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My Thoughts for Sunday - What is dying?

May 10th 2008 2:13 pm
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What is dying? What happens after someone dies? This is a question that many people are afraid to ask. Dying is shunned and for good reason. Man is, and well he should be, afraid of the unknown. First, I will answer the second question.
There are many religions that claim to know what happens after someone dies. The Islams believe that if a person's good outweigh their bad, that you will go to Heaven and have many wives. The Mormons believe almost the same in that if a person's good outweighs their bad, that that person will go to Heaven. In fact, the if the good outweighs bad, Heaven is believed by almost all religions. Except one. It is called Christianity, and it is not a religion, but rather a relationship between the created - man- and the Creator - God. Christianity is my "religion".
The Bible tells you what happens after you die. If I have received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I will go to Heaven. If not, I will go to Hell. Pure and simple.
For the saved Christian death is nothing to fear. As I will confirm with some last words from saved Christians from the past.
"Oh yes, I have known Him these forty years. Precious Savior! He is my only hope."
William Beveridge (1637-1708), his response to "Do you know Jesus?"

"Into They hands do I commend my spirit, for Thou hast redeemed me, Oh, Lord!"
Ansgar, 801-865

"Oh, Lord, shall I die at all? Shall I die at all? Yes! Why, then, oh Lord, if ever, why not now?"
Joseph Alleine, 1634-1668

Of course, the Bible puts it best:
Oh, grave where is they victory? Death where is thy sting?

For the lost [a person who hasn't accepted Jesus's gift of eternal life] person, however, death is terrible.

God chooses when to take one of us home, which is when our work on earth is done. What is a Christian's work? To tell others about His gift of eternal life and how they can receive it. When our work on earth is done, God takes us on home to Heaven. So, I won't die until it is God's will for me to do so. Unless, of course, I do something dumb like walk out in front of a car.
Now it is time to answer that first question. What is dieing? For the lost, dieing is their spirit departing from they're body and going down into Hell, which is probably in the center of the earth.
For the saved person, dieing is going to Heaven to be with the Lord Jesus Christ for eternity.

"Going out into life - that is dying."
--Henry Ward Beecher, 1813-1887


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