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Santy Paws Came!

December 25th 2010 10:16 pm
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Santy Paws came to our house last night! I thought I heard somethin' in the middle of the night, so I got up and went downstairs and barked at it, but it turned out it was nuthin'. I decided to wait around on the couch for Santy Paws to show up. Mom musta got cold or sumthin' cuz she started to call to me to come back upstairs. No way! I wanna meet Santy Paws!

Finally Mom came down and found me on the couch. She looked all white and she was shakin'! She checked the yard and the doors and then asked me to puhleeze come back up to bed. I'm like, ya, sure. So we all went back up to bed. Mom was still trembly and her heart was beeping so fast! I dunno what that was 'bout, but we all went back to bed until mornin'.

Mom got up when the sun got up, except a bit later than that, and she went downstairs and made biscotti, which is nice doggy biscuits that doggies don get to eat. Go figure. Then all the kids came over and we opened pressies and I got more toys from Gretta and a bully stick and an antler! Oh boy! That was great!

Then we went to Oma and Opa's house and played for a while before comin' back home. I had a great day. I hope you all had as much fun at your places as I had at my place today! Arrrooo!


It Wasn't Me!

December 22nd 2010 7:26 am
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So we are sleepin' all nice 'n cozy last night when there is suddenly a strange sound. I got all 'cited, thinkin' maybe it was Santy Paws on our roof! But no, it was the sound of like a toilet bein' plungered. Mom suddenly sat up and grabbed the nearest pup (ME) and tossed me outta the bed! What's up wif that? What's up wif that? (sing it wif me!)

At about the same time, while more of that toilet plungin' sound was goin' on, Lexie puked on the bed. Mom said: Dang! Wrong dog!

Mom appawrently was meanin' to get the about-to-puke pup offa the bed, but she grabbed the wrong one (ME).

(Dis claimer: Mom took her bed apart and put the mattresses right on the floor so tossin' a pup out in the middle of the nite isn't what you might be thinkin' it is. Lexie is safer wif the lower bed and I don get hurt if I get "tossed." Mom made me write dis claimer.)

Mom got up and cleaned up the puke (it wasn't so much, even though Lexie made that plungin' sound for so long that Mom thought there would be lots) and changed the sheets and went right back to bed. She 'pologized to me for tossin' me stead of Lexie. Lexie don care. I went under the covers by Mom's tummy and Lexie jus crawled on top of me and then curled up by Mom's head. A few seconds later, Mom moved Lexie away from her head and over by the side of the bed instead. I wonder why? BOL!


Mom's purse and stuff like dat

December 15th 2010 10:34 am
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Lexie made Mom so mad yesterday. Jus recently Lexie decided that Mom's purse was a good place to rifle thru for treats. I think it started out wif the Ricola cought drops that Mom used to have in there. Lexie sniffed those out a couple weeks ago and ate them all. Mom was mad, but thought that was the end of it. Then the next day Lexie did it again! She found one last cough drop and ate that, strewing all Mom's pawsonal purse stuff all over the place. Mom got mad all over again and hung her purse up high where my sisfur and I couldn't get it.

Then one day Mom forgot and left her purse on the couch. She went out wif jus her little pocky purse and came home to find her big purse emptied out again! Mom was mad at Lexie all over again, but also mad at herself for leavin' her purse on the couch.

Then yesterday Mom did it yet again. I think Mom needs treats to 'member these things, jus like I (pretend) to need a treat to 'member stuff. Anyway, Mom got home from an errand and her purse was on the floor wif all the stuff spread all over the livin' room! When Mom saw the empty gum wrappers and somethin' called Ibooproofens in a little baggie on the floor wif teeth marks in 'em, she said summa those really loud, funny words that I don hear so often. She got the wrinkles on the face and Lexie got all slinky and small and hid under the kitchen table, but not like usual when there is food on top of it.

