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Bite Me! (Part 1)

January 10th 2007 11:21 pm
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I hope I'll have a made-in-doggie-heaven 2007... because my 2006 was not too great for me in many ways.

2006 was coming alone fine until one day in February, my Mommy came home with my new little sister, Chloe. A cute but very hyper Jack Russell Terrier. Little did I foresee how this yappy upstart would wreak havoc on my peaceful and comfortable existence as the prime Princess of the household, the Doggie Diva of the family. But this pint-sized pup packed a pretty powerful punch -- she wanted to dethrone me! She wanted to usurp the position I've held for more than 6 years and be the number-1 dog!!! How dare she!!!

I tried my best to put up a fight ... several times in fact! ... but terriers are known to be unstoppable and unholy terrors, and beagles like myself are simply too sweet and gentle-natured to sustain a full-blast battle. She'd bite my legs to stop me from climbing up the armchair to nestle with our Mommy... She clamped onto my soft fluffy ear with her sharp teeth and left a gash... She bit me on my nose and even cut me on the neck! What an awful brat!!! Of course I was only too glad when Mommy would scold her and banish her to her cage for hurting li'l ol' me but that was all she could do. She said she has to leave it up to Chloe and me to thresh out our "ranking" -- that's Nature's way, she said. But Chloe's nips are never really meant to cause serious harm! Jacks are a naturally feisty mouth-y breed, so different in temperament from us peace-loving Beagles. So I've given up fighting and I've conceded. Well, sort-of. I let her strut around thinking she's now the number-1 dog, even though she's the smallest and the youngest. But I'm still the only one allowed to sleep beside my Mommy and she still calls me her Princess. My one greatest satisfaction is ... she can never dethrone Mommy as the Alpha in our pack!

The worst bite I had to endure did not come from Chloe at all! It was from a neighbor's Rottweiler!!! That was a terrible and very scary experience! That's in my next blog...

But there's good news as well for me in 2oo6. Remember the debilitating ehrlichia disease I got from tick bites that affected my liver. Well after almost a year of treatment, I've beaten the disease! My Mommy and I were jumping up and down for joy and thanksgiving when the Vet gave me an all-clear diagnosis just before my birthday! :-)


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