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Jounral of a Jedi in the Form of a Little Dog

Another "Multipost"!

October 13th 2007 9:31 am
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The "mutlipost" that I did on my last entry is a good idea I think. So I did did it again. Only this time, I only have two.
Park Day...FUN, FUN, FUN!
Went to the park again Friday. You won't believe it! Cookie KNEW she couldn't go, and took it all out on me! The old GROUCH! Well, I got to go anyway. This time we completely missed PE because we were really late. All the more fun for me! I didn't have to sit around while mistress got plenty of excercise. Anyway, I gave everyone a good workout. When it was cookie time, I snatched part of mistress' cookie when she had to turn her head because one of her friends was talking to her. Hey, I wasn't being bad. She wasn't holding it close to me, but when she looked away her hand (with the cookie in it) went closer to my face. What else could that mean if it wasn't ment for me? I had to do lots of tricks this time 'round. People saw mistress goin' over a few tricks with me and wanted me to perform for them. Let's just say I kinda did, but I always save my best for mistress. Oh, and you know I can balance like a cat? Even land square on my paws when I fall. While mistress' mom was driving I got up onto the top of her seat without even falling. I placed my paws on her shoulder, but it hurt her, so I had to get down. Mistress is listeing to a CD while I am typing this. Veggie Tales Worship Songs. Pretty good. (We're Veggie Tales' #1 fans here! *hee-hee*) Oh, and be sure to look at my profile as I updated it.
(Written on Monday)
Oh boy! Presents!
On Saturday last week, mistress and her mom went to the library to go on the interent. Mitsress' mom also ended up going to 2 grocerie stores (Wal-Mart & Harvey's), and spending 2 hours getting the truck's oil changed at Wal-Mart Lube Express (right next to the store). They came back with some presents for me (some were for Cookie too). My favorite was my new toy: a squisky stuffed ball that squeaks, I loved it... until it squeaked at me. I named this toy Rollover (hey tha'ts what balls do!). She also got me a beautiful new food dish (w/ paw prints all over it); it's actually a cat dish, but I'm so small and there was no dog dishes small enough for me. I only require half a packet of Moist'N'Meaty with some Lassie Natural Way dried food. (Cookie requires a whole bowl of Natural Way with a whole packet of Moist'N'Meaty.) I get full fast, so I usually only end up eating half of my supper. Those dog bowls that were too big could hold 3x as much food as I eat in a night! Mistress also got a new Combo brush. She'll need it for Cookie's CGC test because the last one got lost somehow. WHOOP-EEEEE! Now I won't always have to be brushed with the Greyhound comb or Slicker brush! The last thing (for Cookie and me) was Scooby Snacks (from Snausages). Mistress' mom usualy gets some chicken flavored strips. Mistress talked her into getting some the Scooby Snacks instead this time. The only problem is they are very crunching, and take a long time for me to finish. So they will just be a little snack, not training treats. Well, gotta go take my monthly heart-worm treat (YEAH!) and flea meds (BOOOOOOOOOOOO!)!


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