You think Mom will 'member from now on? The purse is up way high again. Oh, and Mom says to tell you Lexie din eat any of the proofen thingies, but it made Mom scared. Mom took all the proofens and put them away in a cupboard. For bein' so smart and all, Lexie can be really not smart sometimes.


Lexie in Trouble . . . Again!

December 7th 2010 9:08 pm
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I heard Mom say we were gonna have Frosty Paws tonight because of Lexie's Gotcha Day. I was so 'cited! I could hardly stop thinkin' 'bout it all day long. I love the Frosty Paws. That little cup of frozen deliciousiosity. Oh, boy!

Mom worked around the house today, on her 'puter and stuff like that. She took a break and hung up Christmas socks on the wall. How weird is that? Lexie said they are stockings, not socks, but I have eyes and I can see they are jus big socks. Mom put stuff in them, stuff that looked like candy and smelled like I am right about it bein' candy. Lexie said yesterday was St. Nick's, but the kids are at Dad's house and won be here 'til tomorrow so Mom asked St. Nick to come back today so they will have stuff when they get home from school. St. Nick must be 'comodatin' and he also must be really super sneaky cuz I never saw him drop off those goodies.

Anyway, Mom pounded nails into the very walls between the kitchen and the livin' room and hung up those big socks wif the goodies in 'em. Lexie got up on the couch near the socks and was pawing at the wall to try and reach those things all the way round the corner. Mom heard her and came out and called her a pig! Then she shoved the couch further away, just in case the Piggy were to somehow either get a hold of a sock or hurt herself in the process. Lexie musta figured those treats was her due, bein' her Gotcha Day and all.

Then Mom ran some errands and when she got back home she found the contents of her purse spread out on the foodton. Well, she left it lying around and we both remember those tasty Ricola cough drops that used to be in the side pocket. What does she expect? Anyway, you're not hearin' this from me, but it was Lexie who did the purse raidin', not ME. I did sniff the stuff, but she's the one who was 'sponsible for all the mess.

And Mom sure was mad when she came home and saw that! Mom said some words I haven't heard in a long time. Maybe even a couple I don remember ever hearin' before! She said them in a mad way, too. And then the worst of all, we din get our Frosty Paws! I tol Lexie it was her fault for that. She jus stuck her tongue out at me when Mom wasn't lookin'. Phooey. Stinky piggy sister. Mom'll prolly forget all 'bout it and we'll get our Frosty Paws tomorrow, but if we don, I'm gonna hafta have words wif the Pig. Grrrrrr!



December 1st 2010 6:25 am
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OMD! You would not belief it out my window! Lexie said all those dumb squirls were puttin' away stuff for when the snows came . . . and she was right! There are big fluffy flakes fallin' all over the yard! Lexie says I belong out there, among my kind.


It is so much fun. I gotta get out there and chase me some snow!


Postcards from Palatka

November 22nd 2010 1:25 pm
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Mom is visitin' wif Zubee's furmily and I don get a 'puter at all the whole time she is gone, but our dogsitter left her laptop on, so I am sneakin' on here to show you the photo Mom sent of her where she is. You can see it up there under my videos. Dog, oh, dog, but I wish I could be there playin' wif everypup. Mom said they love to play together, except maybe Skeeter. Mom said if Skeeter could talk human, he would have a very precise British accent. His Mom - yes, his very own Mom! - was an AKC Westminster champion! He can't help be very proper like that. Appawrently he was born and immediately stacked the first time he stood up. It comes naturally to some. I like my cookies in a big stack, but that's all the stackin' I'm into. BOL!

Uh-oh! Here comes Rachel the dog-sitter! I gotta get offa here!



November 15th 2010 7:58 am
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I wanna say thanks to my pals for all the SpotBot gifts for my diary pick and for other various things. I jus can't get Mom to get me on here enough to thank everypup! I am really wishin' she would make me some nice graphicky thing to put in my very own rosette so I can send it to all my pals. I think I should draw up a proto type of card for her to design from. There's plenty of paper lyin' around here and if I go outside and walk where the tomaters used to be growin' I think I could work something up in mud. Then add some glitter and sparkles and bling and I am set!

