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Jounral of a Jedi in the Form of a Little Dog

Fooey, No Water

September 10th 2007 2:52 pm
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(Written on August 30th)
A few entries ago, I said I was going to the water park. I could if it wasn't for one crazy thing...why does the 9th have to be on a Sunday? Can't go on a Sunday; it's the day my humans go to Church. I was looking foward to it too. Couldn't that silly old park choose Saturday as the last day? Hmmm...maybe it IS open for dogs on that day too. I'll have to ask my humans to check...
P.S. You're probable wondering if I'm a water Sheltie. (After all, Shelties are supposed to hate water so much that they try to get the humans out.) I'm not sure yet. I'll give it a try. If I like it, I'll dive right in with everybody. If not, THEN I'll bark everyone out.
September 10 update: I didn't get to go. That water park! Aaaaarrrrrg! I thought things were supposed to be closed on Sundays. Now they've gone and messed up my *whine*grrrrr*
NOTE: You dogs probable wonder why most of my (and Cookie's) entries say "written on 'blahblahblah' and Transferred to Dogster on 'blahblahblah'". See, we couldn't afford to keep the internet, so mistress's dad got rid of it. At least for a while. So, Cookie and I write our journals ahead of time, and mistress posts them for us. You're probable wondering now how the bark we answer paw-mails and join groups. Well...this is TOP SECRET information, so don't blab it around to the humans. Cookie and I get FREE internet service from TDS just for being dogs. We use the computer when the humans are asleep or gone somewhere. The only way TDS will let us keep getting free web is if we never ever tell our humans. So, if you tell your humans, then we won't be able to do much on Dogster any more. THAT WOULD BE A DISASTER! We just do the "journal at the library" thing to throw the humans off track. No fear of them reading it, because even if they do, they think we're just kidding. We'll get the human's web back in a few months, then we can quit this secret stuff. *wink* Oh, and if you happen to read my journal...please send a paw-mail and let me know how you like it. I'll give you some virtual bones if you do...


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