duck, the momma looks at an owl sitting in the tree and is paying little attention. Suddenly a squack is heard.

All I'm saying is if a duck crosses the road in front of me, it is fair game!


A Happy Ending

July 12th 2011 6:58 am
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Pups, there really are angels out there watching over us.

In February a rescue group in Regina called Bright Eyes Dog Rescue (BEDR), took in some American Eskimos dogs from a bad situation. Ten days later one of the dogs, Cody, went missing. Now February is cold in Saskatchewan pups, so is March by April it should be warming up, but Cody went missing in the coldest part of the winter. There were several Cody sightings during this time, but he was a very shy timid dog, not used to human contact, and he ran from anyone trying to capture him.

Pups, last weekend, Cody was finally recaptured and is now back safe in the care of BEDR. He is a little worse for wear after his 5 months on the lam and he will need a Femoral Head Ostectomy on his one leg. BEDR is now thinking of ways to raise the money for this needed surgery.

If your peeps are on Facebook they can see and read about Cody on the Bright Eyes Dog Rescue page.

BEDR has asked that Cody's story be shared and to thank all the people that kept an eye out for him, left food for him and helped bring him back to the rescue.

Cody, consider your story shared.


The Mighty Huntress (2011 Edition, Volume 3)

July 5th 2011 11:17 am
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The Mighty Huntress and the momma are out for their morning walk. The Mighty Huntress is on her leash and they head off down the long drive. Suddenly the Huntress stops, sniffs and comes up with a snake in her mouth. As she is shaking the snake it comes apart and ...... DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH ..... and it smacks the momma in her face.

The momma starts making weird noises, I can only equate them to a cat trying to throw up a hair ball and starts wiping her face frantically. She quickly starts running back down the drive in the direction of the house, leaving The Mighty Huntress to follow as best she can with her retractable leash still attached.

The momma reaches the house having shed her jacket and t-shirt in the process and quickly removes her jeans before getting in the house. The window to the bathroom is open and I hear lots of running water and more sounds of a cat trying to hork up a hairball. Finally she returns smelling of soap and lots of mouthwash. She gingerly picks up the clothes she shed outside and puts them in the washer. She was thinking of burning them!

You know pups, there is obviously a design flaw in snakes as this is the second time one has come apart and smacked the momma in her face! This certainly wasn't my fault, because how could I know the snake was flawed like that?

Sorry mom!


Make up your mind people!

June 13th 2011 6:47 am
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Well pups I was once again helping the peeps do some yard work this weekend. The peeps kept pointing out to me chipmunk and ground squirrel holes and I would dutifully investigate them.

After chasing some critters back into there holes and listening to them running in their tunnels, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went into one flower bed, listened, and then I started to dig. And I dug! And I dug! Suddenly I hear, "Abby, no". I am then unceremoniously removed from the flower bed with a firm tug on my collar.

Geez people! You tell me to corner those rodents and then when I start digging one out, you tell me "NO"! Yes, I dug up part of that flower, but mom had mentioned she needed to thin it out anyway. I was just helping her get started. The hole I dug, OK, it is quite large, and possibly a small child might go missing in it, but you guys like shovelling dirt so what is the problem.

I honestly think I was being helpful!!


Is it working now?!?

June 7th 2011 7:01 am
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Hello pups. I know my comments for my diary hasn't been working, but I am hoping it is up and running now.

Mommy was away this weekend so it was just me and daddy spending quality time together. I was off leash for a while and while daddy was working I decided to chase a deer. I had so much fun! Yes, I did limp a bit afterwards, but by the next morning I was all better.

Now that I am off leash a bit more, I am once again on rabbit, deer, ground squirrel and gopher patrol. Oh, and I can't forget those pesty chipmunks.
I have still not been swimming in my river mainly because it is so high right now and the current is very swift. The river is so high that most of the ferries that cross over it are not running due to the high water and strong current.

Well must go patrol my yard, pups. Later pups!


I had fun

May 30th 2011 6:05 am
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This weekend was the first time since I injured my leg last September that I was off leash for most of the day. I had a pawsome time! I was told to not get in any trouble or to run, jump or chase anything. Good advise!

With daddy working in one end of the yard and the momma in the other end, I decided to take off running down our long drive. I finally had to stop when mom comes running towards me and both the peeps are yelling at me to not hurt my leg. To appease the peeps, I lie in the middle of the drive and sun myself.

A while later mom sees me jogging in the field and I am definitely in pursuit of something. Was I after a rabbit? I will never tell!!

Even later a Richardson Ground Squirrel starts to annoy the pawrents. I jump into action and start chasing it in the shrubs. I chase it all around the shrubs, I jump over the shrubs, I jump in the shrubs. I am finally forced to quit when the peeps became concerned that I might hurt myself.

Yes pups, I was limping last night so I may have over done it a bit. Was it worth it though?!? You bet it was! What a pawsome day!

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