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My Odyssey

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Thank you Grandma! ~A Mother's Day Gift~

May 11th 2008 6:38 am
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I just have to take a moment to share something.... it was too big to keep to myself.

My grandma is the bestest grammy and mummy in the whole world!! She is so thoughtful loving and wonderful I can't even begin to describe it. She is just an amazing person. ... here is just how special....

My mommy for various medical reasons is not gonna have kids so I am her kid! I am her world and I really wanted to show her how much I love her for Mother's Day.... I mean she may not be my fur mom but she raised me and protects me and loves me... so she is my mom. Grammy knows how hard it is fur us pups to get stuff. I mean the bones here mean a lot but try to walk up to the counter at a florist and pay for a bouquet. Trust me it doesn't go too well... that is if they even let you in the door. So I had a dilemma how was I going to get something for my mommy. I was so sad I couldn't and wished really hard as I fell asleep that I could.

When mommy woke up this morning sitting on the table was a package. It was wrapped in beautiful paper and on it was a note. A note saying all the wonderful things I wanted to say and it was from.... well ME! Grammy had listened to all I said and wrote it down so mommy could see and then got her the special present I couldn't. See just how amazing a woman my grandma is. Mommy heart was so full that it burst over in tears- that of course I got to kiss off her face.

It was the perfect Mother's Day gift and I have grammy to thank. I am just so blessed to have such a wonderful grandmom too! It was just so wonderful I had to share it...

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there.
And know even if your child has fur it doesn't make you less of a Mom!


Tagged by Kona!! Yippee!

May 7th 2008 12:06 pm
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I Get to Play Tag! Woohooo!! Hopefully I won't get all tagged out again....BOL!!

It is new game of Tag, and this one's a little bit different! It's fun learning a little bit more about all our furiends here on Dogster and Catster. Thanks fur Tagging me, Kona!!

***This is how to play... Oh! And don't furget to send a pawmail or a rosette to let your furiends know you've Tagged them, and that they can find the rules in your Diary.

***Name 4 jobs that you have:

1) My primary job is to be a friend to puppers big and small.

2) I also like to help pups that have lost their love of play to remember just how fun it can be.

3) Being the sweetest pup to my family

4) Leading by example at camp and dog parks!

***Name 4 places you have lived at (or stayed at):

1) I lived in the white house in Mt.Laurel most of my life...

2) I spent some time at my mommy's apartment in Philly but it was hard to potty-train down three flights of stairs

3) I have stayed at my uncies house in NJ. There is this doggy I love to pester there named Dakota! Oooo and a new puppy diagonal from my uncie's yard too!

4) I stayed at uncle & aunt's house when I was young. They lived far far away in North Jersey. Mommy would lug my gargantuan kennel there and we would stay for a couple days here and there.

***Name 4 places that you have been:

1) Camp Bow Wow!!! The best place on Earth!! ... well besides home...

2) Lake Atsion to try my swimming legs... they are more like splashing legs really

3) Delaware...don't know why or where but it was a looong trip and I really wanted to pee in my own yard... I was 6 months and I held it for 7 hours...

4) Hmmm... there are so many other places too... but I have to say Island Beach State Park to the shore!! Yippeee!! Oooo... its about that time of year again!!

***Name 4 places you'd rather be:

1. At camp!

2. Out searching for a furbling. I will find just the right one.... *sigh*

3. Playing at the dog park.

4. Eating grass... steak would be better.... but eating is great!!

***Name 4 furiends you wish to tag:

1. Richter cuz he is one of my bestest bud in Jersey!! He is a mellow pup just like me!!

2. Teddy, my newest buddy!! A sweet heart of a pup and a great playmate!!

3. Austin one of the three dogs in my favorite pack!! He is great and I am lucky to have him as a pal!!

4. And last but certainly not least Sadie! The best agility pup I know!! And my bestest pal in the UK!!

Have a blast, everypup! Thanks fur playing!! I hope you have as much fun as I did!!


Mana from Heaven

January 20th 2008 5:39 pm
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Now all you pups who insist on endless pestering the furry types that run about your yard. I have a thought process I would like you to consider. Although I sometimes bound after the twitchy tailed gray furries that run about my yard I do not pursue them with any intent. I like a good game of tag. It is fun when mommy chases me so I figure why not chase them. I am not sure how they feel about it but maybe I am doing something right. The other day the squirrels found some nummies in the trash. We had guests and all the rolls for the sandwiches didn’t get eaten. Eventually grammy threw them away. I know that I am not allowed in the trash so I sniffed and sighed knowing the bready delight would not be enjoyed by the likes of me.
Then the most amazing thing happened when I went outside later. There were bready bits raining down from the heavens! I looked up and what should my brown eyes spy but the little twitchy-tails eating some and dropping huge bits for me to munch! I wagged my tail with delight as I munched on the bread.
So perhaps some of us pups should rethink the relations we have with the furs in our yard.
Leaving some alive allows for tasty treats!!


It's the anniversary of my Adoption day!!

December 18th 2007 12:58 pm
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So two years ago today mommy braved the cold and went to a Petco far far away to meet some potential pups to adopt. I was the lucky one who bounded around in a little pen and stole her heart. (even though she considered one of my brothers who was fluffier... I was the right pup for her!!) After the paperwork and the money changed hands she took me inside for my very first collar, leash and of course my first of countless toys!! I came to my furever home and will never furget how happy and lucky a pup I was and still am!
Well if this day were not special enough I just got a box in the mail!! It was Christmas pressies from my pals Austin, Athens and Gazda!! Mommy helped with the hard part and the tape and gave me the wrapped gift inside!! I tore through the paper and saw a beautiful stocking filled with great toys and yummy treats! Of course I kind of ignored the toys until mommy hid the treats..bol... what do you expect!! It was so pawsome and I love all the toys! When mommy's nephew and niece came over I had to show them off and ran to get the squeaky hamburger... then the chew stick shaped toy... no the hamburger... I just couldn't decide! They are all so great!!
Thank you so much to my pals!! I loooved all the toys and have to run now so I can go play with them some more! You really helped make this special day pawfect!!


