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Bite Me! (Part 2)

January 11th 2007 3:46 am
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It was just like any other ordinary Sunday afternoon. We -- my Mommy and I, and beside us Chloe and her walker , Virgie -- were about to cross the main street to go to the park. A dogwalker with a big black Rottie had just crossed the street where we were on, in front of us. Chloe and I barked our hullooos, but the Rottie didn't yap anything. It just kept turning its head looking at us. They were about 30 meters away from us and we were just about to cross the main road, when suddenly ... without a sound of warning, like a devil-hound out of hell ... the Rottie snapped his chain-link leash and ran straight for... ohmigarsh!... for ME!!! Before my Mommy and I could get away, it clamped its huge mouth on my face! Oh how I cried and yelped!!! I felt my face being stretched almost to the tearing point. I could here my Mommy screaming at it and its dogwalker. All the while that she was screaming and shouting for help, Chloe (who was being held tightly by her dogwalker) was barking angrily, eager to defend me ... and my Mommy beside me kept hitting the Rottweiler on the nose and eyes with her end of my retractable leash. Hitting and hitting again and again with all her might... it felt like hours, hours of pain and torture, but it happened in mere minutes... until she beat the Rottie into releasing me. Its dogwalker, shocked and unmanned, grabbed his monster and my Mommy, tired and weeping, wrapped her arms around me. Cars had stopped at the sight of the fight, one of whom was my Mommy's brother and his wife. A security guard soon came along and took over. Mommy sent Chloe and Virgie back home and we got into the car.

To make a long, traumatic story short, Mommy rushed me to the emergency room where I was treated for my wounds. The vet had to sew up the corner of my eye and a gash on my left flew (that's the flappy part of a dog's snout that hangs over the mouth) and treat the wounds on my neck and head with stingy medicine. Other than the shock and pain of the trauma, my wounds were minor. I guess that rotten Rottie had no real intention to kill me. Maybe it found me too cute for words and just wanted to take me as its stuffed toy! Well, I don't really care whatever its reason was for "mugging" me. I just pray it never ever happens to me again!

In the meantime, the village security had gone to the Rottweiler's owners and they filed a police report against them. Before we went home, my Mommy confronted the owner who was profusely apologetic and offered to pay for all the expenses. Since the damage on me was minimal, my Mommy decided not to charge them. She did, however, made sure that monster's shots were all up-to-date and got them to agree to muzzle their dog from now on, should they let it out walking in public again. But what my poor Mommy didn't realize until after the next day was that she too got physically hurt by the experience.

When the adrenaline that pumped up her system and helped her to beat at the Rottweiler with minutes continuously sustained pounding wore off (plus her loudest-I've-ever-heard screams), it was then that she felt the pain all along the length of her arms, all the way up her shoulders and neck muscles. It took a week of pain medication, several weeks of discomfort and a couple of sessions with a "hilot" before she was completely fine. But if I could, I'd tear that rotten Rottie to shreds for the pain and trauma she caused my Mommy and me.

Last we heard was a report from another dogwalker who says he saw that Rottie escape again from her leash and got run over by a van and died. I hate to sound vindictive but I'm glad she's no longer around to bite innocent doggies like me.


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