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My Odyssey

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Sleepovers and furblings!!

September 7th 2007 6:16 pm
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So I’m having my first puppy sleepover! Pinky whom the girls (you know mommy’s nieces) belong to is staying the night tonight. Only problem is she doesn’t like me very much. I just am trying to tell her how great it is she is here with waggy tails but every time I try to say hello she growls and yips and snarls at me… so sad. I wanted to tell her there are only 9 days separating me from cake and presents and all sorts of goodies. I was also gonna invite her, but I don't think she wants to come. Nevertheless I am so excited, but I mean wouldn’t you be. And wouldn’t you want to tell your furry friend all about it? She just has her own things to do I guess.

Ooooo and her food is tasty.. I tried a couple bits while no one was watching, but got in trouble when they saw me. I say it is their fault! I mean they know my favorite food and treat is anything new!! And she doesn’t eat the same food as me so what do they expect?

It is still great having another pup here. Now if I can just convince mommy to get me a fur brother or sister for my woof day I will be set!!!

9 days and counting….. Oh please oh please can’t I have a fur sibling!!!


And the count down begins!!!

September 2nd 2007 4:49 pm
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Wow I can't believe it!!! There are only two weeks left until my second woofday!!! Fourteen little days separate me from loads of pup gifts and treats! I am so excited I can hardly sit still. I wonder what I will get..... I wonder how many presents.....Oooooo wow I wish it were tomorrow instead of two weeks but it is just around the corner. Come on September 16th get here quick so I can have a blast!!!


Unidentified Barking Object

September 2nd 2007 4:43 pm
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So my family and I have been super busy lately. I went to visit my uncle (mommy’s brother) for a few days. I like it there because I can stay outside as long as I want and just have to bark to come inside. There are also lots of other pups around. It isn’t as good as camp because I can’t play with the other dogs but at least I get to see them. There is a doggy right on the other side of the fence too. His name is Dakota…Koty for short. He is all fluffy and white and is a real hot head. He doesn’t like anyone or any pup getting to close to his yard. He barks and barks and barks whenever you go too close… which of course means that it makes the best game in the World!!! I love to get him all flusterated at me. I play bow and wag my tail jumping around right in front of him at the fence and he barks and barks. Hehehe it is sooo much fun. You guys should all get a personal Koty to play with!
So while I was at uncie’s place mommy’s nieces and their uncle (not mommy’s brother tho) came to visit. I love them soooo much too. Well actual I love everybody and everypup but kidz are the bestest!! They stayed for most of the day and the girls’ uncle has started to wrestle with me. It’s funny because I drag him around and he is shocked that I can. Silly boy of course I can.
Oooo and mommy also took me on my first walk over at uncie’s place. There were soo many doggies in all the yards and I wanted to play with them all, but alas they weren’t allowed to come out and play.
This walk like so many others of mine had the strangest thing on it. I was wondering if any of you other pooches had ever experienced it. It occurs in the strangest places. It looks normal from a distance, just like any other that you might see but then as you get close everything changes. I call them UBOs... unidentified barking objects!! In most cases it is a barking house... you know, the house that barks at you as you pass but there are no dogs to be found. It really bugs me. I mean it is a big house not a pup so why does it bark? Where does the bark come from? I heard about haunted houses around Halloween last year and I wonder is that what it is a house haunted by doggies or is it the house that barks. I also had a barking ball and sometimes cars bark at me too, but there is no dog! What gives? What ever it is I wish that objects would be quiet and doggies would be the only thing that bark at me. That is the way the universe should be if you ask me.


Ahh.. finally I can breathe!!!

August 24th 2007 11:59 am
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Yeah!! Yippeee! Skipppie!! I am feeling sooo much better. There is no schpooge coming from my nose anymore. No schpooge! No Schpooge! Yeah! No mommy chasing me with Kleenexes. I mean I wouldn’t mind if she let me shred them but she would just wipe my nose and then take it away. Ooooo and the endless sniffling and snorting has finally ended. I thought it would never end. I even barked funny when I started barking again. It is terrible to have schpooge coming out your nose and I wouldn’t wish it on anypup!
So other than nappies, lots of medicine, some shorter walks and a little backyard time life has been pretty dull around here. I have gotten to enjoy some home-cooked meals courtesy of my mommy and an order from the doctor. She likes cooking for me and I am working on persuading her to a home-cooked diet, but she says she will have to look into it more first.
I can’t wait until I am all better! Then I will finally get to dig into those yummy looking treats I got from Kilo K9 for playing in the water. (easiest treats I ever got) They look soo yummy!!!