So what did you get for Little Christmas?!

December 7th 2007 10:06 am
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So I put my bowl out for little Christmas last night and Santa came just like I knew he would! Mommy got some candy and some sticks.

I got a bunch of treats and three sticks... one for the time I ran away... one for the time I didn't listen to mommy and come outside... and one for the SD card I chewed up....

But honestly the sticks were almost as much fun as the treats!! I think Santa maybe needs to rethink the "you haven't been good but not bad either" shoe stuffers!

So what did you pups get for little Christmas?!


Little Christmas

December 5th 2007 3:26 pm
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Tomorrow is a special day
When Santa stops by to say
Whether you’ve been bad or good
So there’s time to fix it if you should
People put out their shoe
Dishes are what us doggies do
Right out side your bedroom door
A single one upon the floor
Santa drops in treats for the nice
Coal for when there’s too much vice
Sticks for when you are so-so
Then after at least you know
What you must do until the day
Santa comes upon his sleigh
So pups I hope you all remember
Little Christmas on the 6th of December


I've been Christmas Tagged!!

December 5th 2007 2:44 pm
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Hey everypup! I've been tagged by Rosie
Here are the rules: Ask Santa Paws for five thing, tag five pups by sending them a rosette or pmail saying they have been tagged, and give them each five bones or treats.

Santa Paws list:
1. A fur sibling
2. Lamb or Duck Treats
3. A new bed
4. A gift for every pup!!
5. That all furs have a Merry Christmas && those who have no homes find a furever home

1. Tehya
2. Dakota
3. Sammy
4. Chico
5. Flicka

Happy Howlidays!


My Fear of the Day

November 13th 2007 10:44 am
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So mommy has been talking about me to lots of people. I keep hearing the words scardy pup, in association with me. She says stuff like it is hard to break a fear when it is a new fear everyday and only lasts a day or so. So I guess it is time…. The first step to fixing the problem is admitting you have one… So I am going to start posting my newly developed fear each day….

Monday November 5, 2007 A sauce packet…. It moved!
Tuesday November 6, 2007 The Garbage Truck… too loud I tell you
Wednesday November 7, 2007 The back door… it touched me
Thursday November 8, 2007 The air mattress mommy sleeps on every night. sometimes I think it is alive
Friday November 9, 2007 The cabinet door… it made a noise!
Saturday, November 10, 2007 The ladder… It isn’t supposed to be near me
Sunday, November 11, 2007 A stack of boxes... they fell over and I was terrified of them all day!!
Monday November 12, 2007 Mommy's bedroom door... don't know why... it was just terrifying!!
But more importantly I think this admitting thing is working!! I had a break through today!! While at uncie's I stood my ground against the vicious and mean horrible beast called a swiffer!! It is silent but deadly... at least I think it is! But there I stood unmoving as the creature flew past within inches of my paws!! Can you believe it!! I was sooo brave! However, after returning home I encountered its cousin the brown swiffer and ran... I know this swiffer is more dangerous somehow... well maybe I will conquer that fear tomorrow... no let's make it next week...or maybe next month... mommy can you wait a year to clean the floor???


Uncie Escapades

November 10th 2007 1:14 pm
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Yippee!! Guess where I have been barking from all week long!!! Uncie’s!!! It is so great to see him again every night!! But I miss my big year especially since mommy has been sick all week. She isn’t seriously ill just coughing and coughing and coughing. She is even bugging my beauty rest, but I know she doesn’t mean to. I wish we could go on more walks but she starts coughing and coughing and has to stop walking. She tried a few times and the walks got shorter and shorter… I know things will get back to normal once she is better. I am giving her DR.O puppy kisses to make her all better… it will just take a little time for it to work!
But I also have been playing more with her. We keep wrestling and I realized playing with mommy and toys isn’t all that bad. I even chewed and chased a tennis ball!! But my two favorite were when mommy played keep away with the head of my reindeer. (you see only body parts still remain from it, but I love them) It was great and eventually I even caught it!!! However my favorite game was bed wrestling!!! See mommy wrestles with me, letting me play bite as she “bites” me with her hand like a puppy, but I know I can’t bite much so I never get into it as much as I do with another dog… but put my bed instead of my mommy’s hand in the picture and it is a whole new story!! It was almost like having a fur sibling!! We wrestled and wrestled!! I had a blast!! All in all although I haven’t had as much time out as I normally do it has been fun!!


Thanksgiving Tag!!

November 10th 2007 11:46 am
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I have been tagged by my pal Jerry
Here are the rules:
Because it’s Thanksgiving time, there is a change to the rules. Each player needs to tell seven special things they are thankful for. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their 7 things. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play.

Seven Things I’m Thankful For:

1. I'm thankful for finding a furever home so young!
2. I’m thankful for my mommy who I can’t be without!!
3. I’m thankful for my uncie who I love to play with!
4. I’m thankful for the inventor of dog parks and for having one so nearby to play at!
5. I’m thankful for grandma who helps take care of me and wrestles too!
6. I’m thankful for my mommy’s nieces… the girls… who play with me and let me kiss them everywhere… even in their mouths…bol!!
7. I'm thankful that I have so many friends here and in the fur that I can play with!!

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Please no tag backs.

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