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Gracie Mae`s Day

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September 11th 2009 9:50 am
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for most of the world today is a sad day, and while mom never forgets those who lost thier lives,today has a happy memory in our house
its my gottcha day.
5 years ago today mom& dad pulled in the driveway of the house I was born at,scooped me up and brought me home.
Dylan & Jesse became my best friends, I still miss Jesse.

mom says the best way to honor the dead is to live,while we remember them, we go on with life



July 17th 2009 4:22 am
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well mom, its about time!

my diary needs updated alittle more often if ya dont mind!

I know its hard to come up with anything to write, cuz I dont do the silly or bad things the boys do, so just remind pups how pawfect I am!

so far the summer has been good, it rained out the fireworks our little town sets off, we were happy danceing about that!

the 2 new kitties mom and dad brought home are starting to come around, they arnt hiding as much, but they arnt my jesse, I really miss my kitty.

oh! I`m a judge in the top dogel contest!!! who knows more about beauty then me? so I was a pawfect choice for the job! it wouldnt be fair for me to compete! bol

well guess thats all for now, I`ll nip moms tail and make her write sooner next time



May 30th 2009 3:28 am
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tomorrow is my birfing day. I will be 5 my reign as princess is in its glory. I am not a fumbleing pup like Bryce, or a old grump like Dilly.
I`m right in the peek of my life.

when I wander around dogster, I read about all the homeless, or being rehomed,the poor victums of truly evil humans, and I realize I have the best birthday prezzy any pup could want.a safe and happy home.

and some of the best pup pals ever.

so happy birthday Gracie!



May 4th 2009 4:15 am
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well, the boys have had thier chance, now its my turn

mom and dads party was a good time had by all

well, cept me. I`m not crazy about all those peeps trambling in and out of my house way to much nosie and it interups my nap time

its been good having mom and dad off work for the week, so maybe a good thing did come out of it.
and roscoe `s dad was a very nice guy, he gave me bacon when he came for breakfast

we had a couple other four footed guests besides roscoe.
a baby mini aussie named cooper
and rue. rue `s mom said he was australian shepard/visla
but all the peep were laying money there was an airdale in the mix somewhere. no matter he was cute

well all for now



April 12th 2009 4:03 am
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finally! a warm sunny day!

while mom and the boys played in muck, I stretched out and snoozed in the sun. waking every now and then to chase off a jogger or a bike going down the road.

green grass and sunshine, our reward for getting thru the winter.
now if I could just get mom busy cooking breakfast



February 11th 2009 4:28 pm
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gee thanks suvi

Getting to know your furiends...

Copy this diary entry, and paste it into your diary. Read and then delete my answers. Then you can fill in your own! We can get to know our pals better!! Have fun!! Then send a rosette or pawmail to 4 pals and ask them to post it in their diary!!!!

1. What color is your collar?
I have a harness, I slip collars off my pointy head, its purple

2. What kind of food do you eat?
Diamond naturals lamb and rice

3. What are your favorite treats?
pigs ears and raw liver

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other??
my sweet kili!

5. Do you get Table Scraps?

6. What is your favorite toy?
Bryce & Jesse

7. When is your Birthday?
may 31

8. How many times a day do you get to eat?
we are free feed, but get a special breakfast

9. Do you have a favorite color?
dont have one

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
I think it’s a great way to get to know your friend!

I will send this to




cailey mae


Jan 5

January 5th 2009 4:38 am
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I had a wonderfull christmas and new year
got lots of prezzies, mom and dad had extra time off to be home with us.

now we start another year. its cold, the snow mostly melted but now theres ice in alot of places, its funny to watch bryce on it. the pup is clueless! I`m glad I was never like that!




December 22nd 2008 5:10 pm
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ok, I am no longer a fan of winter. it has jumped on us with both feet! and more snow coming enough is enough! hows a girl susposed to squat out there? it doesnt bother Dylan hes taller and has more insulation and Bryce is just a silly puppy and doesnt know any better.

at least I have christmas to look forward too. I just know there are some good prezzies for me under that tree.

but after that just a long cold winter.

I am so ready for spring



November 25th 2008 3:37 am
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mom is finally getting around to updating my diary

she has been off work all week for thanksgiving so what has taken her so long? it should have been first on her list!

she seems to think other things are more important. humpf!!!

but things are going good here everyone is happy and healthy,
I am very greatfull for that!
we are so lucky not to have the problems some of the other pups I see around do.

thank you great dog for all our blessings



October 11th 2008 3:45 am
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I think something is wrong with bryce! the boy just keeps getting bigger! he is bigger then me!!
if this keeps up he will be bigger then Dilly! what did mom and dad bring home??
if he catches up with megan I`m packing my little doggy bag and moving out!
I may be the smallest in the house but they both back away from me !

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