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Jounral of a Jedi in the Form of a Little Dog

Howard People's Park (just gotta love that place!)

September 10th 2007 2:50 pm
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(Written on September 7th (Friday), and transferred to Dogster on September 10th (Monday))
Today, we went to Howard People's Park for mistress's PE again. Today's sport was Tennis. Got a little upset when I saw all those Tennis balls and couldn't chase even one, but I behaved like a little doggie gentleman...except for pulling on the leash. I didn't growl, didn't bark, and didn't snap. Actually I never do those things. Well, okay I bark (but not much) and I growl, but for fun, not for "back off" purposes...and not at little kids either. Only when I'm playing. Yes sir, other than pulling on the leash, I was a real Canine Good Citizen today! I did pee, but only on 2 trees...and I ONLY mark if another dog left a message worth answering there. Nobodie's ever scolded me for marking, so it must be okay. And, since I'm neutered, I don't do it much. Well, anyway, after PE mistress took me for a walk on the playground. But then she was talking to some else about me and Cookie and some cat...Tinker Bell was her name. It seems mistress used to have a cat and it died a year ago. Why, mistress, I never would thought it of you! Mistress is great for a person who's been corrupted by a cat though. Soon it was time to go home, and we left. With 1 stop. No wait, 2 stops. The Library (for a book), and the Dollar Store. So that's where my humans get their money from! I never knew you could buy dollars. Must be a great bargain. But if someone's selling all those dollars, why don't they use them instead of selling them? After all, to make it worth it to buy some dollars you have to buy more dollars than you spend buying them, right? The owner of the dollar store must be pretty ingorant. Or maybe he's rich. If my people went there more often they could afford to buy a chicken burito all for me! *hint*hint*hint*


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