I better get Lexie to help me. Even blind she can design better'n me.


If ya can't catch ya a squirl . . .

November 13th 2010 6:58 pm
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Jus eat fourth child's burger! Woot, er Woof! I did score big jus a few minutes ago. I been lookin' outta the window for two days at the squirls that are sittin' and eatin' pumpkins and even when I go out there I can never get 'em. I gotta real taste for some fresh meat so when fourth child put his dinner down in the livin' room where I could reach it, I reached it! I ate half a real beef burger before he saw me and scolded me wif some pretty naughty words. Lexie was listenin' the whole time and when he snatched up what was left of the burger and dropped half the bun, Lexie honed in on it pretty quick and got it. Mom was there in half a second and got half of the half back from Lexie, but Lexie got herself a snack, too.

Fourth child is upset now. I don think he's gonna be playin' wif me tonight. Oh, well. I hafta way it was worth it!



November 7th 2010 6:55 pm
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You aren't gonna belief this, but when Mom went out in the middle of today, she made us get into the kitchen and then she put jail bars across the doorway . . . and LEFT US STUCK IN THE KITCHEN! I could not belief it either! OMD! Prisoners in our own kitchen and all the food up way too high for us to get at! Mom was gone for a couple whole hours and we couldda starved to death!

Mom came back home and took down the prison bars so we could have the run of the house again, but I do not want to go into the kitchen again for fear that I will be locked in there! Mom was sittin' at the kitchen table tonight doin' her homework and she called to me, but I would not take one step across the line where those bars used to be. I stood on three legs - I don't know what that other leg is called, but I left that one up off the ground - and I laid my ears back flat and stared at her, but I would NOT come. She started laughin' at me!

She asked me if I was afraid of the "baby gate". I am not afraid of no baby gate. It's those jail bars I don like. Lexie said that it is technically called a baby gate, not prison bars. Well, that just adds insults to insults cuz I am NOT a baby! I'm not even a puppy boy! Don't I even get real prison bars? Just a baby gate? Grrrrrrrr.

Mom said we are gonna practice usin' the baby gate when she goes out because we need to keep out of places in the house where we don belong (huh?) and we need to not have accidents in places that are hard to clean (huh?). I guess it's better than a crate, but Lexie says even that's not so bad if you've got a soft bed and you feel safe. Lexie is amazin' in her adaptabilly, adaptablity, adaptlicity - her way of feelin' at home no matter where she has to be. Me, not so much.

Like Cold Porter used to say:

Gimme land, lots of land and the starry skies above -
Don fence me in!
Let me roam through the wide open neighborhood I love -
Don fence me in!


Diary Pick!

October 25th 2010 3:28 pm
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Yay for me! I got anuther diary pick today! Pass the cookies pleeze!

Only why did Mom have to post those photos of me in that cattypillar suit? Now I have a diary pick and pups I don even know are gonna make funna me. Lexie says it happens to the best of us. I guess I'll jus hafta live wif it.

Today Mom was talkin' to our naybor "C" who knows gabillions of things about birds. There appawrently was a big old hawk sittin' on our swing. I ran out the door while Mom was chattin' and scared that bird away! Okay, I din even know it was there and it wasn't that big, but I am takin' credit anyway. Cookie pleeze!?

Don anypup worry cuz it was jus a Coopers Hawk and I weigh too much for it to mess wif me. Even Lexie weighs too much, especially today cuz Mom found a rip in the big dog food bag in the basement. Lexie was lookin' a bit puffy and now we know why - BOL! Mom cleaned out the basement last weekend and forgot to put the big food bin up high. Lexie is gettin' to be a real pig in her old age.

I think Mom should make Lexie wear the puffy cattypillar costume and I can wear her skellyton costume. It would be more 'propriate that way.

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