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Gracie Mae`s Day

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I`ve been tagged!

October 20th 2007 4:21 am
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so here are the rules!

pick ten pals, send them a let them know they were tagged.
then list them in your diary and say something nice about them and the one who tagged you

tagged by misty she looks pretty in pink!

1) Rikee # 61014 is in tip top shape and those birds don`t stand a chance

2) Bingo # 590969 is a good looking angel
3) Buster # 442853 has some cool shades
4) Dante # 319599 looks great on the beach
5) Lancealot # 597723 is a good cook
6) Spot # 451718 stands straight and tall
7) Lilly # 646389 has the cutest ears!
8) Itsybout time #601995 is a party animal!
9) Mr wiggles #646963 knows how to get comfy!
10) Cooper # 285212 is a sweetie
ok thats 10 I`m done


oct 4th

October 4th 2007 2:13 pm
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haven`t written in awhile. I`ve been bowling on my group pawspot.
not too bad for my first time.
mom and dad are both working way too much. nobody gets to sleep in at all.
weathers been nice. and the skeeters are gone so mom lets us out more in the evenings.
Dilly hasn`t had any seizures for awhile. thats a very good thing.
all for now


sept 17th

September 17th 2007 12:51 pm
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thought I would pop in and update. mom&dad have been busy adding all the angel pups. and then the monster came back to Dilly 3 times last week.
he was doing so good! 11 months without. it sure upsets everyone when he does that.
I`ve made some friends, and mom joined me in a group that she says will be just me! Dylan goes all over, so it will be nice to have a place & friends that are just mine.
I`m still trying to be friends with the cat that lives in the barn, but last week it slapped my nose! how rude!
well time to go take my nap. a princess has got to keep up with her beauty sleep
till later


9/11 My 3 year GOTTA DAY!

September 11th 2007 2:25 pm
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3 years ago today mom and dad pulled into the driveway of my birth home. there was me and my sister left. they picked me. so I am in my forever home.
when I read about all the poor pups who wait so long for a forever home, and some never find it, I feel so lucky.
I am Daddy`s little princess!
and I don`t know what I would do without my Dilly to aggravate.
I love my life big yard, the comfy bed I sleep in. everything!
I wish all pups could be so lucky.


sept 3rd

September 3rd 2007 7:34 am
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daddys adding more pics of me! I take such good pics. not like my brother Dylan. he`s camera shy. but I think the whole world should see how cute I am! its been a fun weekend, sleeping, eating, and annoying Dilly. what better life for a princess!


sept 2

September 2nd 2007 8:11 am
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now I have music! way cool. Thanks Daddy! he loves his princess.
both mom and dad have the holiday weekend off. that gives me 3 days to sleep in with mom and nap with dad. happy day!
been learning my way around here and making new friends. this is such a fun place.


aug 28th

August 28th 2007 4:22 pm
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my aunt Vicki helped my mom give me a cool background! all princess`s need a better background.
thanks aunt vicki!

moms alittle slow when it comes to puters.


I was just tagged

August 27th 2007 8:14 am
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by my friend harley in canada!
Summer tag!
You are it.
We are summer love tagging you,the rules are simple . Copy this and paste it into your diary and then post 7 FACTS about yourself no one else woud notice.
Make sure you send a letter or a rosett with your love tag name in it

so heres my list

1 I have 1 brown eye and 1 blue eye

2 I have very tickelish feet.

3 I`m more a daddys girl

4 I just love to annoy my big brother Dylan

5 I`m scared of thunderstorms

6 my second fav passtime is napping

7 I have so meny nose slobbers on my favorite window you can hardly see out of it.

ok , now to go find my tag victums.

1 Zoey #270774

2 Molly #363666


Aug 21

August 21st 2007 12:12 pm
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what a weekend! mom&dad had a computer group gathering and were gone most of saturday, then sunday all of them came out here for breakfast! of course they all commented on how beautifull I was. I even let a couple of them pet me.I don`t usually let strangers touch me.I hate sticky fingers in my fur! at least its back to normal now!
mom took the most embaressing picture of me, she said she will put it in here. dad had the FLYSWATTER! I was under moms puter desk.
jeez, so not fair!
well time to go nap with my daddy.


Aug 14

August 14th 2007 9:27 am
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I sure like snoozen in the ac. Dylan keeps wanting mom to go outside,but its hot out there! I have to go lay in the shade.thats not near as nice as in the house.
moms still on the deep cleaning the hhouse and now in the mornings she is always outside. could there be another doings gonna happen?
more later

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