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Jounral of a Jedi in the Form of a Little Dog

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October 6th 2007 1:08 pm
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These are all my week's entrys packed into one exciting entry! The lone sentence written under the day it was written is the title of that particular entry.
(Written on October 5th (a Friday))
The Verdict:
I can't go to grandma's house. Well, at least I'll get to see some more pictures and videos of Snoopy and Sadie when mistress gets back home tommorow. Tommorow morning wer'e going on Dogster again, so maybe Snoopy or Sadie will put something in their diaries about mistress and her brother's visit. Mistress is going to let Snoopy play with Rover, my sutffed Dalmatian. But she'll have to keep a close eye on him while he playing with it. If he gets a chance he'll walk off into one of his hiding places and tear it up. Rover doesn't look much like a stuffie no more anyway. I tore several holes and knocked the stuffings out of him (BarkOL)! Well, see you Dogsters tommorow morning.
(Written October 4th (a Thursday))
Why Can't I Go?!?
Today was okay. I got played with, petted, and rested. As usual. Cookie actually played with a toy today! But it only lasted for 5 minutes. I've tried over and over to convince her that playing with toys is the greatest fun in all thwe orld, but she doesn't believe me. When I tried to jump onto mistress' dad's bed I didn't get quite far enough, and found my self hanging onto one of the bars on the side with my front paws. Mistress picked me up and set me on the bed. Mistress is going to the fire station instead of P.E. tommorow, so I can't go to that wonderful park. Then it's off to her friend Rachel's house for a tea party (maybe I can go to that). Then it's back home to do shcool. (Mistress is homeschooled.) And after school mistress and her brother are going to Grandma's house for the night. I don't think I get to go. That's a shame because Snoopy and Sadie live there and I haven't met them face to face yet. I would especially like to meet Snoopy. He's cool. He switches "z's" for "s's", so he says "what'z up" instead of "what's up". I'll see about asking if I can go. Mistress is going to take pictures too, and wouldn't it be a great picture of me, Snoopy, and Sadie? Oh well. That's all fur today.
(Written October 3rd (a Wednesday))
Someone Let Me Explore!
Today Mistress and her brother were gone for about 2 hours. She was the Nature Center (@ Crooked River State Park) disecting owl pellets. They came back each with a bag of teeny-tiny bones. I got to exploe some this morning. The nice aid that takes care of mistress' dad came, and guess what? Mistress told me to stay of course and I would have, but the aid just held the door open it open and didn't close it. What else could it be but an invitation for me to explore the street? I walked up to her, looked up at her to say thank you, and ran off to my own adventures. Of course, everyone tried to call me back. They just didn't understand. While mistress was gone (the neighbor brought her and her brother to where they were going) her mom got out into the truck to get me and bring me home. That's okay, 'cause by the time she found me I'd had enough adventure anyway. I'd recognise that truck anywhere. I even ran up to her truck (when I was good 'n' ready), and she brought me home. Oh, and I got one over on Cookie today. If you've read my past few entries then you know mistress gave me some little shirts. I didn't like it, but just to be polite I didn't take my shirt off till she wasn't around. This morning Cookie had to wear a T-shirt! Hahaha! It (hahaha) was a faded Snoopy shirt that said (hahaha) "I feel Loved!" (hahaha). I can't help laughing; it's dog-goned rediculous! Well that's all fur now. Time for my afternoon nap.
P.S. I guess I better be careful and not go outside by myself. Mistress' mom says that since it's close to Halloween someone might steal me and sacrifice me to the devil. *gasp!* I hate Halloween. It's the devil's holiday, and we are Christians at this house. Can't wait till Thanksgiving.
(Written October 2nd (a Tuesday)).
No Snuggles?
All day I've been whining occasionally. Can't anybody around here take a hint? There is a TORNADO several miles from here! The humans think I'm having a bad day or want more attention or something. Cookie is always afraid of storms, so she's help. I'm NOT scared of no thunderstorm (just come to my house during one and I'm as calm as ever). I'm scared of the possibleility of tornados that we happen to have today! I tried to play tug of war with mistress, but Cookie thought I wasn't following the rules and that I was biting mistress (which I was NOT). So what does she do? She leaps over me, and growls bloodly murder *grrrrrrrrrr right back you over-bossy brute* (I'm feisty). At first I thought she didn't want me to play with my squeaky soccer bone. So I quit playing with it and played with my ball instead.


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