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Jounral of a Jedi in the Form of a Little Dog

A Dog Lover's Prayer

August 23rd 2009 9:46 pm
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I'm reading Sheltie Talk right now, and it has a couple of poems at the very end of the book that I'd like to share.

A Dog Lover's Prayer
Lord, you know that there would be times when man would need another kind of friend--one who would not criticize, nor blame, nor make demands, nor question. One who would only listen and love.
And so you gave us the dog. Not just one dog, but a dog to suite every temperament and personality.
Lord, we thank you for man's best friend. Help us to remember that he also belongs to you.
Therefore, while we are to enjoy him, we are not to mistreat him, nor alter his health and ability to function by breeding to suite our foolish whims. We are not to thwart his purpose by keeping him isolated where he cannot learn to function in our world.
Teach us, Lord, not to inflict pain and suffering to gain our selfish ends--sometimes as frivilous as a purple ribbon, and not to breed so many of his kind that homes cannot be found and he is left homeless and starving, or sentenced to death in a shelter.
Help us, Lord, to love our friend, the dog, in such a way that it reflects your love and compassion for mankind, whom you have called your friend.

M. Kummer
As a pup I dreamed and wondered
What life could hold in store:
For ME, I thought, there's something GREAT
Beyond that kennel door.

Out there are needy people
And I have much to give:
Love, and wit, and gentleess,
To help them learn to live.

I'd be someone's protector,
Keep little ones from harm,
Or guide an old man's weary steps,
Or help to run a farm.

I'd run and bark and jump and play
With friends along a sandy shore.
I'd roll in meadows thick and green
That lie beyond that kennel door.

I lay here waiting--longing,
As the days and years crept by;
My owner kept me fed and brushed,
But inside, let me die.

I do not think of greatness now,
I'm old and filled with pain.
My owner has some ribbons,
But I have lived in vain.

I cannot think what could have been,
My dreams are filled with hope no more,
Just floor and walls and broken heart
For me behind this kennel door.

CCA "Bulliten"
Feb 1984


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