Been love tagged again!! Yipee!

August 20th 2007 11:10 am
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I've been love tagged by my cute friend Taco!!
So the rules are if you get love tagged by a dog write in your Diary as many dogs that you love as friends or as mates, and tell in there how and why you love them!!

So first up is Jasmine (372485) She is a pawsome pooch who has a mommy who really loves her. Plus you have to love those ears!!

Next is Izzi the Princess of Puppyville (591736) because besides being royalty (and my friend... aren't I lucky) She also know that harassing her boys is sooo important!

Gracie (173250) is next. She is a beautiful black lab and I sure hope she wins the wag and brag contest she is in. Plus her and her family are the reason mommy joined Dogster and let me have all this fun.

Brutis (449770) is a handsome fella who any girl pup would be lucky to have.

and last but certainly not least is

Hunter (587049) whose confessions make me wag my tail! Chicken New Year back at you Hunter!


Sicky Poo... Poo

August 20th 2007 10:50 am
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Hey there everybody. I am so happy to be back home and able to talk to all my pals here on Dogster. *sniffle, sniffle* I met a lot of good pals at camp this time including a wonderful black lab named Abby Labby and my bestest bud the golden retriever Mickey. I also met another Dogster pup there named Ace who is a German shepherd like me. Unfortunately *snort, sniffle* I also met one other thing at camp… a nasty upper respiratory infection. *sniffle*

I am all icky sicky and tired and mommy can just tell I am miserable. I was having some trouble with my breathing so mommy took me to the ER last night, which also is my normal vet too. When I got there it was all dark and spooky. Normally I am ok at the vet but it was all dark and stuff and it just wasn’t the same. *snort* I was kind of scared and being sick I just wanted to go home. Also the nice nursey ladies who using take care of me weren’t there either *sniffle, sniffle* and I was all confused and tired. I got sent home with some medicine right away. Turns out I was reverse sneezing and that was what the labored breathing was all about. I am glad I got the medicine because that means I get to eat meaty bits to take it twice a day for ten whole days without having to do a thing for it. Yeah!. I am just so sleepy *yawn, sniffle sniffle*

So funny enough it turns out that right when mommy got home from her vacation she had to go to the ER too. She had an allergic reaction to something and had itchy hives all over. So like puppy like owner I guess. *sniffle* Two days… two trips to the ER *sniffle, sniffle* Been a busy time. Well I am going to go lay down and get some shut eye.


Letter from Camp

August 15th 2007 12:16 pm
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I just got this letter from Odie today and figured I would put it up for him while he is away.

Dear Mommy,

I am having a great time at camp. It is a lot of fun here. I get to run around and play with all sorts of doggies during the day. At lunchtime we get to go to our cabins and eat and if we want take a little nap and then it is back to playing! Some nights the camp counselors give us special campfire treats before going to bed. I am so glad I have my travel bed and my teddy bear with me. It makes sleeping here feel just like home.

I have met some really nice pups and I will tell you all about them when I see you. Some of my closest friends this week at camp have been black and yellow labs, but my best buddy is a golden retriever. There is also a great Bassett hound who has been here since Sunday too. All the pooches are great and I will miss them all when I leave.

While running around and playing I like to walk over and check on the smaller pups in the play area next door. They are great and I wish I could play with them too, but I have got plenty of playmates. I figure that I should at least walk up and say hello to the little guys from time to time though. I also always keep an eye out for new puppies that will be joining us. I make sure I am right there to welcome them to camp with a warm waggy hello! I don’t want anyone to feel left out…. That isn’t what camp is about. It is about being a pack player and getting along with everyone.

Sometimes I go outside and play on the Forked River Mountain toys. I walk up one side and down the other and sometime stand on the top and play king of the hill with the other pups. But when everyone starts running around I just get so excited I forget to stay at the top and I run down to play with everyone.

I love it here!! Camp is so much fun- we get to play, eat, get treats and sleep and there are practically no rules!! The only rule is to treat your fellow campers as you would want to be treated, and that is super easy for me. I can do anything I want. I mean I am allowed to jump up on the fences and the counselors. I don’t have to ask to go outside to potty and I can go inside or outside whenever I want!

