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virgie's life in Brisbane Australia

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tagged by teddy and chad

November 4th 2008 9:37 pm
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today i was tagged by teddy.write 7 facts and then pass themon to seven friends who havve to tag another 7 friends.
seven facts are:
1. my name is virgil morre but prefer virgie nickname is pupy cog.
3. i live in australia.
4. i just love giving away kisses.
5. i love dogster and all my friends i have met.
6. i love my family.
7. i am a maltese x but don't what i am crossed with?
my friends i have tagged are :
georgie girl
teddy and my love tink.


i am sooo excited

June 29th 2008 3:33 am
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today aunty jo got to met duncan's parents,they are so nice and so down to earth i am so pleased and honoured to have them as friends,one day i will go and visit them.We had supper and then a quick walk around Brisbane(my home town)i will post the happy snaps whhen i receive them once again friends are friends no matter what colour,creed,religion or lack of religion they maybe,so guys and gals value your friends and family always cause everyone is special and true friendships are rare.


a dog tail

June 25th 2008 10:52 pm
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guess what i was good for a record two whole days,now i am back there again,this time i was very naughty, i growled at mummy when she had baby Caleb in her arms.My side of the story is like this,last night was in the low 40"s which is very cold for us,winter or no winter anyway i like jumping up on the sofa and stretching out,well so does mummy,she has a special place on it where she feeds Caleb,anyway she tried to move me and i did not want to be moved and my hip was sore(cold weather always makes it very sore,I don't know why mummy did not remember)anyways I stayed where I was,she got cranky and picked me up and moved me,so I growled at her for moving me,it hurt me more than her so i ran hiding,then came out later and apologised,gee was I a sorry little pup after that,I promised not to growl when she nursing Caleb and I think she realised also that it hurt,so we both were unhappy,but today was better.


well a lot has happened in my furry life since my last diary- entry

March 8th 2008 3:53 pm
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As you can see withe assistance of my special friend Pop i have updated my page,my grandma has been admitted to hospital,she is till there at the moment,although she is now in rehabilitation ward,my little brother Caleb has grown and is growing every day,Aunty Jo is working at the local supermarket two nights a week,stocking the shelves,we call it Night Filling, i have become a admin for a group of very special doggies, and havegenerally been a very busy puppy,cause guess what I am allowed to vist Grandma so i do this on weekends,when not many staff around,Aunty Jo goes and visit's her mummy probably three times a week,so daytime things are out and most correspondence is down night time my time usually early hours of the morning majority of your time zones.
Also I have become pretty good in the cooking deparment,gee i just remembered, I have to buy a new can opener,have blunted the other hehehehehe.
Sorry if this old news for some,but unfortunately i have promised myself to do this and then everything happened at once.
Lots of doggy licks for all.


stay tuned for a huge upgrade

December 25th 2007 6:07 pm
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auntie jo is going to upgrade my page soon so please stay tuned and thank you all my friends for your prayers when i was sick,christmas day was huge for me too many visitors and this morning i was unwell again,it is a public holiday thus mummy frantic,but vet was on call so said to keep an eye on me.hopefully will be better soon as i hate being ill and worrying all my family .anyway stay tuned to my upgraded page and enjoy also we are upgrading the music also,to be all Australian artists to coincide with my Aussie Bah at Fancypants Cafe January stay tuned will make a definite arrangements very soon.


mummy has only 1 week left

November 8th 2007 3:10 am
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help,mummy has only 1 week left before human delivery,me has been very good and when she feels like i am getting in her way she shoos me outside.just thought you guys would like that update


vIrgie was good and bad

October 27th 2007 4:38 pm
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Yesterday my daddy put a cement slab for Auntie Jo and I supervised,I was patient and passed his tools when he needed them thus a very good puppy,then as the day got hotter i got bored and even though Auntie Jo had left her garage door open.Daddy had closed the gate,but I had some room to play and adequate water also there was some shade for me to lie down.
Anyway Auntie Jo came and inspected our work and as soon as she opened the gate I decided I needed some exercise so I ran as quickly as all four paws can.Anyway these created a panic to where I was,as we live near a very busy main road ,even on the weekend has soooo many cars and other vehicles after a few minutes Auntie Jo thought she would try my house and there I was looking happy to see someone(mummy had gone out shopping with another friend of hers),she quickly told daddy and luckily I don;'t think Mummy knows as she is only three weeks off delivery day.I was told I was a good boy for going straight home,but naughty also for running like that.


I behaved myself at mummy's baby shower,but- .....................

October 21st 2007 11:11 pm
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Yesterday Mummy had some friends(human) visit for a baby shower,new addition expected around Nov.18. Anyway mummy has a new name for me Stinky Bum for obvious reasons,anyway I behaved myself exceptionally well, no breaking wind,no fighting with Carlos(well he was no where to be seen anyways) and no scrounging for tit bits and definitely no begging, but.............. one thing which I thought I got clean away with.
As we all know us Maltese are little doggies anyway I went for a walk around the ladies when they were seated and I looked up one of mummy's friends skirt didn't see much of anything interesting fur is definitely better than underwear anyway.
Thought I wasn't caught but the victim(hehehehe) told mummy today and luckily she laughed with mummy about it and daddy said "well that's my boy".


i am honoured

October 13th 2007 4:59 am
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Today i was honoured with being Dog the Day for my group All Fun Fur,i really don't know what to say as I am a very humble puppy cog,love people,dogs and even cats like my brother Carlos except when he tries to swipe me,then I will always go to my mummy, and enjoy being on dogster as I have met some interesting animals and owners from all over the world.
Virgie is bowing down to all,Auntie Jo said all I want is a tummy rub,well this is true,but who really cares.
Anyway I should thank everyone who bestowed this honour on me,my mummy and daddy,even Carlos and especially Auntie Jo for being my paw secretary.


Virgie and the swimming pool

October 5th 2007 1:46 am
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As some of you are aware I don't like water very much and are very scared of big pools of water like the ocean or my pawents swimming pool,i usually bark and bark when anyone is swimming,i also run along the edge.
Today i fell in and scared myself,my mummy,Auntie Jo and Grandma Ethel,with my mummy being weeks off from delivery of my new sibling it was not a smart thing to do.I can dog paddle but panic when out of my depth,luckily mummy grabbed my collar,then after some big hugs and kisses i had to have a bath to get the chlorine out of my fur so mummy said i was not to go out pawting tonight,which i was sooo looking forward to.

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