So mommy I was thinking… could we maybe start our own camp. I would love to have other puppies around all day that I can play with. I would be really good and say hello to all of them. Please.
I miss you and hope you are having as much fun as me. I miss talking and playing with all my dogster pup pals too so tell them I am having a great time and miss them too. I am getting pretty sleepy so I think I am going to take a little nap before I go back out to play.

Tail wags and kisses,



I've been love tagged!!

August 10th 2007 8:35 am
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I've been love tagged by my good friend ♥Bailey♥
So the rules are if you get love tagged by a dog write in your Diary as many dogs that you love as friends or as mates, and tell in there how and why you love them!!

Taco(592850): 'Cause she is the cutest little pup... I mean look at that face

Riku(595503): He is the birthday boy today!!!

Bennie(494303): He is a pawsome pooch with great pictures!!

Nichibon(599057): Because he has the best name ever!!!

Harley(517021): He gave me the greatest nickname the big O!!

Willey Tucker(334608): He gave me the warmest welcome here on Dogster and was super generous to me... Thanks so much!!

Last but not least!

Harley(558455): My first friend here on Dogster!!


Twilight Hunt

August 6th 2007 6:16 pm
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As twilight came I bounded across the yard feeling the blades of grass between my pads, frolicking in the coolness that comes with a summers eve. Mommy calls out something from behind but it is not a command to me so I continue going on my eventide revel. Perusing the lush greenery that is my ambit, I partake in an occasional nibble of the verdure.
As I start to run towards mommy, an exciting game of chase me on my mind suddenly I sense something. Turning I quickly begin searching and searching for the source of this delectable smell. My nose on fire with scintillating scents I circle and search, widening my area and then running back to where the smell is strongest. My tail a quiver with excitement my body completely overtaken by the sheer exhilaration of the hunt. Circle upon circle.... sniffing... searching... scouring the area over and over... but alas I can not discover the source of this entrancing aroma.
I hear mom giggle calling me a silly puppy. Saying that same bunny word she cried out earlier. Alas I decide that the scent's allusive source will not be found... at least not this eve and I continue on my evening gambol.


Waggy Week

August 5th 2007 12:24 pm
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So this week has been really busy around the house. First the two little ones left on Monday and Tuesday... they are my mommy's nephews. They were visiting for a couple months and I really got used to all of the excitement around here. However with everything going on I hardly noticed they have been gone.
Wednesday mommy took me on two long walks instead of just one and the girls and Pinky came to play. The girls are mommy's two nieces and Pinky is their chihuahua, but she isn't too friendly and doesn't really play with me, but the girls do and I loooove it.
On Thursday mommy and I went to a nearby creek to play. Since I liked the water sooo much at the dog park mommy decided she would take me to play in it more. (Since I don't like the rain she thought I didn't like water... silly mommy... as long as it doesn't splash on my back the water is lots of fun.) I bounded through the shallow water chasing sticks and jumping around mommy. It was so much fun I didn't want to leave. After I got back and dried off while playing in the backyard I got to go to Petsmart for a while, and after walking in the aisles greeting people mommy dropped me off to be groomed. I was all tuckered out and fell right to sleep when I got home.
Friday we just romped in the backyard for a while and then I had to go to the vet and get some vaccinations and bloodwork done. Yuck... but I got lots of treats for being at the vet for less than 15 minutes so I guess it was ok. Plus I got to look at the weird dogs in the fence outside. I walked right up to this big dog with hard shoes on it feet and sniffed it. Mommy laughed and called him a donkey... I don't care what his name is as long as he'll play! Then we went home went for a walk and called it a night.
Saturday, mommy's brother came over and we all played ball in the backyard. Mommy even taught me a new trick. "Touch" she taps an object and says touch and I am supposed to touch it with my paw. I got lots of treats for that too... that is my favorite part of learning new tricks. Then after mommy's brother left and she had dinner we played one of my favorite games inside. It's called "I'm coming to get you!" Mommy "sneaks" around saying she is going to get me and I run away and back all excited. Then after a while of her getting me I get to chase her.
So today has been a good break so far but once it cools down a little mommy says we are going to the dog park! YEAH! I hope I meet some nice puppies to play with.
It's been a pawriffic week for me. Hope all you pupperoos out there are having fun too!

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